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November 1, 2016

Can you charge a 2nd trip fee?

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Technically, Notaries can charge a 2nd trip fee. You get paid for what you do, right? But, signing companies are not always willing to pay for this. If the Notary made an error, the Notary should go back for free. But, if the Title company or Lender made a mistake, they will expect you to go back out and then often try not to pay you.

You need to keep accurate records of who paid for what job and with what check number. Signing companies send lots of checks out, but the record keeping system is based on the check number. They’ll try to sleeze out of paying you by referencing a check number.

Paypal is a nice way to pay for things because the records are queriable and you can mention what job or jobs you are paying for. That way, after the fact, you can quickly verify that you in fact were paid.

Another question is — should you stand your ground to collect that 2nd trip fee? If you have a good client, do they deserve a favor from time to time? Or are your fees by the book with no special gestures? If they need a second trip from time to time and they are a good company, then I might do it. But, if they are always late paying you and taking liberties, then perhaps not. You have to calculate this on your own. But, a good client is worth gold, so try to be nice to them in their hour of need.


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  1. A second trip, huah! Well let’s see. All in good faith, I get my assignment. I schedule it in my calendar. On that date I print 100 thousand or so pages. 50% is those pages are trash. I still wasted my ink because I was told not to throw anything out.
    I drive fifty miles to meet with the consumer. After several check in calls to notary assigners verifying that I was on my way, calls that I arrived, on my phone, my time, my car. Excesive use of my time trying to locate a consumer. I need to get paid. This is dedication near perfection on my part. Knocking at door with no answer, dogs barking, alarms going off, yet, knowing someone is in. Twenty-thirty minutes of knocking checking in with Notary assigner verifying that the target consumer is not in. Finally a spouse answers stating that the consumer is out of town etc. Question is who scheduled this failed assignment. Who is gonna pay for this. My time is wasted, my life is threatened. If you could only see some of the places where these consumers live. Actual lenders would be thinking different about lending money. This is America! We do things in GOOD FAITH! You question, should I get paid? Hell yeah, you, me, assigners staff should very well get paid. Payment should be in progress by the time you get home if not already deposited in your bank. Lenders, what would it cost you to do all this work? You fly from Chicago to south Texas to get a loan signed. Shoot, that would be pretty darn expensive. Notaries don’t make enough. Not enough work to live above the poverty level. Notaries work is alway supplemented with something else. Banks, lenders, (suck it up) pay the piper, notaries do your work in GOOD FAITH! No one drops every out of their day go attempt at failing. The notary did their job. Failure was not any option. The notary knocked/rang the bell at the door several time, before realizing that it was not gonna happen that day. Finally the notary drives home with a new fear of not getting paid.
    Lenders rethink what you are doing. Pay your assignments whether work is completed the first, second or third time. Notaries never screen their assignments, they follow your instructions. Their mission is accomplished when your staff tells them to head back home.

    I can tell you hundred of stories, including about the one where someone refused to sign a loan because I was in a wheelchair. No sir, deposit my fee electronically to my bank. Mission Accomplished!

    Comment by Donnie Contreras — November 22, 2016 @ 4:39 pm

  2. Donnie, you get to print with ink?!?!? I have to use toner. Yes, if the people that put the document together made the error, I DO charge for a 2nd trip. Happened earlier this year. The documents came very late, they had tomorrow’s date at the top. I was checking for EVERYTHING but the date. They agreed to pay for the 2nd trip and thanked me for it.

    Comment by betty — June 22, 2020 @ 4:48 pm

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