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January 7, 2011

Notary RV Park

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We wrote a few other articles on the theme of Notary Hotel which were very popular. But, what about taking this concept and exploring more angles.

Notary RV Park
I just went to the Notary RV Park. What I have learned is that it is part of a chain of nationwide RV parks catering to retired Notaries. One elderly couple said they were traveling all throughout the country doing signings at ever stop along the way to finance their trip. I was not sure if that was legal or not since you have to be commissioned by whichever state you reside or practice in — but, they didn’t seem to be bothered. They were having a blast. They would go from one Notary RV park to the next and do a signing or two at every stop. Then, they would grill some hot dogs and have some fruit and veggies for dinner. What a lifestyle. Each Notary RV park has a repairman available to fix your printer, laptop or any other mobile office equipment 24/7. What a concept.

Book Online
Book your stay at the Notary Hotel on Expedia. Book online. Wouldn’t it be great if you could book a stay at the Notary Hotel right on 123notary? What if you had a far away notary job 120 miles away that you needed to be at by 9pm and didn’t want to drive all the way home. The Notary Hotel would be perfect. Instead of having a key, just enter your commission number on a keypad, submit a thumbprint, and you can automatically get into your room.

Historical Notary Hotels
On a brighter note, there are Historical Notary Hotels as well. Old Jedadiah used to run the Nevada City Notary Hotel back in the old days when it used to be a temporary home for gold miners and ladies of ill-repute. They did up the place real nice with pictures of life back in the old days. Now it is a respectable place for decent notaries to spend the night during times when they would be traveling a lot. If you want to know the history of Jedadiah’s place and how it became one of the original Notary Hotels back in the late 1800’s, it used to be a place where you could get claims to gold mines notarized in the tea room next to the lobby. Of course in those days, they laced their tea with plenty of whisky and other spirits. And after the signings, Lucy and the other bar girls would entertain you.

Vegas style Notary Hotels
Then in Vegas, they build a huge Notary hotel with 2000 rooms, a buffet, and more. But, they had a better offer for the land, so they imploded the entire building after only six years.


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