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December 2, 2015

Frustrating 4-hour signing & other stories (compilation)

The frustrating 4-hour signing.
This was by far the most frustrating closing I have ever done. This should have been a very easy job – a standard purchase loan. However, the real estate agents dragged this on for 4 hours! Unbelievable! They were just making trouble with every detail even though nothing was wrong with anything on the documents themselves. One of them kept repeated everything I said. She questioned everything on the document. They were bad mouthing the title company in front of the clients. They were cussing in front of the clients and being extremely unprofessional. They made the entire situation extremely unpleasant, lengthy, and unnecessarily difficult. Note to self : do not work with these realtors ever again, and do not ever let the realtors take control of the situation. Lesson learned!

Aluminum foil on the windows & an AK47
“Once, I got to a place, and there was aluminum foil on the windows and an AK 47 in the stereo cabinet. This man was about 50 and he was living with his mother. I was so scared I just did not know what to do… but, I actually went ahead and notarized the signatures on the documents and filled out the Virginia Notary Acknowledgment forms… very very quickly! It was a signing for some kind of financial hardship, and I couldn’t help feeling bad for the mother. I have often wondered what the story was or if she is still alive,” says our Virginia Notary

How to get lowball signing companies to stop bugging you for good!
I just talked to a Vermont notary who gave me some very common sense solutions to a problem she had been having for a long time. For years, low ballers had been bugging her offering her not enough money. Then, she put in her NOTES SECTION, what here minimum charge was. Immediately, the nuisance calls stopped!

Wow! What I recommend, is put it high in your notes section, because the first 100 or so characters of your notes show up on the search results. If it clearly says: $90 minimum for loan signings, the low ballers will ball somewhere else. It’s that easy! If that doesn’t work, then change your business name to, “Elite Mobile Notary” and hope for the best!

Going to the signing w/your girlfriend?
I never realized that this is a good technique. I was with my girlfriend when a regular client called. I had to go to his house. I had my girlfriend wait in the car. I was in and out in 15 minutes. I made money while having fun with friends. Then, we went out and had fun. But, this is actually a good technique for getting people to go faster.

“Sorry to mention this, but my girlfriend is waiting in the car, we actually have to be somewhere.”

Some people will say, “That’s your problem!” Others will say, “Gee, that doesn’t sound very professional.” I wouldn’t do this for signings with Title companies, but for rinky-dink notary jobs you can try it. If it is just you waiting, your time is expendable. But, if they are inconveniencing you and the girlfriend, and whomever is waiting for you, then it becomes bigger than just you. Try this and let me know if it works.



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