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January 12, 2011

Demographics in the Mobile Notary Business

There are about 30,000 mobile notaries in the United States. About a quarter of them are currently online on 123notary.com. The number is hard to track, but it is a mere fraction of the 4 million plus Notaries in the United States. But, who are these Notaries demographically? The facts to not match national trends for entrepreneurship.

US Statistics
Statistically in the United States, African Americans and Hispanics are less likely to own their own business than Whites or Asian-Americans. I previously felt that Asians were the most entrepreneurial race in the United States as so many North Indians and Koreans own small shops, gas stations, restaurants, and other types of businesses. After reading more statistics I was shocked to learn that whites have the highest rate of business ownership. I know very few whites who enjoy business. In fact, most of the whites I grew up to had an allergic reaction to even the thought of business as it was a dirty word.

African-American Notary Statistics
In the Notary world, the stats work the other way. African-Americans are statistically much more likely (per capita) to become a mobile notary. 12.6% of Americans are African-American, yet roughly 20% of mobile Notaries are African American. African-Americans are more likely to excel in jobs that require clerical skills in government jobs such as the IRS, County Offices, DMV, etc. However, African-Americans are about half as likely to start their own business. Since a mobile notary business requires clerical as well as entrepreneurial skills, it is an interesting case study as blacks are over-represented in clerical jobs and under-represented as entrepreneurs statistially. African Americans are roughly twice as likely to start a Mobile Notary business than whites are.

What about Asians and Hispanics
Since Mobile Notary work requires a lot of communication and reading skills, only very assimilated Asians and Hispanics succeed in this line of work as newer immigrants are often weak in reading comphrehension and verbal English skills. Asians and Hispanics make up roughly 21% of the American population, yet constitute only about 10% of Mobile Notaries.

Women in the Notary Biz
As Mobile Notaries are often Realtors, or former Mortgage Brokers, it is not surprising that there are many women in the business. Women constitute about 60% of Mobile Notaries which makes sense since women also represent more than half of all Realtors.

So, the group most likely (per-capita) to be a Mobile Notary would be African-American women, and then the next most likley group would be White women. However, these statistics are subject to change as it is becoming fashionable in the Tajikistani-American community to be Mobile Notaries. It is the “in thing” to do these days in their community along with having a kabob take-out restaurant.



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  1. Such a study should not even exist. Skin color and/or race should not even be a factor. That opens the door to the above being called a study on discrimination between races. One race is NOT inferior to another EVER!

    Comment by Not Applicable — September 19, 2016 @ 10:41 am

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