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June 8, 2021

Julius Caesar Notary Public

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I don’t think that Julius Caesar was a Notary, but they had Notaries in Rome, and Rome is one of the ancestors of American civilization along with Greece, Israel, Sumeria, France, and England. It is interesting to know that our culture derives originally from Iraq. I wonder what Saddam would have to say about that. They invented the clock with 12 hours and 60 minutes, etc. This silly story is about the American version of Julius Caesar and I got the story as close to the real story as it can possibly be in modern America if you over look the fact that Americans normally drink champagne in hot tubs and not sangria… details.

Julius started his career in escrow in Missouri. Things were good until he went on vacation to the Caribbean and got kidnapped by pirates. He escaped by the grace of God after having a seizure, and then bought a slave who was an expert in Greek philosophy to teach his beloved daughter. He brought the slave back to Rome, Missouri where he lived in this fictional blog article. Think of this as a modern day Julius… you know… with the straight cut bangs… not really my style, but it works for him.

He continued his career while his slave educated his daughter in the classics, and then a terrible tragedy happened. His wife died, and he was devastated.

Disclaimer to the Black Lives Matter movement… The slave was a white guy who looked Greek and thought Greek. So, that makes it okay… I guess…

Meanwhile in Julius’ home town of Rome, Missouri, the mayor made some law changes that allowed him to kill anyone who he claimed was a threat to him. Since Julius was honest and said he would kill the mayor on a whim, the mayor let him live. Then the mayor made his collegue Pompey kill someone else otherwise he would have someone kill Pompey. The citizens of the town had had it, and Pompey poisoned the mayor, and the mayor died in a hot tub. What a scandal. But, on a brighter note, there were no prostitutes involved, so that makes it less bad.

Julius was so stressed out by the situation, he had a seizure. Maybe we should call him Julius Seizure since he had seizures, not Caesars. On the other hand, the Caesar salad works for many people, so perhaps we should leave the name as is.

After that, Julius decided to become a Notary and do some conquering. He conquered the business from all Escrow companies in towns with French names in the midwest. Since that area used to belong to France, there were plenty. He spent eight years conquering what he called France or Gaul, and developed a business so huge, he had to hire many to help him. He spent most of his time away from home wooing more new clients and rarely returned home.

Finally after conquering the Gauls in the French named towns, Julius returned to his home town only to find that Pompey and his colleagues wanted to kill him due to a disagreement about some local political decision they were lobbying local government about. Julius hired a bodyguard, and later learned that Pompey had been killed at an Egyptian restaurant several hours Southeast of their town — that was famous for lamb kabobs and belly dancing. Julius went to the Egyptian restaurant and inspected the severed head of his rival that the Pharaoh kept for him in a basket. He then returned to his hometown.

His new wife had a terrible dream that the windows came open, lots of wind came in, and that she found his body covered in blood in the bed. Julius disregarded the dream. Then a wise elder said, “Beware of the Ides of March.” Julius went to town hall to take part in a political discussion. The friends of the late Pompey were there and stabbed him to death.

After the stabbing, someone mentioned to the old man, “The Ides of March have already come.” The old man said, “Yes, but they haven’t left yet.”

So, this is the Notary version of the story of Julius Caesar. My parting words are —

“He who lives by the seal, dies by the seal.” and
“All roads lead to Rome, MO” (yes, it exists, but few roads actually lead there)
“When in Roam (on your cell phone coverage) do as the Roamers do!”
“A great Notary business isn’t built in a day, but if you work on your notes section, at least you are giving yourself a chance.”


June 6, 2021

Widening your net — an advertising strategy

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Are you a mobile notary? If you are reading this, the answer is most likely yes. Most people want more business, but can’t figure out how to get it. I have written many articles on this topic. But, let’s look at it from a new point of view.

Most Notaries advertise in a handful of counties. From time to time we get someone who only does their home county, and might begrudgingly go to a close neighboring county, but only if you pay enough. This is not the attitude of growth and success. Then there are those who go everywhere.

Number crunching has proven to me that those who have lots of counties get far more clicks. If you have one county, you might get half a click per day. But, each extra county you have your clicks go up by (.1) or more clicks per day. If you have twenty counties, you will get a lot of clicks.

You might be thinking that you will have to drive too far and it is not worth it. But, by driving far, you get new clients, more work, and more experience under your belt (assuming you wear a belt, some wear suspenders.)

If you agree to go farther, you need to charge more. But, if you are new, you can work for cheap in order to widen your net. I got many new clients by going where others refused to go. Or if Star Trek wrote this — those Notaries went where no Notary had gone before…

If you ask everyone who likes your work for a review, you get more reviews. Normally you have to ask ten people for a review, and email each of them a link, and then get an average of one review. By widening the net of who you ask, you can get more reviews. It is a similar concept as my strategy about counties.

Most Notaries don’t write enough in their notes. Those who do write don’t always strike a chord with what they write. Writing fluffy content that doesn’t grab your attention, or using baseless adjectives about how great you are will alienate readers. Cold hard facts organized well with a warm fuzzy description about what you are like is my winning philosophy. But, the attitude of writing more notes and then having me review it (free as a courtesy of course) you are widening your net. This costs nothing, but few really put in the effort. It’s a lot easier than driving three more hours per day.

More directories = more calls. Some are worth paying, most are not. But, if you never try them you will never know. We recommend particular directories. Read our other blogs in the advertising section and find out.

Why only get LSS or NNA certifications. Get more. If you advertise with 123notary, get ours too. If you want more knowledge, try the Notary2Pro certification — that is what we recommend the most although it is not that popular these days. More certifications = more 3rd party credibility from reliable sources. If you say how great you are you come across as cheesy, but if your reviews from title companies say you are great and you have four or five certifications, then nobody will argue whether you are great or not.

Some people will only study if it is “assigned.” These are what I call sheeple or beta-people. They never think for themselves but only follow others. Knowledge is power. If you are rock solid on your notary knowledge and industry knowledge and practice communicating well without rambling or giving indirect answers, this is a marketing strategy. It is not widening your net per se, but strengthening your chance of turning a call into a job. People are impressed by solid knowledge, not snow jobs! So, keep getting knowledge. A little every day adds up, especially if you master what you know.

Many people like higher placement on 123notary and it is a potent advertising strategy, but that is different from widening your net. That is more like deepening your net, or heightening it… or something.

There are many ways to widen or expand your advertising net, and this strategy pays off big time. I used it myself and I became full-time as a mobile notary which most Notaries cannot do. There are other ways to expand your reach as well like social media and networking. I strongly suggest the widening strategy! It works!


June 4, 2021

RON — did you invest more than you made in revenue?

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The field of RON or Remote Online Notarizations is an unstable one. I have met many Notaries who do it, and a few who even like it. Some get tons of business, others get a job once in a blue moon, and many get nothing.

The costs of being a RON are hundreds and a lot of work. You need to get commissioned, perhaps get an online journal, and software, and approvals from the various platforms or agencies that deal with RON identification and other processes such as Pavaso and about six other popular options.

With Coronavirus abounding, people thought there would be more of a demand for RON. Many state governors made abrupt executive orders allowing it, and there were changes in legislation in various states (I don’t know the details) allowing more online notarizations.

Whether or not RON is secure, or whether you can identify people sufficiently was not much of a concern for the politicians. Their goal was to find yet another way to keep you at home. It’s like Yakov Smirnoff’s comedic commercial for Russian Express Card.

American Express Card — Don’t leave home without it
Russian Express Card — Don’t leave home…. ever…

How much work you get as a RON might depend on whether or not there is a virus. It also depends on how the culture adapts to new technology. People overseas who need an American Notary have to use it. Most of the clients for RON are in Dubai, London, Berlin, Israel, Italy, China, or some foreign place (that often has some sort of really long wall).

Worth it or not?
If you like dealing with all of the computer technology and think it’s cool, in the long run it might work for you if you can figure out how to market yourself. For others who are doing it just for the money, the money is not there yet, so don’t do it unless you can’t live without it.

People on 123notary who list that they are a RON get a lot more clicks. It is impressive and lets the world know you go above and beyond what the average Notary does.


June 3, 2021

Will the restrictions ever end?

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Masks give us alleged “safety.”
Most people generally like mask restrictions because they give us the illusion of “safety.” The science doesn’t show any proof that paper masks do anything significant to slow the spread of Covid-19, and the statistics don’t show that states with mask mandates were any safe than those without. However, they give us theater and political restrictions which is what the people want — anything to avoid freedom! Now you can take people’s rights away not for safety, but for the illusion of safety — that’s even better!

The Vaccine
So, we have gotten to a new stage in our paranoia where the only thing that can save us is the vaccine. It is like living in a horror movie, that doesn’t end after two hours and fifteen minutes and where you can get no popcorn. The movie keeps going and going and going and nobody ever gets sick of it either.

But, we still have to wear masks
The problem is, now that many people have taken their vaccine, we still have to wear masks. Even the very people who took the vaccine have to wear masks for their safety. What is the point of taking the vaccine if you still have to wear a mask?

If you took the vaccine and the other person you are with also did, THEN you don’t have to wear a mask. But, if one or more of you didn’t take the vaccine then you both have to wear a mask. That makes no sense.

The moving goalpost just never ends. We have to wear masks because not everyone has taken the vaccine. So, we have to go around pressuring everyone we know to take the vaccine because somehow our lives will be better if they take a vaccine that in itself doesn’t keep us safe. So taking the vaccine didn’t keep you safe, but by me taking it too, that will help make the useless vaccine you took somehow more effective — it all makes sense.

So, once everyone has taken the vaccine, then I predict that we will still have to wear masks indefinitely because there will be a new threat — VARIANTS. And for the next several years we will have to worry about variants.

It doesn’t matter what happens in the future, people like Fauci will go to any lengths to keep us in a permanent state of fear and restriction. It doesn’t matter if there are logical reasons for the restrictions or not. It doesn’t matter if Fauci will lose his professional credibility or not either. He will make endless suggestions for restriction after restriction after restriction until the people stand up and say — enough.

Personally, when they lengthened the initial two week shut down, my initial thought was, they could string us along forever, and God knows what their motivations are. What puzzles me is — why are the majority of the people not only going along with endless and nonsensical restrictions which ruin our lives and the character of our formerly free nation? How long will it take before people say, “enough” or will this just drag on for years?

I think that vaccine is toxic and dangerous and we will start seeing serious illnesses from that vaccine. The question is will those illnesses happen in a few months, or will they not start for years? It takes your RNA time to crank out weird proteins in unnatural amounts. This vaccine amounts to no less than genetic engineering. And there are no long term studies done on humans to see what the long term results will be. So, half the world basically signed up for an experiment. Fun. But, if the experiment doesn’t end so well, it might not be fun for the half the planet that signed up for it.


June 2, 2021

New Notaries vs. Veteran Notaries

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The behavior of the newer Notaries doesn’t match the older Notaries on 123notary.com.

The old Notaries have been around for ten or twenty years.

Many passed our certification test in the old days, but did not bother with the audit retest which consisted of a few Notary questions which are not easy, but you need to know it anyway. Older Notaries tend to be NNA certified which is the easiest of all the tests from prominent agencies, but they rarely pass the LSS, 123notary, or Notary2Pro tests which are hard.

Social Media
The old Notaries used to be very active on forums, linked in, facebook, but not so much on Twitter. But, in the past few years, the older Notaries got tired, died, quit, or stopped being so active on social media.

How They Maintain Their Listing
Additionally, the older Notaries do not do much with their profiles on 123notary. They let the profiles sit and collect cyber dust instead of asking for reviews. 123notary has a lot less online reviews than several years ago because people are not being proactive as much anymore.

The new Notaries are generally in their first or second year of business as a signing agent.

Roughly 30-35% of the newer Notaries are LSS certified and close to 90% are NNA certified. A handful are Notary2Pro Certified and we get a trickle passing our 123notary online test as well every month. There seems to be more motivation to prove themselves so that they can make a name for themselves. This was not the case as much with newer Notaries even a few years ago.

Social Media
Newer Notaries seem to not do much on social media. NNA figured out how to get good interaction on their Facebook and a large proportion of the Notaries on there are new ones. The posts that good high quantities of interactions had yes/no answers. So, the quantity of the answers might look good, but the depth of the answers doesn’t compare to the veteran Notary crowd who have volumes to say. Not all oldsters are like this, but the people with long and thorough posts tend to have 15 years or more of experience, sonny.

How They Maintain Their Listing
Unfortunately, I have to get after most people to make their listing complete at least by my standards. A good presentation is life or death, but our Notaries don’t seem to have the motivation to do a quality job of their notes section on their own. This is sad. Even the people paying $400 per year need to be babysat in terms of their notes, reviews, and other aspects of listing maintenance.

So, things have really changed. My wish is that people will put more effort into their career. I feel happier when people take life more seriously. I am not saying that people are not serious, but they tend to shirk what I consider to be reasonable responsibilities.


June 1, 2021

Fake Notary News

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JEREMY: Now for the Notary news of the day. It has been alleged that China interfered with a process within the local secretary of state’s office that influenced a decision on Notary policy. Now, Notaries are not required to verify if an ID is actually real using a serious of logical steps.

TUCKER CARLSON: This is fake news!

HANNITY: That’s not fake news. Jeremy runs a blog with Notary articles. It is not news to begin with. It’s fake non-news.

TRUMP: All I want to know… is why does most of the trouble we have in the United States, most of the spying, espionage, interference with elections, interference with notary divisions, and most of the new infections diseases always come from (pause) … Chi—na.

JEREMY: I love that you got more than that the last ten presidents all put together. I love how you got touch on trade with China. I love how you give the media a hard time. But, the thing I love most about you, is how you say, “China.”

TRUMP: Thanks, I appreciate that. After all the abuse I’ve taken, it just makes me not want to go to work in the morning. But, now I’ll be living in Florida and going back to running my businesses. So, maybe I’ll feel like going to work in the morning. You have to go to work in the morning. I repeat myself a lot. And sometimes I repeat myself.

TUCKER CARLSON: I have a better idea. Why not call it “un-news.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: ha… I kind of like that. That has a ring to it. Un-news. Fake un-news.

JEREMY: Umm. How can I say this. This is not news, un-news, fake news, or anything of the sort. It is a satirical article for Notaries. They get bored, my job is to inform and entertain.

TUCKER: CARLSON: Good point. It isn’t fake news, and it shouldn’t be. We would never publish anything like this. Why would we? Why would anyone? Why would you? It doesn’t make the world a better place, not does it make your life any better.

JEREMY: I like to write useful information sometimes and other times I like to write about nonsense. Why not. I write it because I have freedom of press just as long as I don’t try to promote it on Facebook.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Yes, Facebook thinks that freedom of press is a risk to national security, at least if it is on their platform.

JEREMY: I think that the problem is that Zuckerberg learned Chinese, and started thinking like they do over there — repression. But, I learned Chinese and feel the opposite. But, I studied in Taiwan and have a Taiwanese accent in Chinese. Hmm. If I learn a Peking accent will that change my world view?

TUCKER CARLSON: It might change your worldview and it should. Where you live affects your consciousness. It always does, and there is no denying it. In fact, where you live affects your way of thinking to such a degree, that you should strongly consider not living in a place that makes you think like a freedom hating control freak.

JEREMY: Unless you like being a freedom hating control freak. Some people like that kind of thing — especially in California where I live.

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