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February 13, 2021

Fighting tyranny my way

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In order to fight the Marxismization of the USA, and tyranny, we must understand the power structure and how to apply pressure at the various levels of the chain of command.

TOP: Deep State & State Supreme Court Judges

MIDDLE: Governors

LOWER: Police & Sheriff & County Health Departments

LOWER(ER) Businesses subjected to unfair restrictions

LOWEST: We the people!!! (low, but dignified)

CHECK & BALANCE: Federal courts sometimes can help resolve local issues. I am not an Attorney and don’t know how that works. but, our checks and balances have been infiltrated by Marxists who oppose freedom of religion because it would be “suicide” according to a Federal circuit court in regards to a California case about freedom of assembly within religious buildings.


The deep state appears to be bribing judges and governors in many if not all states. Nobody quite knows who they are or how to stop them… for now. China might possibly be involved too. My psychic senses tell me the deep state is a bunch of rich board members who mostly live in Idaho who want power (but live off the grid so they have to generate their own power.) Unless you are a very good spy, it will be hard to figure out who the deep state is, but I think Trump is working on it.

The Supreme Court can shut down the power of a Governor to make executive orders, but they very rarely do, and when they do, they take forever. In California it took eight months for them to stop Newsom from making executive orders that contradict existing legislature. However, he still has orders that contradict with laws about discrimination against people with breathing disabilities via his face mask order.

The police in Los Angeles DO NOT enforce Covid related laws. They also do not protect us from discrimination as they see that as an issue for Attorneys.

The health department can shut down restaurants for disobeying orders that are arbitrary, tyrannical and unconstitutional that did not go through a system of checks and balances.

We the people in California sit and watch our rights being stripped from us by autocrats and oligarchies that do not function in an American system of checks and balances made by arbitrary orders that are not even laws and are far from constitutional as they normally violate our liberty and our freedom to assemble.

California’s solution is to recall the governor, and we have gotten almost a million signatures. But, recalling takes time, and there is no guarantee that the next idiot in charge will be any better than the original as they are controlled by the same deep state and are not subjected to a system of checks and balances as the court system is limp and mainly dysfunctional.

I suggest a system of concerned citizens putting pressure on all levels of the system.

We should put daily pressure on the police and sheriffs to protect houses of worship from tyrannical shutdowns and allow businesses to function normally with full rights.

We the people should put pressure on the health department to not enforce covid-19 restrictions. The penalty for non-compliance with citizen demands would be severe harassment, protests and mass civil disobedience.

Restaurants, stores, churches, and other entities should stay open and defy oppressive attempts from authoritative organizations to suppress them. Fines for noncompliance should not be paid out of principle no matter what the consequence — even if it is jail time.

The supreme court judges or justices should be tried on charges of treason for failing in their duty to provide checks and balances and stop unconstitutional orders from being originated.

The basic problem of the disaster of California is seen as a problem with a single human being — namely Gavin Newsom. He is a big problem, but I believe he is only responsible for less than 1% of California’s problems with unfair executive orders. The remaining percent of the problems are due to the fact that the courts allow him to do anything, law and health enforcement don’t stop him, and we the people sit and do nothing.

Covid-19 restrictions are not something temporary that will just go away. They are part of a larger undermining of American freedom and government that will strip us of our rights, money, freedom, government, culture, and anything that means anything to us. We will be completely destroyed if we don’t fight back. You cannot rely on Donald Trump alone to save you because he hasn’t saved anyone. Biden will sell us down the river. It is up to we the people to save America. Start putting pressure on the various levels of authority now!


February 12, 2021

Vitamin D could protect you more than a mask

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Many people fall into the false sense of security that their mask will protect them or others. The truth about masks is that they protect others from your droplets, but you still exhale, and the air comes out from the sides of the mask. Your germs still go in the room or in the atmosphere. If everyone wore a mask, there would be a slowdown in people getting Covid-19. But, a slowdown just means that the same quantity of people will get sick, but they will get sick over a longer period of time.

Vitamin D is critical for surviving Covid19. A, C, and D strengthen your immunity along with cruciferous vegetables. Since over the course of the next year, you run a 50/50 chance of being infected, your immunity will help you defeat the virus fast and not get sick. Infected doesn’t equal getting sick. The vast majority of infections are asymptomatic and the people don’t even know they have anything.

In short, protecting yourself from the inside is a more reliable plan, because that doesn’t spread the problem out over a longer period of time — it can solve the problem.


February 11, 2021

Kentucky Notary Acknowledgment Certificate Wording

Kentucky Acknowledgment Form
Kentucky Notary Acknowledgment Form
Kentucky Acknowledgment Verbiage
Kentucky Acknowledgment Wording
Kentucky Acknowledgment Certificate
Kentucky Notary Acknowledgment Wording

State of ____________
County of __________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ______ day of _________, (year), by __________________ (name of person acknowledged.)

(Signature of person taking acknowledgment) (Title or rank) (Serial number, if any)


February 10, 2021

Covid-19 vs. ID: which is more important to ask about?

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When you confirm a signing, assuming that you actually take the time to do so, you can ask all types of questions. My suggestion is to have a standardized list of things you need to ask about. However, you might want to arrange your list in order of what is the most critical to ask about.

I asked one lady if she thought it was more important to ask about the signer’s ID or Covid. She though Covid-19 as she had had four clients in the last 300 signings who previously had Covid a few weeks ago although they tested negative. So, 1.25% of her clients were an ambiguous risk of Covid19 yet she did not consider how many people were a risk of having unacceptable ID.

In my experience, roughly 5% of people have an ID that doesn’t prove their name on the document. And if you go to a signing where you can’t identify the signer, you either get a credible witness if your state allows this, or the signing might be over. It represents a potential deal breaking situation.

So, which is more serious, the Covid-19 issue or the ID issue? Covid-19 affects people more emotionally. People get all paranoid because of the media brainwashing. I sat with someone who had had Covid a month early. I was a bit apprehensive to share a meal with him and my other friends, but I did it, and everything was fine, and I lived to tell about it several months later. Someone who used to have Covid might strike some emotional buttons, but if they are testing negative NOW, they don’t pose much of a risk.

So, which is more important to ask about? Covid Covid, Oh my God Covid, or ID, ID, oh my God, ID? In my opinion objectively ID is more important, but if you are a vulnerable person, you probably should not be around other people whether they think they have Covid19, had it but got rid of it, or are asymptomatic and untested. If you are healthy enough to go to a signing, the way the name reads on the ID is the most important thing to ask about from my point of view which is based on science…. Okay, it’s not based on the science, but based on “the logic.”

On the other hand, it is impossible to judge the risk of someone who had Covid but is over it. If that is a deal breaker for you, then perhaps it is more important than an ID in your case. My question is so subjective. Perhaps the question is more about whether you can maintain objectivity in the event of a pandemic of emotional imbalance.


February 9, 2021

Best quotes about fighting tyranny

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The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants — Thomas Jefferson

When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil — Thomas Jefferson

Democracy is four wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. — Ambrose Pierce

If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. — James Madison

If tyranny and oppression or (CovRanny and CoronaPression) come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign disease. — Jeremy Belmont


February 8, 2021

What does it mean to “defend” the constitution.

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Police officers, Notaries Public, and other officers and employees of the state often have to take an Oath of Office. We normally swear to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic at a minimum. California Police Officers also swear to defend the state constitution. They do NOT swear to defend the people, protect or serve however.

My questions are:

1. When was the last time you saw a Police Officer defend the constitution?
2. When was the last time you saw a Police Officer read the constitution?
3. What does it mean to “defend” the constitution?
4. As a Notary Public, you swore to defend the constitution, what situations do you encounter as a Notary where you need to defend the constitution?

“Don’t sign that contract of sale, that will violate the separations of powers clause in the constitution!!!”

As a Notary Public, you will not be in vocational situations where you need to defend the constitution. However, you need to make sure you ID people correctly and handle situations in a sensible way — and sensible doesn’t always seem sensible and might not occur to you without deep thought about various ways you could handle a situation.

Police Officers are capable of arresting people and deal with politicians regularly. If someone violates the constitution, they would most likely be a Mayor or Governor who makes an unconstitutional order. They might be a legislator who makes an unconstitutional law, or a judge who judges a situation in a way that is not consistent with the constitution. They could also be in charge of state infrastructure (like a school) and violate people’s right to free speech, assembly, dress code, etc. Law Enforcement Officers might also violate people’s first amendment rights.

Recently, we have seen people get arrested for going to the beach, going to the park, and kids were threatened by the park police for playing soccer during Covid19. Although kids don’t die of Covid-19 (more than one in a million), society has prevented them from going to school or even playing. People are not allowed to go to church in California because of Covid19. God doesn’t go on vacation during a plandemic (except perhaps to Cancun if the weather is good), why should churches?

So, how can a cop protect the constitution rather than adopting a policy of being neutral and not making waves?

1. If you see someone attacking the constitution, lock the constitution up and put it in a lock box that is dry and safe.
2. If you see a governor violate the terms of the constitution or amendments thereof, inform him of what he did wrong and arrest him/her if they do it again.
3. If a law is unconstitutional, complain to the courts.
4. At a minimum, when there is a violation, make a phone call, send an email, or have a talk with an individual who can do something about it.

But, does protecting the constitution mean that you protect it once during your lifetime during one particular action such as an email that takes five minutes to write. “Dear sir, you violated the second amendment when you asked me for my gun, please refrain from such unconstitutional activities, otherwise we will be compelled to accuse you of treason.”

Or, does it mean taking at least one action every time there is an infraction of the constitution? Can you imagine if every cop or citizen in the USA would jump all over a politician in an executive role, legislator, or someone in the judicial branch every time they violated the constitution? They wouldn’t dare even think about doing it. That backlash would be even worse than the backlash from wearing shoes in an ashram in India!

In my opinion, protecting or defending the constitution means reading the constitution first. How can you defend something if you don’t know what it is? And then making a regular effort to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, but more the domestic ones. Kim Jong-Un doesn’t seem to be violating the constitution much these days unless having a bad haircut undermines the 5th amendment and I don’t think it does.

If you swore to defend the constitution and then violate people’s constitutional rights, to me in my lay person point of view you just committed perjury on your oath. You swore to do one thing and then did the opposite. Is it treason to violate the constitution in a big way? In my opinion it is as it compromises the moral and legal fabric of America, our home. Without rule of law and our traditions, we end up like Venezuela, China, or various African countries that turned to Marxism and destroyed the integrity of their countries and their economies. One could even argue that issuing an executive order that is unconstitutional is sedition as you are encouraging others to violate people’s rights and hence undermine the legal fabric of America which is very damaging.

So, think for yourself about what defending or protecting the constitution means. Now is the time to stand up and fight for freedom otherwise we might live in darkness for the foreseeable future. Take this seriously.


February 7, 2021

Face mask laws are illegal and here’s why

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Executive orders cannot contradict existing legislation. If they do, the supreme courts can shut the order down. However, the system of checks and balances seems to be on vacation due to bribery or pure laziness, (or stupidity.)

If you enforce a Face Mask Order, in my lay person opinion you are guilty of treason. Why such a serious accusation for such a reasonable action?

1. By enforcing a face mask order as a security guard, etc., you are aiding and abetting a rogue governor acting as a dictator or emperor to violate your right to liberty. Liberty is a constitutional right. If you help someone to violate the constitution, you are personally violating the bedrock for which our nation was founded — and that makes you an enemy of the state which is high treason.

2. Face Mask Orders are not legislation. Enforcing an order which is not a law means you are enforcing a dictation that did not go through the legislative process, is not codified, and was not subjected to any checks and balances — it is arbitrary, and not a law. And with this type of order, the Governor could tell you to do just about anything whether it makes sense or not — and they do. Remember the wet sand dry sand Covid-19 debate? If you don’t, then you need to “follow the science.” (what science? BS!!!)

3. Face Mask Orders violate the Federal Disability Act which stipulates that it is illegal to discriminate against someone with a disability. If you have a heart or lung problem, a liver problem or breathing problem, it might be difficult to breathe or dangerous to wear a face mask. Businesses open to the public must provide reasonable accommodation or modifications to suit those with disabilities. These include handicap ramps, etc. But, the rights of those with heart problems – and there are many, seem to be overlooked. Moreover, nobody seems to care about the effects of my heart problems and the indifference I receive from society — which is heartbreaking (literally) and causes physical discomfort to my heart. Love is good for the heart, cruelty, hatred and indifference are not so good.

Furthermore, it is dangerous for some people to wear a facemask as it can cause rashes, legionnaires disease (which is deadly and arises from bacteria contained normally in water droplets or mist that could be on a face mask. But, your BOC (BLOOD OXYGEN CONTENT) decreases when you wear a mask, and I have seen documentation of a young lady who passed out as a result. There were no warning signs. Her oxygen level took a dive and she just fell. This was documented on youtube just for the record and I don’t remember the person’s name.

Forcing someone to wear a face mask is forcing them to endure deprivation of their LIBERTY, it is dehumanizing for many, it could be considered animal treatment, it is humiliating to be forced to wear something against your will, it decreases your oxygen level which could cause a vulnerable person to gasp for breath (me included) or even lose consciousness. And all of this in the name of alleged safety. Slowing the spread of Covid does not make you safe, it just means that the same amount of people will get infected in subsequent months. How is it safer to die in April rather than in February?

It is not fair to force a healthy person to quarantine or wear a mask or take other protective measures. Liberty means you can do what you want so long as you don’t pose an unreasonable amount of risk to others. You are allowed to drive a car, and you could cause a dangerous accident — but, just as long as you aren’t blind or a reckless driver, society assumes that risk without complaint. You are allowed to drive 65 miles per hour on a freeway while it would save lives if we only drove 10 miles per hour. Society assumes a reasonable amount of risk as it weighs the benefits of driving faster vs. the safety precautions.

Nobody forces a vulnerable person to be in public, but if they choose to do so, they should do so assuming a reasonable amount of risk — the risk that others might be asymptomatic spreaders, or have some other communicable disease. The risk that someone might bump into them on the sidewalk. And the risk that someone might speak to them in French at the cafe at the airport (yes, it happened to me, and I survived.)

I think we should make a law that forbids any ship from leaving the harbor, because it might get in an accident if it goes into the sea. What if the water is choppy, or there is a storm? Therefore ships should just stay where they are and look pretty.

I think that society has lost its ability to reason and be even handed. This will result in the destruction of our nation and tremendous starvation overseas. The vaccine which openly announces is intended to mutate your DNA to help you fight Covid-19 is dangerous and will almost definitely cause widespread and irreversible disabilities, cancer, mutations, and death. So, we are going to endlessly slow the spread by depriving innocent people of their liberty and then the vaccine will be the only thing that can save us — except that the vaccine is actually the one thing that is the most dangerous for us and will cause a million times as many deaths as Covid-19 causes. Remember — only 6% of Covid deaths reported are deaths where the person died from Covid-19 with no comorbidities. That is about 20,000 deaths in 2020 which is less than from traffic accidents and less than six years worth of swimming pool fatalities. When you look at real numbers on real news (non-lamestream media) the situation looks different. To me what is going on is genocide plain and simple and the Americans in their infinite stupidity are buying it hook line and sinker. They will come to their senses far after it is too late.

If you sit and do nothing about face mask tyranny you are betraying America, liberty and justice all in the false guise of “saving lives.” Can you prove to me that you are saving even one life?

Give me liberty or give me death!!!! — Patrick Henry (Virginia)


February 6, 2021

Facemasks and your civil rights

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It seems to be a violation of your civil rights to force you to wear particular clothing even if there is a pretend pandemic with numbers that are well known to be fraudulently tabulated. In a free country you have something called “liberty.” But, what does Liberty mean? How do you define liberty?

To me, liberty means:
The right to do whatever (the hell) you want provided you are not creating substantial danger, harm, nuisance, or fear in others.

The constitution of California guarantees us liberty as an unalienable right, but Governor Newsome doesn’t read the constitution and is more than happy to violate our liberties.

Next, it seems that face masks block the flow of air or oxygen into your body by blocking your air intake valves, i.e., your nose and mouth. It is a human rights violation to abridge someone’s right to a natural amount of oxygen and air. It is second only to gassing someone which is a Nazi practice. I think that forcing the use of facemasks is a totalitarian tactic. A “free” country such as the United States alleges to be should not and cannot dictate what you wear other than you cover your genitals as showing them would invite all sorts of danger, perceived harassment, danger, harm, extreme nuisance, etc.

Additionally, the FEDERAL DISABILITIES ACT states that businesses that are open to the public such as hotels, restaurants, stores, etc., cannot discriminate against someone with a disability. It is against Federal law for a business open to the public to discriminate against someone on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual preference, or disability, etc.,

My claim is that since I have a heart condition, and suffer mild suffocation if forced to wear a face mask while I am moving, particularly if it is worn above my nose. So, if a store forces me to either wear a face mask above my nose or vacate, they are violating Federal law by discriminating against me due to the effects of my disability created by a malformed mitral valve in my heart.

The bigger issue is: what kind of people are we dealing with? Where is the humanity? The only people who discriminate against people with health problems to my knowledge were Nazis. They threw people in wheelchairs out of second story balconies and then shot them to death with machine guns in the movies. My conclusion is that 80% of Americans are completely insane, inhumane, do not care at all about the constitution, and our lives are all in danger as a result.

According to my current Guru, the Messiah (what Hebrews call Meshiach ben David not to be confused with Meshiach ben Yosef who we call Jesus who is the previous messiah, and a different guy.) will be coming of age to be a public figure in 2034. Not sure exactly when he will be born, or we will feel his presence then, or if he will be on Fox news then. But, whatever that means, he will be here to save us. I think people who are evil will go so insane when he comes that they will start World War 3 and our problems will get even worse.

My parting questions are
1. Will the future messiah have a cool hairstyle like Jesus? I dig the long hair and know a good harpsichord player from France who looks just like Jesus.
2. Will people become more moral when the messiah comes or will they just go crazy and destroy the planet?
3. Is it time to move to Montana and buy a gun collection?
4. Will someone on 123notary have the privilege of notarizing the messiah when he flies in from Israel?


February 5, 2021

Forum – i’m able to change passwords

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Dear Notaries,
Previously, I was not aware of the change password function. Our password retrieval for the forum is not functioning and I have no access to passwords. I tried removing profiles and adding them back. But, now I know how to change a password. It does not always work though.

I can also input a false email address or email address and add an extra number or letter to sign you up. since the password retrieval system is broken anyway, your email address doesn’t have to be correct. I had to do this yesterday because the system said someone’s email was already in use, but I couldn’t find it in the system, so I had to improvise. Yes, it’s complicated.

If you want to get on the forum and need help, let me know. Email me.


February 4, 2021

The roofing tool and the shutdown

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A bunch of roofers were fixing roofs on two neighboring houses. They had a particular tool which was needed at house 1, and another tool necessary at house 2. The solution was to move house #2 to where house #1 is, and move house #1 to where house #2 is. They did this to “save lives.”

Shutting down an entire economy because we are short of a few ICU rooms is insane. The damage to the economy, the increase in suicides, drug overdoses, traffic deaths from empty roads where people drive too fast on seems not to be worth it.

Building a few thousand extra ICU rooms and training a few extra nurses would make sense. We have known about Covid since December 2019, and yet we have not built a single ICU room to my knowledge. Even the military ships sent from the Navy to Los Angeles and NYC departed as they did not get enough business.

Shutting down the economy is a scam and the fact that the public buys into this insanity is the really astounding part.

A parting note
Remember back in the old days when a bully threatened little Johnny and Johnny wanted to stay home from school? His money said, “That won’t work. You can’t stay home forever, so you might as well face your fears and go to school. You cannot stay home.” I guess our Mayor Garcetti didn’t have that kind of mom. Not sure I want to know what type of mom he had.

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