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February 12, 2021

Vitamin D could protect you more than a mask

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Many people fall into the false sense of security that their mask will protect them or others. The truth about masks is that they protect others from your droplets, but you still exhale, and the air comes out from the sides of the mask. Your germs still go in the room or in the atmosphere. If everyone wore a mask, there would be a slowdown in people getting Covid-19. But, a slowdown just means that the same quantity of people will get sick, but they will get sick over a longer period of time.

Vitamin D is critical for surviving Covid19. A, C, and D strengthen your immunity along with cruciferous vegetables. Since over the course of the next year, you run a 50/50 chance of being infected, your immunity will help you defeat the virus fast and not get sick. Infected doesn’t equal getting sick. The vast majority of infections are asymptomatic and the people don’t even know they have anything.

In short, protecting yourself from the inside is a more reliable plan, because that doesn’t spread the problem out over a longer period of time — it can solve the problem.


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