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January 10, 2019

Where to get something notarized?

Do you ask yourself, “Where can I get something notarized?” The answer to your quandry is before your very eyes.

Online Directories
123notary is a mobile notary directory. You can find a Notary who will come to your home, hospital, jail cell, airport, or office whenever you want. We have Notaries who speak Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and a host of other languages as well.

Notary Offices
Or, if you prefer to go to a notary office, you can use google local, or yelp and find plenty of Notaries near you.

UPS Stores
It helps to talk to UPS stores and general mail box stores. They often have a Notary. Insurance and law offices normally do as well. Realtors are often Notaries too. I personally recommend Google and 123notary.com as search tools to find a great Notary Public.

Real Estate Offices
Many Real Estate, Attorney, and Insurance offices have Notaries in house who might be able to help you.

Most banks have a Notary on staff. However, they might not be able to help you unless you do business with that bank.

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