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March 16, 2015

What does a Notary charge in 2015?

What does a Notary charge in 2015?
What are notary fees in 2015? What do notaries charge in 2015? Notary fees are governed by the state. Each state has their own rates, and rates can change at any time. Some states only allow 25 cents for certain types of notary acts while others allow $10 for an Acknowledged signature or a Jurat. Try getting something on the value menu at McDonalds if you only get 25 cents per notarization. Those rates must have been set in the 1700’s.

Please consult our Find a Notary page so that you can view each state’s profile on our site. Click on the name of your state, and the pricing will be accessible from that page.


Loan Signings
Please keep in mind that most of the notaries on our site 123notary engage in the profitable career of loan signings. A loan signing is more than just a notary act. It encompasses the supervision of an entire loan package which includes generally over one hundred pages, dozens of signatures, and generally two to ten notarizations for each signer. Prices for loan signings range from $40 to $200 depending on what is involved and how experienced the notary performing the signing is.

Bilingual Notaries
123notary has notaries who speak all types of languages ranging from Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Farsi, and more. If you need a notary who speaks a foreign language, use our language filter on the top right of search results.

Odd pricing rules for notarizations
It is fun to see the differences in state laws for notary prices. But, one example that always sticks out in my head is the Florida pricing rule for Acknolwedgments. California allows a notary public to charge for each signature notarized. However, Florida allows the notary to charge for each notary act or certificate, regardless of how many signers are involved. If four people sign a Deed in Florida, the notary completes one certificate, stamps the certificate once, and can only charge $10 for that while his Californian equivalent could charge $40 for the same work! Notary pricing is a bizarre science, so good luck reading about it!


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