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November 29, 2012

The signing with the naked children

So here is another what I consider to be strange story. This is one that happened to me and even though it was years ago it was so unusually to me that I have never forgotten it. To me it was just plain odd.

I was to do a closing for a signing service and it was in the Santa Monica, California. Beautiful beach front area. It is in the evening after the borrowers get off work. Time has been set for 7:00PM. I get here a few minutes early. Ring the bell. Two children approximately 10 and 5. A boy and a girl answer the door. They are both naked. In their Birthday suits as I have heard it called. Im thinking to myself ‘OK…must have been bath time’…but I am also thinking ‘why are they answering the door naked, to strangers no less’?

They were cordial, sweet and invited me in. They proceeded to call their mom and dad in unison. The parents come out and they had prepared an area for us to sit. They see me and I start to get out the tools of the trade. Kids now have disappeared so I assume they are off to get ready for bed. The borrowers and I get started with the signing process and halfway through the paperwork here comes the kids still in those birthday suits….they proceed to now to run around the house, laughing, chasing each other, jumping on and off the furniture and not once did either of their parents tell them to put clothes on. The parents never seemed to think anything of it nor did the children.

Now, I don’t know about any of you but this was VERY strange behavior to me. It was something that I have never seen since nor have I forgotten. I cant seem to figure out what that was all about. Was it a custom? Were they nudist? Did they just believe that the human body was nothing to be ashamed of? and is this what they were teaching the children,? But, it made me uncomfortable because they were children……

Someone just asked me recently did this job ever get boring…and I told them… NEVER. 🙂

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