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June 12, 2017

They can find you anywhere and still write a review

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But, they didn’t find me on 123notary! How can they write a review about me on 123notary?

Simple! They can find you on Yelp, SnapDocs, or anywhere else and still write a review about you on 123notary if you give them a link. The sad truth is that Yelp does better on many search results than 123notary simply because their reviews are better than ours. But, our Notaries are ten times as good as theirs. The other problem we have is that 123notary caters mostly to loan signing jobs. The type of people who are easiest to get a review from are those with a single document or something non-loan related.

It might be easier to get reviews on 123notary from people who found you somewhere else for a non-loan signing. But, those reviews will help attract loan signings. People want to know you are good. People want to know what your customers think about you more than they want to know anything else.

The main thing to remember about reviews is that you need to keep asking for them. Reviews will not come in mass numbers unless you ask. Reviews are the key to your success in this business. So, if you are too busy to ask for them, that is like being too busy for success.