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August 3, 2014

Is this man a notary?

I got an email from someone who thought that I was the world authority on notaries and had contact information for all notaries in the world including phone numbers, addresses, next of kin, etc. I have to tell them one by one that I am only a humble directory owner and that I have no access to what they want. I tell them to ask the Notary Division in the state where the notary resides.

But, what a great tabloid header — Is this man a notary?

Picture a shady looking guy wearing a trench coat and a hat like they used to dress in the 60’s. A similar looking guy was suspected of being involved in an embezzlement and racketeering ring. One notary customer saw the alleged notary working in a busy office in the city and remembered the pictures she saw in the newspaper about the criminal. The only thought that ran through her befuddled head was — is this man a notary?

So, she used the strategy used in the T.V. show Psych. The bad guy always runs. She talked to the shady looking notary and said in passing,

LADY: “By the way, you look just like that guy who was in the newspaper who was suspected of embezzlement, fraud, racketeering, and other crimes.”
The guy didn’t even budge a millimeter, he wasn’t phased.
NOTARY: “What of it?”
LADY: “Is that alleged criminal you?”
NOTARY: “Of course not, I’m screened by the state. They don’t let felons or those convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude become notary publics, lady.”
LADY: The lady then pondered, and mumbled: “Then, I wonder who that guy is…”
NOTARY: The shady looking notary unemotionally said, “Oh, he’s my brother. He’s on the run and has assumed a different identity. He’s been doing fraud since we was 12 years old. Part of the reason I became a notary, was to catch guys like him — believe it or not!”

When hiring a notary, you need to know if they are a fraud. The thing is, they might be a fraud who never got caught. Or, they might have become a fraud since being commissioned and just haven’t been caught yet. In the case of our Notary friend, his brother has been a career fraud since the age of 12. I have only two things to say in response to this story.

(1) OMG. and
(2) Is this man a Notary?

(1) When hiring a notary, you need to know if they are a fraud!
(2) The notary said, “I’m not the convicted racketeer in the newspaper – that’s my brother!”