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April 5, 2016

Notaries Drive Cars

You hear the siren and look in your rear view mirror. Yup, it’s a police car with flashing lights; you quickly pull over to the side of the road. Hmmm, you had no trouble finding a spot at the side of the road. So, why do you seem to have trouble stopping to handle an incoming call? Trying to log a notary appointment while driving is not a good practice. Of course you have a BlueTooth hands free device that operates totally touch free. But that’s only for voice, you still want to write some aspects of the call; or do you? How about informing the caller that you are driving and will call back shortly when it’s safe for you to pull over and put the car in Park.

I was an instructor for NTSC, the National Traffic Safety Council. I taught the point reduction / insurance discount class. Upon reflection, it’s likely that I learned more from the students than I taught to them. They were a goldmine of information, mainly on what not to do. One student told the police they were unable to see the pedestrian they hit. “My window was so smeary and dirty that the sun glare totally hid the pedestrian, there was no way I could see anybody. Ouch! I bet that made quite an impression on both the police and the insurance company.

Fortunately few are that negligent. Cleaning the glass, all of it; is a basic responsibility and most folks like to have clean glass; and not just the windshield. Clean inside and outside. I dwell on this because I am a bit of a clean glass fanatic. I use “Invisible Glass” cleaner with a micro fiber wipe to make the glass literally sparkle. The seat belt retractor / tension adjuster failed in my little Honda Civic. The belt did not retract and just flopped around when unbelting. Sometimes it got caught in the door and eventually started to fray. Thankfully Honda, to their credit has a lifetime warranty on the seat belt system – all components were replaced upon my request.

One of the most important aspects taught in my NTSC class was mental attitude. Bad driving manners are a national epidemic. Some will cut you off to gain a car length with barely enough clearance to avoid a collision. Others tailgate to “speed you up”. Someone behind you honks their horn, even though an elderly person is slowly crossing in front of you. To these and all the other “bad manners” offenses your response should be the same, be forgiving. Sure, you are going to be a bit late for that edoc, but the magic word is yield. Let them, no, help them; to do as they wish. Make it easier for them to pass, pull over so the tailgater can hitch themselves to someone else. Ignore the honker, their bad day is not worth confrontation and possible violence.

My audience, the notaries of are generally kind and considerate people, I know many of them. However, some of the folks who hire us have warped priorities. I have been asked to “do whatever it takes”, including speeding and reckless driving to meet schedule. Or more accurately to assure that someone receives their commission. Most would agree that a 12ga shotgun is a very powerful device. But, it is nothing compared to the kinetic energy, in foot pounds, of my little Honda Civic at a stately 30 miles per hour.

The mobile notary is a complex system. The vehicle must be maintained beyond passing a routine inspection. When I flew a Cessna, my instructor drilled into my head the priorities of safe flight. Aviate, Navigate, Communicate; in that order. Maintain control of the plane, have it go at the proper altitude in the right direction. Lastly, communicate by radio my intentions.


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June 8, 2014

If a pizza can get there in 30 minutes or less, why not a notary?

Hiring a mobile notary is not always easy. They are not always available when you need them. Plus, they might have an appointment right after they see you for an Acknowledged signature in another part of town. That means, if you are running late, your appointment could get cut short!

Domino’s Pizza has delivery guys who wait for you. They line up at the store waiting for pizzas to come out of the oven. They spend their idle time putting pizza boxes together, and the minute it comes out of the oven — they sprint for the front door. They can get there in 30 minutes or less because they are waiting like a Lexington Minuteman by the oven.

But, notaries are not always ready to run. And if they are, they might be in another town far away from you. Maybe the world needs a notary company with dozens of notaries just waiting by the door so the dispatcher can just blow his trumpet, key in his credit card processing system and say, “Charge!”

Maybe one day. In the mean time, we have many decades to go before you see a commercial on TV that says,

“The notary will be there in 30 minutes or less or your Jurat is free — Oath not included…
restrictions apply — offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii, applies to participating stores only! Side effects may include dizziness, confusion, stress, and a loss of appetite. As with any other legal service, consult your Attorney before you get a prescription for our services.”

(1) Hiring a mobile notary isn’t easy. They are not always available when you need them.
(2) The notary will be there in 30 minutes or less or your Jurat is free (Oath not included)
(3) There’s plenty of fast food, but not enough fast notaries!

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