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August 25, 2016

A Notary Starbucks – espresso Notarizations.

Most people’s favorite hang out spot is Starbucks. I actually love cafes, but there are spots I love evern more than Starbucks. The Starbucks around here tend to be a little generic and not as personal as the privately owned cafes. But, what if there were a Notary Starbucks?

It would have to have Notary drinks and snacks.
Jurat-achino would be a popular drink
Large embossed oreo cookies would be the snack of choice.
Sugar cookies in the form of Notary Seals would be another hit.

But, what if you could get espresso Notarizations?
I think that Starbucks could become a Notary hangout if they would have tables made for signings. Drinks would go on holsters on the sides of the table to avoid spilling. Tables would be large enough to accomodate a Notary and three signers, plus a place for signed docks, fedex envelopes, and unsigned documents. The sides of the tables would have to have folders or stacking trays to store the Fedex envelopes.

Or perhaps having longer thinner tables makes sense. Husbands and wives could sit next to each other across from the Notary who could slide left to notarize Deeds in the “done” pile. Just remember to turn the “done” documents around. Otherwise the Notary would sit to the couple’s right and notarize the done pile there. Hmm. Where to sit. And should you notarize before the couple has finished signing?

What about an espresso Notarization? What would that entail.
If the Notary is already waiting at a large table with his journal out. You could press a button, an espresso could come while you are signing documents. Just show your ID, sign the journal, and have the Notary fill out the certificate wording and stamp. Then, sip your espresso while making small talk. A small drink for a small talk — that’s perfect! Even better, you would get a small price since no travel fee was involved.

What if each Notary had their own signature beans. Each time you get a Notarization at Starbucks, you would have a different flavor coffee as the coffee would be unique to each Notary. Oprah has her own blend, why not you? (I bet that if Michael Jackson had his own blend it would be a dark roast that turns itself into a light roast — I’m not sure how that works though.)

Next, Starbucks could give the Notaries customized Notarial coffee mugs with Notary seals and the Starbucks emblem. How is that for double branding — the way of the future? They could even have pictures on the wall of Guatemalan Notaries notarizing at places where beautiful baskets of coffee beans were on display.

Personally, I’m ready for an Antigua style Notarization and a Java style Jurat.
What about you?


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