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April 30, 2016

Should you study loan documents, or get a neck tattoo?

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Notaries are by nature very short-sighted people. If business is good this month, then they assume that for the rest of their life that things will stay the same. Notaries get all bent out of shape when anything changes, because they want everything to be the same. The only changes they will accept are lower prices and higher income. But, even if you give them lower prices, they will still complain because, “why didn’t you give me a better price before?” The problem with this short-term way of thought is that the world doesn’t stay the same, and certain choices you make will help you or haunt you for the rest of your life or commission (whichever comes first.) Here is a tale of three Notaries and the choices they made. Forgive me if parts of it resemble a Jack in the Box commercial.

Should you get 123notary certified, take the next signing, or get a neck tattoo? It might seem like an obvious choice to you, but it was not to Jim.

Notary #1
Jim decided to get a neck tattoo. Sure, he had heard about the benefits of notary certification. But, he didn’t think he “needed” it because companies were hiring him. He didn’t grasp the concept of being hired more, or being possibly paid more. He only understood that he made enough money for the basic necessities such as: Putting food on the table, beer, and getting neck tattoos. His tattoo set him back $217.00. But, there’s more. Jim didn’t realize before he got his neck tattoo that his social life might be affected by his decision. He lost half of his friends due to his neck tattoo. But, on a brighter note, he gained some new friends who were more understanding of his decision. His new friends took him on a ride on their Harley and introduced him to new and exciting substances that Jim would never have found out about otherwise. Jim’s Notary business suffered because of his neck tatto as well. He lost 40% of his business which ended up costing him $5613.00 over the course of his first year in business. Maybe Jim’s decision was not the best, but who am I to judge?

Notary #2
Shelly wanted to get 123notary certified, but every time she wanted to study, something got in the way. A signing would be offered to her, or a birthday party. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to study. She realized certification would help her in the long run, but giving up a $90 signing seemed like a waste of income potential, and Shelly didn’t like to waste any opportunity. Years went by, but Shelly continued to stay busy.

Notary #3
Tammy had listened to what Jeremy had said on the phone.

Jeremy – “123notary certification doubles your jobs from your listing on on average. Results may vary from individual to individual though. If you get $317.00 more business per month as a result of your 123notary certification which is a reasonable estimate if you have a higher placed listing, over the course of 10 years, you would get $38,000 extra business. It might take you 10 hours to study for our certification exam. So, you could say that each hour of studying is worth $3800 in that case. Of the things that make you “too busy” to study for our test, which of them is worth $3800 per hour in long term revenue?”

Tammy – “Hmm, that is a really good point. I never thought about it like that. I believe in prioritizing. I am going to put everything on the side and study right now!”

A week later, Tammy had passed our exam and was getting more business! But, 10 years later Tammy met Jim at a bar. Jim explained how he had lost everything. Nobody wanted to hire him, his friends had all died of overdoses and motorcycle crashes, and his life was horrible. Shelly happened to show up at the bar and explained how business had taken a sudden downturn. Instead of studying and actually trying to know something, she quit and got a job. Meanwhile, Tammy had gotten Elite certified by 123notary, bought five top spots, and was making 100K+ per year at her Notary business. Of the three, it is clear the education wins the game and Tammy prioritized her time and strategized!

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