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October 7, 2010

Which notary signing agents are getting the work on 123?

Every time we talk about 123notary’s signing agent certification, the standardized response is, “I’m already certified, I don’t need yours”. We try to explain to the notaries that they will not get the certification icon next to their name on the search results unless they are certified by, but only 28% listen when we say that. We price certification affordably, so that the notaries can afford it, and its good for the life of your listing. The main facts about certification are that it proves your ability to answer signing questions under severe time pressure and it gets you more notary jobs.

How much notary public work can I expect from 123notary?
There is no answer. The market changes month by month, and different notaries get very different amounts of work depending on their skill, experience, their level of placement on, how often they answer the phone, karma, luck, astrology, feng-shui, you name it… We recommend asking the notaries on our site how they are doing so you can get a current opinion that is unbiased. We’ve been managing this directory since 2000 and our opinions are often not up to date.

Who is getting notary jobs on 123notary?
We have brand new stats on who the browsers claim they are using. And the results are scary — well, scary if you are not certified and/or don’t have a high placement. Those at the top of the list get 10x the amount of work that notaries at the bottom of the list get PER CAPITA according to our most recent stats. If you have a free listing, we welcome you aboard, but the notaries getting work are at the top of the list.

What if I have a top place listing, do I need to be certified?
Certified notaries get roughly 78% more visits to their listing than uncertified notaries in comparable positions on 123notary. Among p#20’s, certified notaries got 82% more actual notary jobs than other p#20’s who were not certified, while the ELITE certified members got 4x the amount of notary jobs¬†per capita. We have relatively few elite certified notaries on board, but they are getting far more than their “Fair” share of the work.

What kind of information do we have about who is getting jobs in big metros?
The amount of data we have is very limited at this point. We took a look at some of the big metros and who was getting the notary¬†work. We looked at NYC, Riverside, and Los Angeles only as the other metros don’t have enough data to make a comparison worthwhile. The results were that the top quarter of the lists got 58% of the documented work while the bottom quarter of the lists got a measley 8%. This means that those on top in urban areas are getting more than 7x the amount of business that those on the bottom are getting.

The bottom line is that signing agents with high placement get up to 10x the amount of business that those lowest on the list get and elite certified signing agents are getting an unfair share of the business.

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