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February 19, 2013

The notary who called me back to tell me she couldn’t talk

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Today I called a California notary public about her renewal.

She had an automated message when she called, and some bassoon music to listen to while I was on hold. It seems that whenever I call her, I always get bassoon music, but never get the notary. In any case, I waited for a very long time on hold, and then gave up.

Two minutes later I got a call from a different phone number from a different county in her state. I suspected that it might be her, since it was still a California number. But, the number was from San Francisco which is about 70 miles from where this notary lives — or where I think she lives.

The notary called and asked, “Can I call you back, I can’t talk now”.
I said, “You are calling me back right now”
the notary said, “Yes, but I am with an elderly signer signing critical documents, I can’t talk now”

I said, “If you can’t talk now, why are you calling me? Why not call me when you can talk?”
The notary said, “I can’t talk now, I have to go”.

I said, “Why not send me an email — when I am doing outgoing calls, I can not answer incoming calls simultaneously”.

The moral of the story is that many notaries make it like pulling teeth just to talk to them. If you want people to feel aggravated every time they contact you, my suggestion is that you should not answer your phone, and then call people back only to tell them that you can’t talk.

Maybe this California notary and signing agent needs a good receptionist. It is hard when you are in business and are overloaded, but still don’t have enough business to merit hiring someone new. I seem to always be in that position. I can relate! But, it is time for her to find someone else to answer the phone, so you get a warm furry human when you make a call to her number!

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