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October 16, 2021

Kamala Harris’ science & astronomy video — commentary

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Kamala Harris was torn to shreds by Fox news and others. Her astronomy video was described as cringeworthy, and phony.

Personally, I think that Kamala is a talented Prosecutor and Politician who is not allowed to do her job. She is a “for show” Vice President in the phoniest administration in U.S. history, and not even allowed to be a glorified puppet. She is smart, charismatic, and would make a great talk show host or guest. She has great stage presence, looks great, and is a great speaker.

Her performance is similar in nature to Psaki’s and Biden’s which is based purely on evasiveness. Biden has a plan to change the demographics of the United States, flood the border with all types of new immigrants so that they can get quick citizenship and vote for Democrats. He is basically rigging future elections any way he can if you ask me. In the process he is making a mess of the border, made a mess of Afghanistan to promote his “feel good” image of avoiding occupying foreign countries, and made a mess of oil prices by making much of the domestic drilling illegal.

Since this administration does nothing but make messes, part of their strategy is based on diversion.

The video was mostly about hired child actors who were allegedly interested in learning about outer space. One of the children asked Kamala what the most surprising thing she found about being vice president. She said there were many new things — but, one of the things was that her mom was a scientist and that she loves exploring the unknown. Kamala masterfully changed the topic of the conversation and diverted to a theme of wonder, intrigue, adventure, and most of all — my favorite — vagueness.

Additionally, the demographics of the children reflect the future demographics of the democratic party. Lots of blacks, asians, not sure why there weren’t any hispanics, and a well defined lack of white males — which is by design and on purpose. That is called exclusion and racial discrimination by the way as the largest proportion of American male children are white and are systemically underrepresented in promotional materials concerning the Democratic party. It just doesn’t sound very democratic. However, it does stress the theme of unity — women and minorities in unity against white men. It looks like they are preaching anti-racism and unity while practicing blatant systemic racial discrimination against whites (particularly the males) and engaging in systemic division.

Despite the “tokenization” of people who were chosen for their image rather than for their aptitude, skill, or interest in science, it looks like these child actors have as little to do with actual science as Kamala has to do with running the United States or any facet thereof. Kamala is also a token, so this “one of each race” with no regard to the content of anyone’s character approach to choosing children to be in the video . All I can say is — “We’re all represented —- yay!!!!”

I believe that if Kamala were allowed to do her job in her own way, she would do a good job being border Czar, and Vice President. Probably better than Biden. After all, she is not suffering from dementia, or senility and is quite bright. Furthermore, she knows what day it is, where she is, and probably would not call the Prime Minister of Australia, “Down under guy” like certain counterparts that she keeps.

As much as I have faith in Kamala’s untapped abilities, I am so impressed by Psaki who can make a series of complete administrative disasters look like we are moving in the right direction. She is so eloquent about avoiding issues, and making blunders seem like wise strategic choices. If Biden dies in office, I think Psaki is the most qualified to replace him. Never mind having a BS in BS, she has a PhD in BS and makes it an art form. I am so impressed. I will be surprised if America is still a nation in 2030 and even more surprised if we are financially solvent.


October 15, 2021

The Supply Chain Debacle

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It all started when I had to go to five stores to find Starbucks Double Shot. I love double shots so much I created a notary quiz question where the notary has to administer an Oath to me for a statement that says, “I love Starbucks Double Shots.” Well, they are not being manufactured anymore and they are out of stock. Thank God I have the remains of a dozen that I keep in my trunk for trips. What is happening to this planet.

Then I couldn’t find water at the supermarket. But, I went to another supermarket and they had Arrowhead, but not their store brand. Is this a trucking problem.

Then, I started seeing articles stating that the supply chain has been undermined for five months — and I am only realizing in October 2021.

So, how will this affect the notary biz? Good question. First of all, if you are a Notary (or anyone else), you should consider stocking up on things you like and things you need because they might not be available at some point because your trucker died, quit, or has Covid. Additionally, local California laws make it impossible to hire a trucker who has their own truck because they must be categorized as an employee even if they meet the definition of a subcontractor. I believe CA created that law solely to throw a wrench in people’s business models and put people out of work.

Supply chain issues lead to a decrease in construction because materials are so hard to come by. That means less purchases, sales, and construction paperwork. We still might have refinances, and that might go up as property values might climb if people are not able to build easily. Additionally, there is a labor shortage as people don’t want to work as much or due to labor law issues, cannot qualify to work under the terms they like or need such as being an independent contractor. AB5 is such a bummer.

I think that in the long run, people will die from the vaccine and from natural disasters. My psychic channeled the angels at my request to ask about two dozen questions — mostly personal. But, one was about earthquakes. The angel said that earthquakes would be the tip of the iceberg. We will have volcanoes all throughout the world — that means Oregon and Washington State will be in big trouble, and perhaps Wyoming.

It seems clear that the Messiah is coming, and the prophecy is that 2/3rds of the world’s population will die in the years before he becomes a public figure. A much smaller portion of the American population will die compared to the world population, but there will still be death. And death means more available housing which means that ALTHOUGH housing might go up for the next two years, it will have to come down a little starting around 2023 or 2024 when it hits it’s apex, and then sharply around 2024-2027. This is just my guestimate, but it is based on future events revealed to me.

So, I don’t know where it makes sense to put your assets: stocks, gold, real estate, land, or cash. Maybe a mixture of all of these. Basically, when the market hits its apex, there will not be much in terms of Refinances after that. And God knows what will happen to global financial markets. We might face another meltdown, but of unprecedented proportions. Time to build a bunker and stock up on canned goods!

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