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March 25, 2010

Popular 3rd tweet for blogs

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(1) iPhone 7: Smart attorney app sues virtual attorney for claiming he’s actual attorney

New Notary Apps for the iPhone 7 that you’ve never dreamed of!

(2) Types of weapons notaries could bring to a signing: large flashlight, ring of keys, gun, etc.

(3) How much money is your life worth to you. Scheduling too tightly could end it!

(4) Most notaries would rather that the phone just didn’t ring

$30 loan signings. Is it worth it even in the best of circumstances?

(5) Most parents in NC overwhelmingly support the idea: adolescents should be able 2obtain confidential medical services.

(6) Cancellations are a real fact of notary life, but double booking can ruin your rep!

(7) 123notary can change your county & state on file in a snap. But, changing your neighboring counties?

(8) A family of Italians needs an Apostille on a POA drafted in Italy. Everything goes wrong. Find out more!

(9) When you scan your work to double check, do you know what to look for?

(10) Your listing is like your front lawn. If you don’t maintain it, people will think nobody’s home.

(11) There’s plenty of fast food, but not enough fast notaries!

(12) Nobody owns you or manages you unless you let them! When it comes to the worst notary jobs, “just say no”

Poo Picking – getting the best notary jobs

(13) Half of the job is knowing how to handle difficult people! #signingagent

(14) Sometimes the worst clients are the very rich, celebrities, public officials, corporate leaders, etc.

(15) I just died, my ID is with my body down there.

Witnessing the intake forms for Notary Heaven

(16) Their signing took place at The Notary Hotel & the wife requested a wakeup call after the signing was done.

Welcome to the Notary Hotel

(17) As to setting your fee; set a rate that allows you the time to earn Memorable status –

(18) Wondering if a phone # a girl gave you is legit? Get it notarized!

(19) He wanted us to remove a notary. I told him we don’t remove notaries based on one-sided stories

Who really needs who?

(20) When I called the borrowers, the wife picked up and thought I was the mistress! I’m the notary!

(21) She tried all day to find a notary, then gave up and had an ice cream. The guy behind her was a notary!

(22) High class co’s pick the best of the best notaries. If you’re on 123notary.com, you’ve already cleared an important hurdle.

We require notaries to be registered on our approved list

(23) Grow your client network. Do inexpensive work and pass your card out to everyone! #notary

(24) I decided then and there to be the notary monster myself.

Honey, I notarized the kids (don’t try this at home)

(25) One guy met a notary in a bar & said, “I’ll buy you a drink if you stamp my God damn form!”

(26) Live in the present & gain happiness by being indifferent to appointments being cancelled!

(27) Moishe: “The land belongs to Israel.”
Fouzi: “Do you have a notarized Deed to prove it?”

(28) A loan processer 30 year vet didn’t know the technical term for the “date of signing”

Does Real Estate experience help as a notary?

(29) Listing your language skills can help get more clicks on 123notary.

10 quick changes to your notes that double your calls!

(30) If you make over ten grand, you should get both NNA certification and our certification.

(31) Be an upbeat person who gets the job done and doesn’t create obstacles for others.

He made $35,000 a month his first year in business?

(32) Realtor “I need to use the half bathroom”; Notary: “Are you going to do a #half or a number 1?”

(33) Has a signing company ever gotten you to do something for free? Ha ha, you just got played!

(34) Banks have liberalized loan terms, so it is easier to get a loan = more biz for notaries!

(35) The notaries who attract the most work get multiple certifications, reviews, and have great attitudes.

A great attitude gets the most jobs

(36) If Arnold Schwartzenager became a notary public, he would be known as “The Noterator”.

(37) A #Jurat is a notary act requiring the signer 2sign before the notary, swear & be identified.

What is a Jurat?

(38) “We need to get rid of the witness, but I can’t tell the 2 blondes apart”

The Notary, The Mafia & The Fedex Drop Box

(39) “Young man, have you ever thought of becoming a notary public? You just might have the right stuff!”

Tomorrow’s Notary Publics

(40) U must meditate on 1-ness. Unless ur signing is for a husband & wife in which case u need to meditate on 2-ness.

(41) The wife abrupty left the signing table & ran thru the house w/the husband chasing her. What a bunch of nuts!

She ran through the house like a mad woman…

(42) “Does the seal on the embossed oreo cookie have an expiration date?” Jeremy asked.

My date with Jeremy

(43) A quick guide to being a notary including: journals, seals, identification, witnesses, jurats, oaths & more…

What is a notary public?

(44) E&O refused to cover the notary since she didn’t make an error or an omission. It was the Lender’s fault!

Help, I’m being sued, and E&O won’t help

(45) When you wait for a client to show up who’s late, ur held hostage w/o waiting fees or travel fees.

The Starbucks notary wises up!

(46) The ghost of the former owner of this Victorian mansion decided to drop in for the notary signing.

(47) Notaries who get ahead put hard information in their notes, not bragging or unverifiable claims.

How to write a notes section if you have no experience

(48) Want a type of loan where your rate goes down every year? Try a parachute loan!

(49) 3 ways to supersize your notary business that only take a few minutes per day!

What tasks can you do which are worth $1000 per minute?

(50) We found the notary who assisted with the “abduction” paperwork, but she wouldn’t answer my calls!

(51) Wife: “The next thing you will ask for is a blood sample.”
Vampire Notary: “Funny you should mention that.”

Vampire Notaries: 24 hour service

(52) It is illegal to use your seal on a blank piece of paper. Yet jails usually require this! (cross it out)

Signing agent best practices: 63 points

(53) I’m the bartender notary; I talk bar talk. It’s my trademark to serve drinks and make smalltalk before signing.”

Bartender Notary: A reverse mortgage on the rocks!

(54) You don’t need to ID him because he looks old, but you look about 18 Mr. Bartender, so we should ID you!

3 Notaries walk into a bar

(55) The notary later learned that the inmate she notarized was in prison for child pornography.

(56) Many elderly signers feel they are being taken advantage of, and that they have a weakness.

Notarizing Documents for the Elderly

(57) One Texas Notary went to a signing & was greeted by a man pointing a rifle at her.

(58) The (female) notary had this bad feeling that something just wasn’t right.

(59) The lady expected the notary to drive around the block for an hour until she showed up!

(60) California lost 44% of it’s notaries from 2007 to 2012 according to a Census count.

(61) The Lender asked Shelly to notarize someone who wasn’t there & she reported him to the Secretary of State

(62) The Notary forgot that the wife had to sign & then used white out to modify the documents!

California notaries with complaints

(63) If you put a FedEx containing a cashier’s check in a drop box, that is a recipe for disaster!

Don’t put the Fedex in the drop box!

(64) How do you document an Oath that has no accompanying documentation? #Notary #Journal

How much should a notary charge for swearing in a…

(65) The police caught the hit & run driver within 48 hours after the Notary chased them down & got a plate#

(66) Our scary demand letter threatens to report the late paying signing co to the SOS, Attorney General, DA & more!

Scary results when a notary uses our letter from hell

(67) I used to make my own permission to travel for minors form with blanks for dates, names & thumbprints!

Make your own notary certificate forms!

(68) Mortgage terms are surprisingly similar to chiropractic terms. Do you know what an adjustment date is?

(69) 1 day I called 200 people & 1 called me back. When I asked who he was, he told me I should know cuz I called him!

(70) It is common for signing companies to pay on time, but then start paying late the minute they have financial problems.

(71) Many notaries fear bad reviews as dangerous, but the real problem is not having any reviews!

(72) Read real stories about four low-ball signing companies.

Low Ball Signing Companies

(73) The notary profession is easy to get into which means there’ll be lots of low priced competition!

Pricing for notary work: different strokes for different folks

(74) Many notaries just don’t answer their phone or email after a signing which can cause a nightmare.

Things that get notaries complaints

(75) The signer could barely move her arm, so the daughter grabbed it, put a hen in her hand & moved the arm around!

Dragging the person’s arm

(76) You could spend up to $3000 for a really good mobile office. Don’t forget to start w/an inverter!

Mobile Offices from A to Z

(77) Many notaries miss half of their job offers because they refuse to answer the phone during a signing.

(78) Some notaries save time by notarizing before the signer signs! This is illegal!

Notary Public: Just Say No #3

(79) Learn the finer points of journal entries: where credible witnesses sign, thumbprints & notes.

Everything you need to know about journals

(80) One signer asked, “Are you allergic to cats or snakes?” What kind of signing is this going to be?

Funniest things that happen to Signing Agents


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