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October 26, 2013

How to Notarize a Copy of a Passport

Notarize a copy of a passport

There is always some confusion about the legality of copying and notarizing official documents. You cannot notarize a birth certificate, marriage or death certificate. There is no official certification procedure for getting a certified copy of a passport. California notaries can make a certified copy of a power of attorney, but that is the only type of document that you can get a certified copy of. So, what type of notary act can you do to notarize that copy of your passport?

There is a notary act called a copy certfication by document custodian. This is basically a Jurat with some unique wording. It makes the sign swear under oath to the accuracy and completeness of the copy. It is common for students to have copies of transcripts notarized using this procedure. I used the copy certification by document custodian form regularly when I was a notary since it was the only way to accommodate requests for copies.

Many notaries do not carry the form for the certification by document custodian Jurat procedure, so if you need this done, figure out ahead of time whether or not the Notary has the forms that are acceptable to whomever you are submitting your document to as they are the boss in a sense.

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  1. It is common for students to have copies of transcripts notarized using this procedure.

    While this is not technically illegal in New York State, it is not the proper procedure. A \student notarization\ will be rejected by the County Clerk’s office when applying for authentication of the Notary Signature. ONLY the registrar is permitted to issue \copies\ (really originals) of transcripts or degrees. Such notarization should be on official school stationary (with letterhead) and bear the signature of the Registrar or Principal. The raised school seal should be affixed both to a letter describing the attached documents (and raised seal on attachments) along with a statement that the attached documents were issued in the official capacity of said officer of the school. It is the statement and signature of the School Officer that is notarized never the student.

    Comment by Kenneth A Edelstein — October 27, 2013 @ 12:33 am

  2. This is a document that we use day in and day in our area…especially for Apostilles. All of our Notaries hav this form and some of us even have stamps made with a statement that can filled in by the client. Ultimately it’s up the client to sign off on the sworn statement, but this is very helpful if you are doing general Notary work. If you are sticking to loans this will never really be applicable.

    Comment by Kyle Eisenberg — March 17, 2020 @ 6:14 am

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