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March 18, 2021

Don’t repeat your name in your notes

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When people look at the search results, they see your name, city, phone, cell, and the top of your notes. If you repeat your name in your notes or that you are a commissioned notary in the state of Delaware, you are wasting space.

The reader ALREADY knows you are a notary in Delaware, otherwise why would you advertise on 123notary in the Delaware section? — Unless you were insane… They already know your name is Rhonda as it says two lines above that you are Rhonda. Do you need to tell them twice? That space at the top of your notes could be used to tell them what makes you different from the other notaries. Perhaps you visit jails, hospitals, do debt consolidations, or are good with pets.

The bottom line, or in this case the top 200 characters are that you should not tell people something they either already know or do not need to know. Tell them salient features about your notary service, experience, or designations.


March 17, 2021

Carmen came again in a dream and told me…

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NOTE: This was written about four months before it was published!

I am a mess without Carmen. I am behind on emails much worse than normal. I cannot answer phone calls at all. And I struggle to do all of the renewals. Right now I am on the road in Arizona trying to get my work done from a hotel. I feel more energy here for work, but it is a pain to have to logout every time I go to the bathroom.

Carmen came in a dream a few days ago and told me to check my email. She was much more relaxed than normal. I think she is doing a lot of resting in heaven. So, I checked my email and there were a lot of emails stacking up there. I am still working on the pile. Wish me luck.


March 16, 2021

Some people love being a mobile notary, but why?

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Many people got into this profession for the same reason I did many moons back. They love driving, meeting new people, and putting things in FedEx boxes. Yes, there is something very therapeutic about those FedEx boxes — You gotta admit.

Others love the freedom. If you hate being cooped up in some annoying office with phones going off all the time, annoying secretaries, and stale air in those cubicles you are imprisoned in — you might love the open road.

Retired people don’t want to work full-time and like being able to choose their hours and choose their jobs – what did you say sonny?

And then there are the anal folks who like looking at everyone’s ID and wondering which person is a fraud and then thumbprinting them just to be safe. I think I am definitely that type although I love driving too. But, I don’t like driving in Beverly Hills because every other block you have to wait two minutes for the light to turn — how annoying.

And then there are those who love explaining loan documents. Some explain every single document in the package with a canned introduction.

Why did you decide to be a mobile notary and what do you love about it?

A parting thought
Join the Notary Forces — meet new people and notarize them!


March 14, 2021

A review from a client that the Notary thought was low-brow

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A very educated Notary got a review from a client that said, “Patty rocks.” She wanted the review removed. I told her that the review was good. It was written in the language of a real person. Not all of us are university professors who use the queen’s English. Some of us use high-brow English, and others are more informal. The point is that the review was enthusiastic and real. And in real life, some of our clients might have an education not in excess of a Harvard Professor — or perhaps more than some.

So, accept the language they use, even a few spelling mistakes. The point is that the public needs to know that people like you and trust you. A Notary with no reviews has very little credibility.

In my opinion, your certifications mean more than reviews, but for the clients, the reviews mean more than the certifications. Certifications are given by impartial agencies who judge you based on your knowledge. Clients judge you based on if they like you and had a good experience. They are both important. But, some people fake reviews. It is not so easy to fake a certification. But, in any case, popularity trumps — so show the world that you have some!


March 13, 2021

Virginia Notary Acknowledgment Certificate Wording

Virginia Notary Acknowledgment Wording
Virginia Notary Acknowledgment Verbiage
Virginia Notary Acknowledgment Form
Virginia Notary Acknowledgment Certificate
Virginia Acknowledgment Wording
Virginia Acknowledgment Verbiage
Virginia Acknowledgment Form
Virginia Acknowledgment Certificate
VA Notary Wording

Commonwealth of Virginia
County of ___________

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me ________this ________(date) by (name of person acknowledged).


(Signature of Person Taking Acknowledgment) (Title or Rank) (Serial Number, if any) Notary’s

Registration Number:___________


March 12, 2021

I took a social media and news break to lift my mood

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During this turbulent time, chaos abounds, Notaries are making bank, and many are depressed.

I am very depressed these days. This article was written in late 2020, a few months before it was published by the way. I have never been that happy, but it is much worse now due to the external environment taking a turn for the worse with chaos, stores closed, and so much clash between people.

I read somewhere that it is good to take a media break. I thought this would help. I decided to listen to more music online and history documentaries. I saw great stuff on youtube about ancient Egypt and got to know Johann Sebastian Bach in a new way during my media break. I’m on a first name basis with him, except he prefers his middle name since his brothers were also named Johann. Germans — what do you expect?

This media break was not absolute. I just cut it down by 70%. The problem is that when I leave the house, I see the same closures, masks, and all people talk about is how the leftists and the conservatives are insane, unreasonable and polarized. We argue about whether Covid-19 restrictions are too much or not enough. And we wonder if the economy will ever come back. The fact is that news or no news, we are still part of society unless we go live in the tundra in Alaska — and if society is sick, we are affected by that sickness no matter what type of media we tune into. The harpsichord suites by Jean-Phillipe Rameau were a real treat though.

Taking longs walks in Joshua Tree and other hiking destinations is helpful. That gets me separated from society. And so does meditation. But, I cannot divorce myself from the world I live in. It affects me no matter what I do.

I tried to cut myself off from the more toxic elements of life. Whole Foods used to be a nice place to shop daily, but they became a nagging gulag with endless stupid and annoying rules. I get in a bad mood every time I go there so I am boycotting them for a second time. Ralphs supermarket is almost identical to how it was pre-Covid other than reduced people and facemasks. No nagging or lines or anything. I am just trying to develop new routines to keep myself sane and happy. It is not working, but at least I am trying. What I really need is a massage. Hopefully soon I will be able to.

My media break helped a little, but it doesn’t change the fact that I live in a toxic world. For Hindus who say that you can’t change the world, you can only change yourself — it is hard to change yourself to deal with a toxic world. The toxicity doesn’t end and it doesn’t stop effecting you no matter how hard you meditate.

So, for now, hang in there. I hope I can hang in there too.


March 10, 2021

A Notary in Lake Tahoe is cleaning up

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The Notary business has been picking up. But, the hot new destination is Lake Tahoe. People are fleeing from lawless San Francisco headed by London Breed and flocking towards Tahoe. I guess this is what happens when San Francisco is run by London — It’s like colonization all over again.

People are selling homes and getting multiple offers within hours of posting their MLS online. It is a seller’s market and houses are selling for much more than normal. Perhaps if San Francisco ever goes back to normal people will stop evacuating.

Meanwhile in Florida, business is booming with the New Yorkers seeking refuge. It seems that most New Yorkers with salaries above $100K have left the city — perhaps for good. Some have 2nd homes in Connecticut, Jersey, Vermont, but Florida is one of the most popular destinations.

Cuomo was on TV saying, “Come back come back come back — we’ll have drinks, it’s on me… come back.” But, in NY they are having plain clothed policemen at the train stations taking people’s information coming into the city to enforce unconstitutional quarantines. If you want people to come back, why do you make it like a prison sentence to do so? I will never visit New York again, at least not for the next ten years. What a nightmare.

So, if you are a Notary in a destination city, you can make bank right now. It is nice to see Notaries doing well finally.


March 8, 2021

How does Jeremy rearrange Notes?

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From time to time I will go through the entire site and go through people’s notes sections. A lot of people put their best information and hide it at the bottom of their notes and then repeat their name at the top. What they need to realize is that the top of your notes section shows up on our search results and can attract or repulse prospective clickers.

I scan the entire notes section and look for interesting, unique, or factual information about experience. That is what I like to put at top.

What I don’t like to see on the top is, “Hi, my name is Julie.” or “I am a Notary and Signing Agent.” This is tantamount to saying, “Hi, I am Julie and I have two legs and one nose… I use it to smell, and take that is justification that you should hire me for your next notary job.”

Some people say something catchy, or have a language skill, or do Apostilles, weddings, or something else noteworthy. This is what I typically rise to the top. Then others put their coverage area at the top — I typically move that to the bottom. It is good information, but is not what the readers look for first.

Then, if I see “turn-off words” such as reliable and responsible, I inform the notaries that nobody wants to hear you claim to be responsible. They want to hear your clients write a review stating how responsible you are. You claiming it about yourself is not only worthless, it is cheesy, (and not the fancy imported kind) and a waste of the readers time. Stick to the facts, and make your descriptions of yourself have more flowing sentences and less cliche adjectives.

Sometimes I will see information that is hard to read and simply it. “I do refinances and often do conventional. I have also done many VA and modifications. My specialty is Reverse mortgages.” I simplify this to read: “I do Refinances, Conventional, VA, Modifications, and Reverse Mortgages which are my specialty.” It flows nicely because it is a pure list with no interruptions, and is a lot easier for the reader to process the information.

Then, I make bullet points out of quick pieces of information about your certifications, background screening, and insurance as a general rule.

I do other things too. But, the point of reorganizing your text is to make you more attractive to buyers so you get more work and so my site gets more regular users. 123notary has the best notaries in the business and is also a very organized site. We don’t have the gadgets of Snapdocs, but we specialize in quality in a way that nobody else does. That is why we attract more high paying jobs than any other directory.


March 7, 2021

Fake police scam targetting Notaries

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We are writing about this topic and others on our forum. Please reference the forum to read more about this and other interesting notary topics.


March 6, 2021

The safety of our Notaries is our top priority! — a Covid story

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A signing company called a Notary on our site. The Notary found out the borrower had Covid-19 and called back to decline the job. The signing company said, ‘We understand. The safety of our Notaries is our top priority.”

The next thing you know, the same signing company offered the job to a friend of the Notary in a nearby town. If the signing company cares so much about “safety,” then why would they send someone to an infected person’s house? So much for “safety.” The other Notary took the assignment.

So, the question is, how should we be “safe?” If someone has Covid-19 or even a cough at this point they are banned from society. They are prohibited by law from going to any store, or even a medical clinic. At my acupuncturist they take your temperature before they let you in the door — or they used to. I think they got bored with that or perhaps it’s no longer a requirement. The people who need help the most can’t get it. And getting food? Sorry, you don’t qualify. It’s all about being “safe” by violating your rights. Hitler made lots of unnecessary restrictions and claimed it was for people’s “safety” too. So, whenever someone restricts you to be “safe,” think of good old Adolf.

Ironically, one of my favorite people is Adolfo. He is a bar tender, musician, and really cool guy from Texas. I feel that he brings honor to the name Adolf. And that’s one of the cool things about being Hispanic. You can name your kid Jesus, Adolfo, or Israel, and get away with it without an ounce of criticism. Imagine being white in a Jewish part of New York City being named Adolf in 2020. At any rate, my diversion about Hitler had very little to do with anything, but I wrote it to keep you “safe.”

The bottom line is that if the signing company cared about “safety” they would not offer a Covid-19 signing to anyone, but would make someone with immunity stand 10 feet away from the signer on the porch and slide the documents back and forth.

Personally, if you are under 50 and in good health, you are more in danger of dying in a traffic accident on the way to the signing than from Covid-19. But, the media doesn’t try to brainwash you into being afraid of traffic accidents in 2020.

But, my psychic says that in 2021, the media will find new things to terrify you about. Every day they will show photos of people who died in car accidents and suggest that you don’t drive because it is dangerous. They will keep a daily tab of how many died, and in what state from — you guessed it — car accidents. Car crashes — don’t let it happen to you! Then in 2022 they will scare you about eating processed foods and how you will get cancer if you do. Then in 2023, call phone radiation will become linked to cancer, and we will all have to go back to the stone age. Each year a different brand of fear mongering. I can’t wait to see what the scare is for 2024. This is even better than Halloween attractions involving masked men with chain saws.

At any rate, thanks for reading this blog and remember to hide in your basement for the rest of your life. Leaving it would put you in mortal peril. You might die in a car accident, from Covid, or get shot by unruly gangs of people that Cuomo released from jail for no particular reason other than to stick to an insane narrative. And remember — always be “safe”.

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