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April 17, 2011

Seal Forgery – it happened to me!

Seal Forgery – it happened to me
I notarized a set of loan documents for a company back in 2003. It was a regular signing and nothing went wrong. You know how companies sometimes request that you send them another “Jurat” if the stamp isn’t clear on the initial one? California notary law requires that certificates be attached to the original document for security reasons. This means stapled. But, the loan companies protest whenever you ask them to send you back the document and ask why you are being so difficult. For many signing companies, the idea of obeying laws means you are being difficult. The company that forged my stamp did not ask for a loose Jurat, they were in a hurry and pulled a fast one.

I heard about it from a third party
A third party contacted me asking if I had notarized a loan package for a particular borrower. I couldn’t find the information in my journal for the specified dates, or even for the specified month. We figured that it must be a company that I had worked for before that had an impression of my seal on one of their loan documents, since I didn’t notarize that particular borrower’s loan that was in question. We had to be detectives to figure out what had happened.

Copying my seal
This company copied an impression of my seal that was on someone else’s loan, and copied it onto an Acknowledgment certificate for an entirely different loan that I had never had anything to do with. It was hard to tell since photocopiers are so good. I asked the third party to send me the notarized document and its Acknowledgment certificate. The forging job was so pathetic, it was funny when I saw it. The seal looked legitimate to my eyes, since I couldn’t tell it was copied. However, there were tell tell signs that I had not notarized this document.

(1) I always used an embosser on every page of every document. Embossers leave a raised impression in the paper. This document had no raised seal on it.
(2) The signature was a very girly signature which didn’t match mine even slightly. The lines of the signature were very curly and the i’s were dotted with cute little circles that only a girl would make like that.
(3) The acknowledgment certificate wording didn’t have the he/she/them and (s) verbiage crossed out where appropriate indicating that the person who fudged this job couldn’t have been a notary, or at least was a really pathetic notary.

I told them:
After I saw this pathetic attempt at something which is not even good enough to qualitfy as forgery, I told the third party that I had definately not notarized this and that it was fraud. Additionally, there was no journal entry to back up this job, and I took journal entries for all transactions in all cases.

My advice
If you always use an embosser on all pages of all documents, you deter the switching of pages after the fact on documents you notarized. You make it almost impossible for someone to get away with forging your notarizations. Additionally, you impress your clients with how thorough you are which can gain you more business. An embosser is less than $40, so get one today! Some states will require a government issued authentication of permission to get an embosser, so apply now!

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April 15, 2011

My premonitions about my trip to NM came true

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Before my last trip to New Mexico, I had several dreams which I wrote down that were premonitions.

I dreamed about a Spanish resort and grounds. I was to meet with my banker at this place. I thought this meant I would have to call a bank or make a payment before I left on my trip. I actually did not stay at a Spanish resort, but visited one that I had visited before. I never found out what the grounds represented in the dream. The bricks in the garden represent plans for the future. My trip was a relocation trip. I had planned on considering moving to New Mexico, but I reconsidered due to many factors.

I had a dream that I would go to a cool bar that I read about in a magazine. I went to an eclectic restaurant with a bar. It was the coolest spot in town with all types of nostalgia all over the restaurant. In the bathroom there were sinks made from whiskey barrels. There were route 66 nostalgia all over the walls. The restaurant had animal heads from hunting trips mounted to the walls. The food was good too, but finding this place in the middle of nowhere was weird.

Then I had a dream about a hotel room where I would turn left at the end of the room and go up two flights of stairs and then turn right to go to the bathroom. I went to a Syrian lady’s store where to go to the bathroom I needed to go out the back door, turn left, go the distance (on flat ground) of two flights of stairs, and then turn right, go up four stairs and then into the bathroom. Interesting coincidence.

I also had a dream I would see a UFO and feel an odd vibe. I never saw anything, but I was driving on the border of AZ and NM and felt a weird feeling. The back of my neck started going numb. I decided to get out of there as I did not know what was going on.

My trip resulted in horrible leg pain, so I am taking Chinese herbs and getting a lot better. My gall bladder got inflamed during my trip and now I am nursing it with green juices, herbs and meditation. The trip was disappointing, but perhaps next time will be better.


Leave a few spaces open in your journal?

Leave a few spaces open in your journal
Have you ever heard this phrase before?  These are the words a lender will tell you when they want you to backdate.  If you leave a blank page in your journal a day before the signing, then it will look like you really did notarize their loan documents on the date that you claimed you did.  This is completely illegal, but this is what many lenders will ask from you when they are in a pinch.
The lock
Lenders can offer their borrowers a particular rate, but there are expiration dates.  If a loan has a lock that expires on the 28th at midnight, and the loan documents were not ready to be compiled, sent, printed, etc., on the 27th or 28th, then the lender is in a bind. They will have to redraw all of the loan documents all over again and have a slightly higher rate, and an irate borrower. To save themselves this nightmare, they will often ask the notary to fudge a date when in this situation.
It’s your notary commission
If you get involved in this type of fraud, you could get fined by your state notary division, lose your notary commission, or perhaps even be looking at jail time.  Since there is no intent to harm anyone, jail time doesn’t seem probable, but laws differ from state to state, and the laws are always changing.
Lose the client?
I was asked to do this a few times.  I said no, and lost the client. Maybe I’m better off. Lenders love notaries who will lie, cheat, and steal on their behalf.  They will love you if you can look at a loan which is an obvious rip off and say nothing while the borrower is signing it. Of course, its not your job or entitlement to make commentary about someone else’s loan. You will be making someone lose thousands by butting in, and its not your right.  Lenders also love someone who will forge an initial or put yesterday’s date on a Jurat certificate upon request. You would not believe how many Title company staff members have forged omitted initials on Deeds of Trust, and other documents that require initialing.  Few of them would dare forge a signature as that would involve jail time, but some feel that its open season on initials.
Just say no
Don’t get involved in this nonsense. Its your life, your karma, and your commission.  If you get armtwisted once, you could easily get in the habit, not to mention feel ashamed for the rest of your life.   Additionally, it is recommended that you avoid screwy companies like the plague. These are exactly the same companies who will have no qualms about cheating a notary out of their pay for little or no reasons at all.

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April 14, 2011

The Story of 123notary.com

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The story of 123notary.com 
It was late on a Friday night in 1999.  I was at a Title office waiting for documents to be ready for a late night signing. It was up in the valley, perhaps in Encino, CA.  In the mean time, the title officer was trying to find a notary in Pagoso Springs, CO.  We were using signingagent.com since that was the only signing agent directory we knew of at the time.  The problem was that there was only one notary in that county who didn’t answer their phone, and there was no way to find notaries in neighboring counties unless you knew the names of those counties.  At that time, you could only look up by county on signingagent.com. 
The birth of a vision
This was the birth of my idea to build my own database.  I was going to figure out what all the problems were with the other sites, and create my own with some new and practical features.  The feature that stuck out in my head was neighboring counties.  Its hard to know what counties border a particular county unless you have memorized the geography, or unless you have a good atlas.  These days with mapquest and google maps, that problem is much more easily surmounted, but even those sites are not always easy to use.  The concept of links to neighboring counties is easy for the browser.
Neighboring counties
Every county on 123notary has links to neighboring counties. That way, if you can’t find someone to do your job in Lemon county, then you will find a few links to nearby counties such as Lime and Cherry counties.  Sometimes we’ll have up to five links, while other times we will only have one. Remote areas might only have one link, because there is only one county where you would be likely to find anyone based on its higher population.
These days we do even more
For the last few years, I have personally gone beyond just listing links to neighboring counties to help people find notary services.  I will list notaries from surrounding counties who service the county being searched for.  I’ll just put them below the locals in the search results, so you find people in a rough order of proximity.  Of course, someone in a neighboring county might be two miles from the notary job, while someone on the other end of the same county might be twenty miles away from the notary job.  But, in the notary business, availability is more important than exact proximity, so this rough system functions well enough.
123notary was only for me when it started
The first year 123notary was around, it was designed to promote my personal notary business  for a few counties in southern California for me to advertise my personal notary services.  Yellow Pages were getting too expensive, and I wanted a more cost effective way to advertise.  After a while, I thought it would be better to have others share the cost with me, so I started offering listings to other notaries in Southern California. Then, we covered all of California.  By 2001 we decided to cover the whole United States and started populating the central and eastern states with notaries.  It was grueling hard work to build 123notary, especially since I was doing notaries fifty-five hours a week, and spending another fifteen building 123notary. I had no knowledge of the web business back then and had hardly any money.   All I had was an amazing drive and some great ideas. 
Its easier now
Now, when I create new web modules for my sites, or do new promotional programs, I have a decade of experience. I know what to do, and when, and what the most efficient ways of doing everything are.  Nothing beats experience.  But, I’m much more tired these days, and can not do the daily thirteen hour shifts that I used to do back in the day!


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April 13, 2011

A few testimonials on 123notary

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123notary has been working overtime to get the best marketing for its notaries.  Here are a few of the tesimonials that we have gotten.

Testimonial #1: $7000 extra per month!
We’ve been in business for six years in the Kansas City area.  As of July 2010 I added a listing on 123notary.com.  I tracked the source of all my business, and 123notary was responsible for us getting an additional $7000 a month in revenue!
Michael Tomlinson

Testimonial #2:  90% of jobs from 123!
When I ask a Title Company how they got my name 9 out 10 times they reply, 123Notary.  I get almost all of my mobile notary work from this site.  When I asked Carmen how I could get even more work she explained how to better market myself on the site.  She also suggested that I purchase a higher P# for my area.  When I did what she suggested, the calls really started to come in.  The higher P# has really paid off! Thank you, Carmen. So, will I renew my listing with 123 Notary?  You bet I will.  Because of this site I am still working and making a living while others are not! 

Claudia in Tennessee

Testimonial #3: 123 has been my #1 advertisement!
No matter how many listings I’ve ever had, I’ve always made 123 my #1 listing.  When business slows and you have to make a choice, the decision is easy: 123Notary!  I’ve been with listed with 123 for many years and have made thousands and thousands of dollars with my top spots, worth every penny. 123Notary is  a wise choice in your Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent marketing budget. 

Kelly M. Robertson

Testimonial #4:  123notary tops my google analytics for clicks and jobs!
I was lost, I could not find my way. I stumbled from notary site to notary site. Then, suddenly, the fog lifted and a bold new day began. I FOUND www.123notary.com! My life changed for the better. The phone started to ring – the work grew and grew. From being an unknown frog suddenly I was a Prince! Then it got B*E*T*T*E*R !! I discovered that I was not alone – I found “The Forum”. My peers (err make that “my betters”) could help and advise me when the going got rough. Many were the questions that I could ask nowhere else. I was no longer frustrated and alone with my questions and issues. The sun started shining – a new day has dawned for me. Soon, with “a little help from my friends”, I was charging fair rates, making lots of money – and actually enjoying myself because I now had some idea of what I was doing! My personal life improved, I was no longer depressed and lonely, even Jeremy noticed the change in me. 123Notary has turned my life around – given me purpose and direction, and a wallet that often needs repairs at the seams! My finest moment with 123Notary.com was when this cute little gal called me for some advise (hmmmm perhaps that story would be better not told). But I can say that my Google Analytics clearly shows 123Notary.Com as the LEADING source of my referrals. And if you do a google search on “Kenneth A. Edelstein” you will find I have published a bunch of articles and am a member of LOTS of organizations, including the local BBB and Chamber of Commerce. But, nothing (with the possible exception of that gal who wanted some advise) has given me more calls and things to do. If you are not a member of 123Notary.Com – and you are a Notary – you are making the biggest possible mistake. JOIN – CHAT in the Forum – give and gain from your peers. I’m glad I did. Thank you. 

 Ken  A. Edelstein


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April 12, 2011

Pricing for notary work: different strokes for different folks

Pricing for notary work – different strokes for different folks
Notaries argue endlessly about what to charge and what others should charge.
Some notaries wish that there could be a set fee in the industry for certain jobs.  That is not legal or possible.  Other notaries complain when low-ball signing companies offer them work for $40 or $50 which is better than nothing.  Many notaries complain that they did lots of work and didn’t get paid, which is a very serious issue.  So, what should you charge and why?
What fancy signers do
I know of many signers who will not leave the house for less than a particular set fee.  One notary public I know will not leave the house for less than $150, while others will not leave for less than $125.  They figure that they have to put up with getting dressed nicely, traffic, borrowers who want to take forever reading, lenders, and then trying to get paid.  It’s just not worth it for less.  But, these notaries have something that some of the rest of us don’t always have:  something to keep them busy during the rest of their time when they are not doing notaries.  If you rely exclusively on mobile notary and signing agent work to keep you busy, you have to take almost every job that comes your way. If you sell insurance, real estate, or have some other type of job, then you can pick and choose what type of notary work you do.  If the company has a bad reputation, or doesn’t pay enough, or if the job is even one mile outside of your coverage area, you have the luxury of saying no.
Additionally, many high-priced signers will not leave the house to notarize single documents for less than $50 travel fee no matter how close the job is.  Finding notaries who are available, close, and answer their phone is hard, so you can often get high travel fees if people can find you.
FYI: Notaries who are in the high price range generally have experience and finesse to back up their high prices. They are normally very reliable, well trained, well dressed, and have good business skills.  Those of us who don’t have all of our skill sets polished will have trouble commanding such high prices for signings.
What desperate signers do
Anyone who is not a convicted felon can be a mobile notary .  This profession is open  and easy to get into which means that there will be a lot of competition and a lot of newbies who will do anything to get work.  Some people become mobile notaries who are successful in what they do, but prefer the free lifestyle. Others get into this because they have mouths to feed, and this is the only way they can think of to sustain themselves.  Desperate signers are often new in the business, lacking experience, and are poorly trained.  They will often not be certified by 123notary, or NNA.  They will not know what they can get away with charging, and the quality of their work?  Who knows?  Desperate signers will work for $40 per signing, do fax backs, drive long distances paying a lot for gas, and then often not even get paid.  We wish these desperate types would consult us.  We would tell them to research all companies before working for them.  No matter how hungry you are, working for somoene who won’t pay you doesn’t make sense. You would be better off at home twiddling your thumbs.
What makes sense
We have another notary blog entry that goes over the components in price computations.  Its very complicated and goes over many factors. The biggest factor is how desperate you are.  If you don’t have enough work, then you need to become a regular for more companies.  It makes sense to accept lower paying work until your schedule is filled slightly more than you can comfortably handle.  Once you reach that threshold, then raise your minimum a notch or tighten your radius a notch.  Supply and demand is the ultimate deciding factor in what you charge.  No set fee schedule or recommendation from a friend can help you here.
Should I mention what I charge in my profile?
As a general rule, we say no.  Notaries change their pricing all the time, and with all the variables, you would have to write a novel to document exactly what you charge. Its easier if someone just calls and asks.  The low-ball companies call (bother) everyone, so you won’t be left out by them. The high-payers start with the top of the list and gravitate towards elite certified folks.  Changing your notes section to include fees doesn’t get you at the top of the list or elite certified, and won’t increase your business by much if at all.  Companies who know what you charge will still bother you to offer you jobs at half of what you charge. 
Marketing Marketing Marketing
The main thing to remember is to market yourself well. If you have a bigger net, you catch more fish, and then you keep the ones you like.  Even if you are busy, having more offers doesn’t hurt.  If you can take more jobs from companies you like, and decline jobs from companies who are less than your favorites, that is a beneficial way to go.

(1) Notaries argue endlessly about what to charge & what others should charge. Here’s what the pros do!
(2) How much is it worth to get dressed nicely, deal w/traffic, wait for borrowers who want to take forever, lenders & then try to get paid?
(3) The notary profession is easy to get into which means there’ll be lots of low priced competition!
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April 8, 2011

Idaho Acknowledgment Certificates

Here is a sample Idaho Acknowledgment Certificate.

State of Idaho
County of _____________

This record was acknowledged before me on _____________(date) by______________(name[s] of individual[s]).

_________________________ (Signature of notary public)


My commission expires: _________


Notarizing a kidnapper

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Notarizing a potential kidnapper

I had no evidence either way, I was just doing my job.  It was a dark night in Rosemead, CA, when I had just finished notarizing a grant deed for some old customers of mine when the phone rang. It was a company that I enjoyed working for that I hadn’t heard from for a while. They had a notarization for me in the neighboring city of Monterey Park. That is usually a safe place to be at night. What they didn’t tell me was that the client was a suspected kidnapper. I guess the company company who dispatched this job to me doesn’t include “Are you a kidnapper” on the list of questions they ask clients. I tried to call the location before I went there, but the phone number was incorrect. It was close, so I wasn’t too concerned. It was only ten minutes away, and practically on my way home. When I got to the venue, it was a run down motel with only six units. I was to go to unit #5. I knocked on the door, and a very nervous and agitated man in his 30’s answered the door. He seemed very bony, like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. His eyes were wild and deep set, and he was very frenetic. As I looked around the smoke filled room I noticed that there were seven people in the two room suite which included a kitchenette. Two elderly ladies were in a bed. I asked him who he needed to have notarized. He said he needed a power of attorney from his mom. His mother only had a thirty year old Mexican passport. Nobody else in the room had ID to be a credible witness except for the man I was working with who was the beneficiary. I told him that I couldn’t legally notarize his mother under those circumstances. Then, he pleaded with me and offered me lots of cash which he had laying on the table next to his overflowing ashtray, half empty beer bottles, and packs of cigarettes. Then he told me about the family feud he was in and how he was accused of kidnapping his mother. At that point, I started getting nervous. I told him that he should consult a lawyer. He said he was running out of cash and couldn’t afford to see a lawyer. They seemed like they were on the run. I told him I couldn’t legally help him. He continued to plead looking very desperate and distraught. Finally I had to apologize and leave.

This was one of the spookiest notary calls I have ever gone out on.  I just wonder what their real situation was, and if they were really running for the law.  There is no way to know. You can’t question someone in that condition or they might lose their cool. I guess they were probably illegal judging from the lack of proper identification. Thank god nothing happened.


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April 6, 2011

The Jeremy Diet

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The Jeremy Diet’s intention is to have all of the necessary nutrition you need in a day by eating sensible and hopefully yummy foods. It should be low in processed sugar, and high in vegetables, having enough protein, fiber, omega 3, K2, b12, and other essentials.

Here is my idea of a good daily diet program.

To live a long life, it is suggested that you consume a lot of fiber, enough so you have two bowel movements per day. Fiber helps to clean out your intestines so that toxins exit your system quickly. The following are good sources of fiber.

Psyllium husk: This adds bulk to your bowel movements. It is sold as a capsule in drug stores. It might slightly dehydrate as well, so drink lots of water if you consume this product.

Bran: Many cereals are made from bran or include bran in them

Berries: Berries have more fiber than any other whole food, especiallyblack berries

Fruits & Vegetables in general

Whole Grains

The best source of Omega three would be salmon, trout, halibut, and tuna. But, other fish have it too, but in smaller amounts. You can look up omega three content of the various fish online. Milk also has omega 3 in smaller amounts. Flax seeds have large amounts of Omega three. Walnuts have it too, but also have a lot of Omega 6 . The ratio of omega 3 to 6 in walnuts is about 1:4 which is fine, but it will not raise your overall ratio of Omega 3 to above 1:4. Fish and flax seeds will raise your overall Omega 3 to 6 ratio to a more healthy level. Omega 3 is good for your brain, and also decreases inflammation which can cause muscle pain and diseases.

Vitamin K2 is less known and is responsible for transporting calcium from the arteries where it clogs things up and depositing calcium in your bones and teeth where it is needed. K2 can be found in: Goose & Duck liver, Natto (Japanese fermented soy beans), certain European cheeses (look them up), and certain types of eggs.

Coffee, black tea and green tea all contain different types of antioxidants. Chai tea from India comes with spices in it such as cloves, cardamom and ginger which are also loaded with antioxidants.

Walnuts: Have half an ounce of Walnuts for Omega 3. It is also good for protein, and good for the brain, liver and kidneys. Almonds: Half an ounce of Almonds for protein, and vitamin E plus other minerals.

Small quantities of dark chocolate (with no alkaline or milk products) are the highest source of antioxidants.

Wild Salmon – low in fat, high in Omega 3, protein, high in vitamin D, B12, and other nutrients. Sustainably farmed salmon from a reputable source that does not use chemicals is a reasonable alternative.

Tempe: Although salmon tends to lower triglycerides and increase good cholesterol which lowers bad cholesterol, it is good to be vegetarian on some days to keep the overall cholesterol low so you don’t need lipitor.

Beans & Rice: Beans and rice or beans and corn have protein, but not enough for your daily requirement unless that is all you eat. But, to supplement a low meat intensive diet, some beans and rice are good.

Tofu is also a source of protein.

Milk or Yogurt: A glass of milk daily is a good source of protein and calcium.

Nuts: As mentioned in the nut category which I kept separate, nuts have about 4 grams of protein per ounce. A human needs about 50-60 grams of protein per day, so nut protein is a supplement and is not a good main source of protein.

Meat: Meat tends to be high in cholesterol. Bison, rabbit and turkey breast meat are lower in cholesterol. Lamb and chicken with skin on it tend to be higher in cholesterol. Meat is healthy, but should be eaten in moderation as it can lead to clogged arteries and can be somewhat toxic.

It is good to have a few items of fruit per day. Apples are healthy for your liver and intestine primarily, but are good overall. Oranges are good for C and B vitamins and nourish the heart energy in your body. Bananas nourish the intestines and have lots of potasium. Other fruits are good too.

I’m putting this in a separate category from fruits. Berries are good for keeping arteries clean of plaque. They are also beneficial to the kidneys and bladder especially cranberries. You can have berry juice. But, fresh whole berries are better as they have more enzymes when fresh plus they are the highest fiber whole food available. Blackberries are higher in fiber than any other whole food. You can also have berries in smoothies mixed with yogurt or other dairy.

Antioxidants are critical as they help to keep your body from aging and help to prevent cancer.
Chocolate: Small quantities of dark chocolate (with no alkaline or milk products) are the highest source of antioxidants.
Lemons and lemon peel especially (detoxifying)
Wine – particularly red wine which is higher in resveratrol,
especially particular brands

Berries: (mentioned above) nourish the kidneys and bladder. It is good
to have a mix of berries as they all have different antioxidants. Cranberries are one of the most potent berries for the bladder and kidneys and should be a staple. But, pure cranberry juice is more potent than mixed and try to avoid products with high fructose corn syrup.

Mushrooms: Shitake mushrooms are anti-cancer and good for kidney health in general. Other types of mushrooms are also good for the kidney.

Bananas: Bananas nourish kidney qi as well.

Lamb: Lamb is high in cholesterol but has been known to boost kidney qi if eaten regularly.

To nourish the liver, you need foods like kale, spinach, Swiss Chard, daikon, romaine lettuce, beets, seaweed, cherries, celery, and apples. In general, dark green foods nourish the liver and are high in minerals and vitamin K. They also boost your metabolism if you want to lose weight. But, there are foods of other colors that are very purifying and nourishing for the liver. Since the liver is your body’s toxicity processing plant and nutrition storage depot, it is imperative that you keep the liver clean otherwise one day it might not be able to do its job effectively which could cause damage to other body parts such as your eyes, or your legs.

Tomatoes, oranges, red bell peppers, rare or medium rare beef, and chocolate are excellent foods that nourish the heart. If your heart is weak or if you have a heart condition, it is good to eat these types of foods daily.

Both of these organs correspond to the earth element. However the foods that nourish these organs are not identical. Potatoes, peanuts, and lemons nourish the stomach. But, Carrots, ginger, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and dark yellow or orange foods nourish the spleen. The earthy orange foods normally have high amounts of vitamin A

To nourish the intestines you need foods corresponding to the metal element such as bananas, cabbage, broccoli, cruciferous vegetables in general (look that one up), onions, garlic, mango, celery. It is also recommended to have cereals high in fiber that might include bran. Psillium husk is a great fiber supplement that is excellent for adding bulk to your bowel movements and helps to scrape the walls of your intestine which need to be cleaned of hardened fecal matter.

Good bacteria vs. bad
Your intestines have billions of bacteria floating around. It is critical to understand this. Good bacteria aids in proper digestion. But, bad bacteria makes you crave sugar which is not healthy for you. Bad bacteria grows faster than good bacteria. Chlorine (bleach), and antibiotics in food or medicine kill all of your bacteria. So, when your bacteria grows back, it will be mostly bad bacteria. Foods that feed your bacteria are called prebiotics and include fermented foods such as:

Yogurt & Kefir
Miso Soup – A Japanese soup made with fermented soy.
Kim Chi (korean pickled spicy cabbage with garlic)
Dosa (South Indian pancake made with fermented rice and bean flour.)
Uttapam (Another south indian pancake made with fermented rice flour.)

Fermented foods are found throughout the world. So, to get a good variety, it is good to familiarize yourself with some foreign foods.

It is generally good for your circulation, liver health, and overall health to have spices in your cooking. There are many spices, particularly in Indian cooking.

There are different oils out there and much debate as to which oils are good for you and which are bad. In my opinion, fats should be consumed sparingly.
Vegetable oil: This is a processed oil loaded with omega 6 which
causes inflammation which leads to disease.
Olive Oil: A natural unprocessed oil. But, not ideal to cook with. Better if had raw on salads, etc.
Coconut oil: A natural minimally processed oil good for cooking.
Butter: High in cholesterol, but a natural form of grease.
Pork Fat: High in cholesterol, but natural grease.
Avocados & Raw Nuts: A source of healthy fats. But, consume in moderation.

There are many sweeteners out there. Which ones are healthier? It is hard to say. But, less processed sweeteners seem more healthy to me. Kane sugar: Popular in health food stores as an added sugar in packaged products.

High fructose corn syrup: a highly processed sweetener that I recommend avoiding if at all possible.

Sugar found in fruit: Fine, but don’t over do it. If having fruit juice it is possible to get too much sugar, but it is hard to overdose if eating whole foods as God intended us to eat.

Stevia: Not sure, see what the internet says about this. I believe it is a leaf.
Others: Not sure. I am not educated in this matter and cannot comment.



1. The antioxidant snack – have once per day (good for heart & kidneys)
(1/2) an ounce of Walnuts
(1/2) an ounce of Almonds (raw is better)
1 ounce of dark chocolate
Berries: fresh or dried, or berry juice.
These foods taste good together.

2. Fresh juice (good for liver & intestines)
Spinach or Kale

3. Stir Fry, Curry, or Soup
Cabbage, kale, or other vegetables cooked up with a little meat. Barley is good in soups too.

4. Fish
It is good to have fish a few times per week to get your omegas.

5. Cereal
Cereals are a great way to get fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is quick and convenient. Just don’t get an overly sweetened cereal.

6. Fresh Fruit
Fruit is easy and you don’t have to cook it. Whole fruit is better than fruit juice as it contains fiber and because it is fresh. But, if you can’t get fresh fruit conveniently, juice is a good way to get nutrition. You can get some of your fruit nutrition from real fruit and some from bottled juice.

7. Bottled Juice
If you want to nourish all of your organs in one meal, juice is an easy way to do it as it is easy to refrigerate and you can mix different juices together. Orange juice for heart, berry juices for kidneys, carrot for vitamin A, and green juices or apple for liver. For intestines it seems better to have cruciferous vegetables.

8. Sushi
Sushi is a nice way to get different types of fish, vegetables, and rice. I have natto sushi as well for my K2.

9. Other
In general, any type of fruit or vegetable is good, and it is good to get a variety and mix them up. Certain foods I think should be eaten daily like nuts, berries, and dark chocolate. But, other foods can be mixed up.


Avoid overly sugary cereals, pastry, processed foods, processed oils, and processed proteins. Eat real food.


April 3, 2011

Blaming the government for the will of the people & Covid Karma

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Originally posted in September, 2020

I have been so upset with the government for allowing our constitutional rights to be betrayed for light and transient cause — a fake pandemic with fake death statistics where hospitals get paid extra if they say a death is Covid19 related.

But, the people want this, at least in California. In Georgia people want to go out with their guns and protect their church. In California people want to sit, do nothing and behave as if we are in grave danger from some fake emergency that requires the shutting down of most aspects of society and then lots of nagging and other unnecessary restrictions.

I still have not seen anyone even cough and only heard of one person who knows someone who I have met who died. One person dying is not a pandemic. If this were a real pandemic, you would see people dying in mass on the street, overflowing hospitals, and real panic.

But, what type of karma would a person have for wanting to put their neighbor out of a job? That could kill their neighbor. No work means no money. That can lead to evictions and starvation. If you encourage your governor to shut everything down, are you responsible if your neighbor dies?

The interesting thing is that most of the people out of work in California like the idea of being out of work and like the idea of saving themselves from the inescapable clutches of this mystery Covid19 that I had not seen a single soul have. So, can I say that they are “doing it to themselves?” Putting themselves out of work?

Some people are just so dumb. They don’t realize there is a problem until it hits them in the face. Do we have to wait until people are dying on the street because they were evicted in mass? Do we have to wait until people die of starvation in their apartments? The economy might bounce back in Republican states, but the air is so clean in Los Angeles that the economy cannot be functioning at more than 40% at best.

Let me sum it up for dummies.
Not working >> Not having money >> Getting evicted >> Starving in the street.

Now, if the government gives you a temporary hand out to tide you over, but your job doesn’t rematerialize magically when the government check dries out — the eviction and starvation is temporarily delayed by a few weeks.

It is kind of like staying at home doesn’t save you from Covid, it just delays how fast you are likely to get it by a few weeks. It doesn’t prevent you from getting it.

Vitamin D prevents Covid.
Having a job prevents evictions.
We would all be so much better off taking vitamin D pills, A, C, veggies and keeping going to work. But the damage is already done. We did it to ourselves. This is our karma.

All I can say is thank God I have a job. When my site went down for 7.5 days I began to see how hopeless it might be for the others who don’t have work. But, I cried not having work. People in my part of town don’t seem the slightest bit upset that most people aren’t working. Are they insane? Or do they just had bad karma.

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