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April 3, 2011

Blaming the government for the will of the people & Covid Karma

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Originally posted in September, 2020

I have been so upset with the government for allowing our constitutional rights to be betrayed for light and transient cause — a fake pandemic with fake death statistics where hospitals get paid extra if they say a death is Covid19 related.

But, the people want this, at least in California. In Georgia people want to go out with their guns and protect their church. In California people want to sit, do nothing and behave as if we are in grave danger from some fake emergency that requires the shutting down of most aspects of society and then lots of nagging and other unnecessary restrictions.

I still have not seen anyone even cough and only heard of one person who knows someone who I have met who died. One person dying is not a pandemic. If this were a real pandemic, you would see people dying in mass on the street, overflowing hospitals, and real panic.

But, what type of karma would a person have for wanting to put their neighbor out of a job? That could kill their neighbor. No work means no money. That can lead to evictions and starvation. If you encourage your governor to shut everything down, are you responsible if your neighbor dies?

The interesting thing is that most of the people out of work in California like the idea of being out of work and like the idea of saving themselves from the inescapable clutches of this mystery Covid19 that I had not seen a single soul have. So, can I say that they are “doing it to themselves?” Putting themselves out of work?

Some people are just so dumb. They don’t realize there is a problem until it hits them in the face. Do we have to wait until people are dying on the street because they were evicted in mass? Do we have to wait until people die of starvation in their apartments? The economy might bounce back in Republican states, but the air is so clean in Los Angeles that the economy cannot be functioning at more than 40% at best.

Let me sum it up for dummies.
Not working >> Not having money >> Getting evicted >> Starving in the street.

Now, if the government gives you a temporary hand out to tide you over, but your job doesn’t rematerialize magically when the government check dries out — the eviction and starvation is temporarily delayed by a few weeks.

It is kind of like staying at home doesn’t save you from Covid, it just delays how fast you are likely to get it by a few weeks. It doesn’t prevent you from getting it.

Vitamin D prevents Covid.
Having a job prevents evictions.
We would all be so much better off taking vitamin D pills, A, C, veggies and keeping going to work. But the damage is already done. We did it to ourselves. This is our karma.

All I can say is thank God I have a job. When my site went down for 7.5 days I began to see how hopeless it might be for the others who don’t have work. But, I cried not having work. People in my part of town don’t seem the slightest bit upset that most people aren’t working. Are they insane? Or do they just had bad karma.


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  1. I work in healthcare and we lost 30+ resident lives and several coworkers. I am not sure of all the specifics of Covid, but I do know what I witnessed and I can assure you it is real.

    Comment by Paralegal2022 — November 13, 2020 @ 6:54 am

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