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April 13, 2011

A few testimonials on 123notary

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123notary has been working overtime to get the best marketing for its notaries.  Here are a few of the tesimonials that we have gotten.

Testimonial #1: $7000 extra per month!
We’ve been in business for six years in the Kansas City area.  As of July 2010 I added a listing on 123notary.com.  I tracked the source of all my business, and 123notary was responsible for us getting an additional $7000 a month in revenue!
Michael Tomlinson

Testimonial #2:  90% of jobs from 123!
When I ask a Title Company how they got my name 9 out 10 times they reply, 123Notary.  I get almost all of my mobile notary work from this site.  When I asked Carmen how I could get even more work she explained how to better market myself on the site.  She also suggested that I purchase a higher P# for my area.  When I did what she suggested, the calls really started to come in.  The higher P# has really paid off! Thank you, Carmen. So, will I renew my listing with 123 Notary?  You bet I will.  Because of this site I am still working and making a living while others are not! 

Claudia in Tennessee

Testimonial #3: 123 has been my #1 advertisement!
No matter how many listings I’ve ever had, I’ve always made 123 my #1 listing.  When business slows and you have to make a choice, the decision is easy: 123Notary!  I’ve been with listed with 123 for many years and have made thousands and thousands of dollars with my top spots, worth every penny. 123Notary is  a wise choice in your Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent marketing budget. 

Kelly M. Robertson

Testimonial #4:  123notary tops my google analytics for clicks and jobs!
I was lost, I could not find my way. I stumbled from notary site to notary site. Then, suddenly, the fog lifted and a bold new day began. I FOUND www.123notary.com! My life changed for the better. The phone started to ring – the work grew and grew. From being an unknown frog suddenly I was a Prince! Then it got B*E*T*T*E*R !! I discovered that I was not alone – I found “The Forum”. My peers (err make that “my betters”) could help and advise me when the going got rough. Many were the questions that I could ask nowhere else. I was no longer frustrated and alone with my questions and issues. The sun started shining – a new day has dawned for me. Soon, with “a little help from my friends”, I was charging fair rates, making lots of money – and actually enjoying myself because I now had some idea of what I was doing! My personal life improved, I was no longer depressed and lonely, even Jeremy noticed the change in me. 123Notary has turned my life around – given me purpose and direction, and a wallet that often needs repairs at the seams! My finest moment with 123Notary.com was when this cute little gal called me for some advise (hmmmm perhaps that story would be better not told). But I can say that my Google Analytics clearly shows 123Notary.Com as the LEADING source of my referrals. And if you do a google search on “Kenneth A. Edelstein” you will find I have published a bunch of articles and am a member of LOTS of organizations, including the local BBB and Chamber of Commerce. But, nothing (with the possible exception of that gal who wanted some advise) has given me more calls and things to do. If you are not a member of 123Notary.Com – and you are a Notary – you are making the biggest possible mistake. JOIN – CHAT in the Forum – give and gain from your peers. I’m glad I did. Thank you. 

 Ken  A. Edelstein


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