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April 15, 2011

My premonitions about my trip to NM came true

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Before my last trip to New Mexico, I had several dreams which I wrote down that were premonitions.

I dreamed about a Spanish resort and grounds. I was to meet with my banker at this place. I thought this meant I would have to call a bank or make a payment before I left on my trip. I actually did not stay at a Spanish resort, but visited one that I had visited before. I never found out what the grounds represented in the dream. The bricks in the garden represent plans for the future. My trip was a relocation trip. I had planned on considering moving to New Mexico, but I reconsidered due to many factors.

I had a dream that I would go to a cool bar that I read about in a magazine. I went to an eclectic restaurant with a bar. It was the coolest spot in town with all types of nostalgia all over the restaurant. In the bathroom there were sinks made from whiskey barrels. There were route 66 nostalgia all over the walls. The restaurant had animal heads from hunting trips mounted to the walls. The food was good too, but finding this place in the middle of nowhere was weird.

Then I had a dream about a hotel room where I would turn left at the end of the room and go up two flights of stairs and then turn right to go to the bathroom. I went to a Syrian lady’s store where to go to the bathroom I needed to go out the back door, turn left, go the distance (on flat ground) of two flights of stairs, and then turn right, go up four stairs and then into the bathroom. Interesting coincidence.

I also had a dream I would see a UFO and feel an odd vibe. I never saw anything, but I was driving on the border of AZ and NM and felt a weird feeling. The back of my neck started going numb. I decided to get out of there as I did not know what was going on.

My trip resulted in horrible leg pain, so I am taking Chinese herbs and getting a lot better. My gall bladder got inflamed during my trip and now I am nursing it with green juices, herbs and meditation. The trip was disappointing, but perhaps next time will be better.


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