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November 9, 2013

Notary Jokes

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Notary Jokes & Notary humor

There is nothing funny about being a notary. The long hours, the crabby customers, the ever-changing notary laws that you are required to keep up with. How can any one possibly write a blog entry about notary jokes? So, I’ll try my best.

(1) A notary goes to a signing. The signer (who is a borrower) signs a stack of loan documents. The next day the signer cancels the loan and immediately goes to confession and says, “Forgive me father for I have rescinded”.

(2) A notary goes to a signing. The borrower’s lender was crooked and paid extra to get an inflated statement of the home’s value. When the borrower found out how much his house was worth he said, “Appraise the Lord”.

(3) 3 Notaries walk in to a bar. The first thing that happens is that the bartender asks for ID. Notary #1 says, “Wait a second… I’m a notary… I ID YOU… YOU don’t ID me.” Then the bar tender says, “Listen buddy, if you want a drink, I need to know you are of age”. Notary #1 said, “No problem, I can produce ID, but I can also swear under oath, and the other
notary sitting next to me can take the oath for me.”

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(4) A Notary Signing Agent goes to a restaurant. He has dinner. Then the waiter brings the check. The notary asks, “When is my first payment due?” The waiter answered, “In 5 minutes, the term of your loan is 45 minutes — with no accrued interest. The final payment is due tonight as well.” Then the notary needed to get validated. “Can I stamp my parking ticket myself? I’m a notary, that is kind of my thing…”

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(5) I start the signing by jumping on the table. I never refuse a drink of water or milk either. I never pre-word acknowledgment forms before a signing, because I insist on starting from scratch. 2 years on a swat team and pawprinting service available upon request.

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