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March 12, 2013

Meao notary service

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I have signed 2000 loans to date including – affidavits of pet adoptions, refinances, lines of credit, and purchases.

I am honest and hardworking and get the job done.

I wake up at the crack of 4pm every day religiously and start my busy day. I provide notary service from 5pm to 5am. But, please don’t call between 8pm and 9pm, because that is when I take my first nap of the day. I take my second nap between midnight and 1am. Then at 5am I need to finally sleep for 11 hours after doing my nightly grooming. It gets tiring after a busy day of napping!
I start the signing by jumping on the table. I never refuse a drink of water or milk either.
I never pre-word acknowledgment forms before a signing, because I insist on starting from scratch.
I have never turned down a signing, except for one which was for a refinancing of a dog house. When I heard what type of signing it was, I started hissing!
I have no contracts and there are no strings attached — and if there are I’ll chase them
I never rush the borrowers from the beginning of the signing until the tail end.
One borrower like me so much she said I made her purr!
I have a policy to never growl at a borrower unless they really deserve it.
I always pounce on a good opportunity

Additional Information:
* 25,000 E&O insurance
* 10 years of experience as a notary
* Pawprinting available upon request
* BA in dream analysis
* 2 years on a swat team
* Read 20 books on the subject of birdwatching

Work Experience
Companies that I worked for include: Chase, Furman’s notary service, Kathmandu notary and translation service, Las Gatas notary and tax, and many others.

Coverage Areas
I cover most of the Bay Area of Califor-Meao. Areas include:
San Meao-Teo County
San Fransisc-Meao County
Meao-Rin County

Call me today so we can get started.


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  1. I hope that you had your wisskers preended and purrrred a perfect signing as long as no mice appear.

    Comment by Steven Olson — March 21, 2013 @ 3:27 pm

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