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April 4, 2021

Notarizing During Covid – by Muthiah

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There is no user manual for performing notarizations during Covid other than the generic precautions offered by the CDC.

I have performed a few mobile notarizations over the past 6 months after the onset of the Covid pandemic and have the following advice based on my experience.

First and foremost, recognize that MONEY cannot buy HEALTH. Therefore, be prepared to walk away for a mobile assignment under the following situations. This is not an exhaustive list for a good starting point.

1. Avoid traveling to hospitals, Jails and Nursing Homes even if the signer offers to
pay you more money. COVID is more rampant in these facilities and so don’t
expose yourself to an environment that is conducive to COVID.

2. Ask lots of pertinent questions on the phone such as if they have COVID, if they
have come in contact with anyone who has COVID or if they are under
quarantine orders by the health department. Often times you can tell when
speaking to someone if they are not giving you a straight answer. If you have
even a remote suspicion that you may be walking into a COVID environment, you
should not accept the assignment.

3. Make sure that the place you are going to notarize is spacious so that you can
distance yourself and be safe.

4. When you get to the place that you are notarizing and find that the signer is not
wearing a mask or if there are too many people in a small space or if something
there makes you uncomfortable, just walk away. Remember your health and your
family’s health is more important than the money you get paid.

If you are completely comfortable only then perform the mobile notarization.

Muthiah Nachiappan


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