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January 31, 2021

Commentary on “A bar only for cool Notaries.”

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Don’t ask me how I came up with the idea for this. I think I must have been at Wood Ranch sitting at the bar waiting for my asparagus and baked potato talking to the cool bar tender Adolfo. Yes, he is not only a bar tender, but musician, philosopher and cool guy. I was thinking how nice it would be if there were particular bars where the people were at a measurable level of coolness. And then thought — what if it if were for Notaries only? They would probably just complain about signing companies which is totally uncool — but, we do have a lot of very cool people on the site and I talk to them periodically.

Here are some comments…
1. I literally laughed out loud while reading this witty tale… #lovededit

Jeremy’s take — glad someone liked my ideas and my comedy. Usually it is my paid comedy writer Andy who gets the hits. He is a pro and worked with Seinfeld and Cheers, so he has paid his dues. All I did was notarize stuff and come up with weird ideas.

2. I figured you didn’t sleep, let alone hard enough to dream! How do you find time with everything you do?

Jeremy’s take
I sleep odd hours. It got so bad I was staying up all night and going to bed at 7am. It was out of control. I need sunlight. So, then I disciplined myself and now I am going to bed at midnight and getting up at 9:30am. I need a little more than nine hours normally. But, how do I find time to write? First of all I love writing. It nourishes my soul and creativity. I feel empty without doing it. Second, I have to write because the Notaries need tips and laughter, otherwise they dry up (but, their stamp’s ink doesn’t dry up.)

I had no idea this blog entry would take off. I’m glad it did. It was just a spur of the moment idea. It just came up. We thought of other crazy ideas in that bar too. A bar just like Hooters, but where they make smoothies and juice. We decided to name the idea “Jooters” or “Smooters”. I told the bar tender all my crazy ideas for pick up lines too and he had a lot of commentary. But, he’s married now so he is out of the game.

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