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April 1, 2020

The Corona-Notary

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People as of early March 2020 are beginning to get worried about the Corona Virus Covid19. The virus can last on surfaces for up to 9 days unless disinfected. But, what if an infected Notary spread the disease?

Once upon a time there was a Notary named Fred, or as I call him, the Corona-Notary. Fred went on a trip to Italy. Don’t ask me how he got there on a Notary salary. Let’s just say he had a rich girlfriend or father, or got a really cheap ticket. When in Milan, he contracted the Corona Virus. But, the disease is so mild in most people’s cases, that he didn’t even know he had it.

Since at this time in history, America was not testing that many people for the disease, this Notary not only did not know he had it, but went around spreading the disease.

He did five signings per day with a sniffle, and a cough. Every time he coughed, he covered his mouth, but then touched their table. Nobody suspected a thing except for one eccentric borrower who watched youtube relentlessly and knew to disinfect the table after the notary left. The Notary infected 150 houses per month over a course of several months and infected 2000 people single handedly or single stampedly.

Finally, it became known that many people were getting the disease and formal testing had begun. After extensive interviews with many of these people — the ones who hadn’t died yet, they learned that they all had one thing in common. They all had been notarized by Fred.

Finally the officials came to quarantine Fred, but by this time Fred was all better, but his borrowers were either grievously ill, (dramatic pause) or dead! So, the surviving borrowers were quarantined, couldn’t go to work, and hence couldn’t pay their mortgage. Their houses were foreclosed upon and they lost everything. And to whom did they owe this pleasure? To the Corona Notary.

But, given the fact that by this time in the Covid-19’s development, countries outside of China were not already testing everyone with symptoms, and also testing people who came into contact with infected people, it seems that government policy is more to blame than the Corona Notary.

Thus ends the charming story about the Corona Notary. The moral of the story is — disinfect surfaces regularly. Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands with soap regularly, and most of all, beware of sneezing notaries.



  1. your an idiot. making fun of people who died because of this disease.

    Comment by Linda Kauffman — April 30, 2020 @ 2:40 am

  2. Although being a notary is deemed an essential service in my state, I stayed home after entering a house with a coughing child. I didn’t want to become a Corona Notary and it would be interesting to know if any contact tracing has linked spread of the disease to one of us.

    Comment by Keaton Notary — April 30, 2020 @ 2:06 pm

  3. There are 3 reasons why I am not taking any signings for the next 2 weeks:
    1) Last month I did several signings with Freaked Out signers thinking I was going to infect them, EVEN THOUGH, I am not sick, didn’t have a cough, and wore a mask.
    2) Signing companies have told me to hand the paperwork to the signer, sit in my car, and accept the signed copies. ERRORS, ANYONE?? FRAUD, ANYONE?!?!?
    My E & O Insurance isn’t gonna cover me for what is Clearly bad practice.
    ***WHY have we had All of This Training to identify strangers and help them to sign correctly, one and done, if we ignore all of it?!? VERY greedy banks and VERY greedy signers, who cannot wait and reschedule.
    3) My 12 1/2 yo dog had cancer surgery and I need to stay for two weeks to nurse her.
    I understand that these super low interest rates are expected as of this morning to last for the next 2 years. I can wait.

    Comment by betty — April 30, 2020 @ 5:25 pm

  4. I often wonder about notaries I hear of doing 6 closings a day (allegedly) How can you properly disinfect between signings ? I find it to be a bit irresponsible given the spread rate of COVID 19

    Comment by Roseanne — May 1, 2020 @ 4:11 pm

  5. That story was a bit rough, although I understand it was meant to teach a lesson. I completely agree that the advice from signing companies to give the docs to the signers and sit in car is not legally sufficient for Notary Law. I tell the people that the best I can do is have them sit in their cars with docs, and I watch and direct from outside the car. It works pretty well (have umbrella in case it rains). I’ve also done signings in backyards, driveways on the hoods of vehicles, basements, garages, or just in the home. I leave it up to the signers, unless they suggest something I feel is putting me in danger. Finally, as far as a notary “disinfecting” after a closing, I don’t see how the notary can do that. Should the notary go home and change and shower between each closing? I don’t think so. Wear a mask and clean gloves for a closing. It is up to the signers to wear their own masks and gloves, and to “disinfect” any area the notary was sitting or touched after the notary leaves. I don’t see any way a notary can ensure he or she does not bring the virus to a signer’s home (of course, don’t conduct a closing if sick).

    Comment by Joe M — May 1, 2020 @ 6:09 pm

  6. I have just received word from the EDD in California and they have rejected my claim, no explanation, no check. I have done six signings and more in one day in pre-Corona times but there is no way I would do that now. Corona signings take very much longer. Just before I stopped working, 80% were done outdoors or in their garage. I wore a mask and gloves and had them disinfect before and after thumbprinting. I cannot see how you can do a signing remotely or drop off papers and collect them later. Only the most seasoned borrowers know how to work their way through a hefty refi and even they become bogged down when left to their own devices. I’m not planning to go back until the infection rate flattens. I am high-risk and so is my family.

    Comment by Keaton Notary — May 2, 2020 @ 2:16 pm

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