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December 22, 2020

Mask or no Mask?

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It is against Federal law to discriminate against someone with a disability. So, if you ask someone to mask up without knowing their medical situation, you are first giving not medical advice, but medical commands that could kill someone. Someone who needs more oxygen might get lightheaded, pass out, hit their head and be injured or die because of your callous command.

I also feel it is a violation of our liberty to be forced to wear an article of clothing (other than around our genitalia) that we don’t want to wear. The constitution and Declaration of Independence defend our liberty, yet state governor’s violate our liberty with reckless abandon. What gives?

As a reaction to all of our rights being systemically violated, I watched a seven hour documentary about George Washington and his life, which included the eight year revolution and his presidency. Our founding fathers went through hell to have the power and ability to set up a system of government that guaranteed liberty, and a system of checks and balances. Currently there is no liberty, only authoritarianism, and the checks and balances seem to work when they want to, but not reliably.

God provided us with a very good immune system. It is designed to stop working wel when you are old because we cannot live forever. Western society seems to want to cheat death and make us all immortals. God didn’t not design us to live forever, nor did he put a God given mask on our face when we were born. All of this Covidiocy is insane and not natural and a violation of our humanity.

My opinion is that taking garlic, shitake, citrus juices, sunlight and having lots of fun an exercise is the best biological defense against Covid-19. All of the government mandated solutions are for the pure purpose of destroying our economy and destroying the less critical members of society. Perhaps they will starve or end up in camps. That is what I am worried about — not Covid Covid Covid. There are paralels between what is going on now and Nazi Germany. Create an on purpose emergency and take out of proportion measures to achieve a sadistic goal. I guess we will soon find out what the goal is. I thought getting Trump out of office was, but Trump has been voted out and the shut downs got worse. Even South Dakota is doing shut downs now, and they were the last to make restrictions.


December 21, 2020

15 easy ways to enhance your immune system

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As a Notary, Signing Agent or Mobile Notary, you are face to face with many different people in enclosed places daily. Your mask will only help you a little bit, but your God given immune system is very powerful if nourished correctly. Here are my tips.

An immune system that is kept optimally healthy might be up to five times as effective as one at its worst. Hiding out and wearing masks has been proven to delay Covid-19 infections, but it doesn’t prevent them at all. People who have a strong and well maintained immune system tend to either not get sick, or get a mild case of Covid. Here is a list of things to help you keep your immunity in the best shape possible.

Sunshine positively affects your mood which in turn increases your immunity.
Your sleep schedule or circadian rhythm is also positively influenced by the sun. The vitamin D you might get (assuming you don’t overdress) also helps your immune system.

Vitamin D pills (5000 i.u.)
People over 50 need extra vitamin D. What you get from the sun is not as easily absorbed, so you need to take a pill from time to time. People in Nordic countries get D from their milk and this helps keep them statistically more safe from Covid-19

Vitamin E
Not as critical as C or E, vitamin E is also beneficial for boosting your immunity and is essential to the body in general. Almonds, olive oil, olives, spinach and broccoli have vitamin E. I feel that almonds are the most efficient source of E and have generous amounts of more essential minerals than any other nut. You can look up the nutritional attributes of almonds online and see what I am talking about.

This mineral is helpful for boosting white blood cells. Almonds, many types of nuts, seeds, lamb, shellfish, and certain other meats and fish have zinc. I personally feel that lamb is one of the most efficient sources of zinc on an ounce per ounce basis and tastes great if you grill it. Mussels and clams are also loaded in zinc.

Natural Vitamin C from Citrus Fruits & Juices, papaya, and peppers)
Taking vitamin C pills has been proven to lower your life expectancy if you take them regularly. It is better to drink orange juice or something natural to get your vitamin C which once again is one of the primary things that help your immunity. Your body needs small doses of C multiple times per day. Additionally, all types of peppers whether they are bell peppers, hot peppers, etc., all have generous amounts of vitamin C just in case you get tired of freshly squeezed lemonade.

Food like carrots or other orange or certain green vegetables have beta-carotene which is good for boosting your immunity.

Shitake, Maitake, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Tukey Tail. These mushrooms help with immunity, and Reishi helps with focus, sleep and has other positive attributes. Some of these mushrooms taste great too and can be used in a wide variety of dishes..

read more about mushrooms

Cruciferous veggies help make your large intestines healthy and your intestines are the foundation of your immune system. Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Onions, and Garlic help a lot.

Garlic is once again a cruciferous vegetable that I mentioned in the vegetable section, but I’m mentioning it again as it is so potent as a boon to your circulation, immunity, and general good health. It can be taken fresh, or in capsule form if you live near a health food store.

Helps to reduce inflammation and sometimes reduces sore throats, nausea, pain, and cholesterol.

Fermented items
Masala Dosa, Sauercraut, Kimchi, Cider, Beer, Wine, Yogurt, Miso, Natto, Tempe and other fermented foods help your immunity a lot. They do this by feeding your good gut bacteria in your large intestine. Refined sugar feeds the bad bacteria which is one of the reasons why sugar is dangerous to your health in a variety of ways.

Green Tea
Green tea has many antioxidants and contains epigallocatechin gallate, which can enhance your immune system.

Yes, acupuncture can help to increase immunity. It costs a lot, but is good for balancing your bodies energies and for overall health, pain reduction and optimal function of your internal organs.

Being happy is good for your immunity, and associating with nice people and doing fun things (even if alone) helps with that. Being alone and miserable leaves you more at risk for Covid, because when you finally do leave the house, you will be in a very vulnerable state due to a lowered immune system due to your poor state of mood..

I learned the hard way that sleep is so important. I need 9.5 hours per night which is probably a lot more than you need. But, I am a Leo and have heart problems. The minute I am sleep deprived, my immune system gets weak and I often catch cold. It is imperative that you get enough sleep, and high quality sleep.


December 20, 2020

A Biden presidency could mean an end to freelance Notaries

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Based on this article

A Biden presidency could put all freelance Notaries out of business. They would be forced to be classified as employees and paid benefits and given a W2.

Companies that specialize outsourcing or farming out Notary jobs would not be able to hire freelancers since signings are their core competency. Perhaps cothat hire a notary once in a while could hire freelancers, but not signing companies. Title companies might still be able to hire.

Biden’s preference for a rule, would end the “misclassification” of workers as independent contractors and classify them as employees in many cases.

We have 5000 Notaries advertising with us. What does that mean for them? I don’t think it is worth a company’s time to pay their accountant the accounting time to figure out how much to pay people, and that would once again delay payment that is already typically delayed.

Could this mean the death of the Notary profession? My personal opinion is that Biden will not live very long and Kamala for one reason or the other won’t last. Someone else more moderate will take over his post. I have no idea who. This is a gut feeling. I’m not sure why judges allowed Trump to be cheated out of a fair election, but God will settle the score his way.

I had a premonition that from April 2021, I will be focusing exclusively on some China related business. I’m not sure what that is about. In the dream I bought a one way ticket to China. My health cannot handle that and I have too many responsibilities at home, so that doesn’t look possible, but I might devote 60% of my working time to some new business and might have to due to our leftist friend Joe from Scranton — the champion of the downtrodden worker — and soon to be the one who puts the downtrodden independent operator permanently out of business to be replaced by a W2 workers who is exploited much worse than Notaries are today.


December 19, 2020

Notary accused of fraud helping someone steal a house!

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This is an interesting article.


December 18, 2020

Video about how notary business is thriving in the plandemic

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Notaries are thriving and the business is booming. Here is a news story about it on video.


Why are the fees offered to us so low you ask?

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Why are the fees offered to us so low?
….because many of you keep taking them. Some folks are new to the profession and don’t know any better. They want to get experience at any cost. Others know better but take them because they are desperate and can’t seem to find better paying work. Whatever camp you fall in you should not be taking low fees. Why? Because it hurts all of us!

Let me give you some history on our profession. Years ago, it use to matter to signing services/companies who they used. There use to be oral and/or written tests given before they would hire you. And with the exception of a few they paid better and more timely. But those days are behind us. Most of them don’t seem really to care. They are looking for the most green, inexperienced notary so they can maximize THEIR profits. Most title and escrow pay anywhere from 150 to 300 per signing and the signing services know this even if you don’t. The money is allocated from borrowers closing fees and the (title/escrow) typically aren’t paying it out of their title/escrow fees, they are charging it the borrowers. So signings don’t cost them anything for the most part. (there are exceptions to this but no need to get into that now, that’s for another blog). 🙂

Many of you ask me why they use signing services in the first place. Bottom line is they use them for convenience. It is easier to just give the service the assignment and let them find a notary. It frees them up and saves them an enormous amount of time to follow lender instructions and make sure all conditions are met so they can close. But over the years as things have slowed up and due to many notary errors many have abandoned signing services altogether. So contrary to what many folks think many of them do still use notaries directly. But the notary signing professions is still over run with companies that are just out to maximize their profits. And this is our fault.

I had a notary just call in the other day and told me that she was offered a sellers package from a signing service for 20.00. (you know they were receiving WAY more than that) 20.00 dollars people! Unbelievable. Just take a moment and let that sink in. That paltry fee is not even worth starting your car up for. Here in Callie we get 15.00 per signature and then if you have to print (god only knows how many pages) and then take them to FedEx or UPS to ship them back, it is just not worth the time, energy or paper.

Now the saddest and worst part about this situation is probably not the ridiculously low fee of 20.00 being offered, it is the fact that although the notary speaking with me refused, we know somebody will/or did accept it. For those of you that have followed my blogs and or spoken with me, I predicted long ago that as long as there are notaries that take low fees, they would persist and they would eventually get lower and lower. That day has come. I too was just recently offered 65.00 to go to a place that is about 40 minutes from me. There were 2 copies needed to be printed, signed and dropped all at FedEx or UPS all for for 65.00. I would never accept such an assignment, even if I were desperate.

I know that a lot of folks don’t really understand this business and the learning curve is quite high. I also know that other notaries once they start to figure things out they don’t share information on pricing/fees. But we need to work together. We need to educate each other that fees need to be fair and reasonable. We are all in this to make a profit. And you can’t make a profit if others are making/taking the majority of the money (signing services) and you are undercutting one another just to say you had some work.

Remember, the goal is to work direct! Marketing and advertising is key to your success in reaching those title and escrow that have had it with signing services. It is time to works smart not hard. Know your worth.

Just some food for thought…

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December 17, 2020

6 best online notary services according to Investopedia

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Here they are!


December 16, 2020

Yet some more interesting summaries about bad reviews about Notaries

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This Notary wrote up a Trust, but used the wrong apartment number, the wrong banking information and didn’t return calls.

Another Notary disappeared from communication and used the excuse that her power went out.

A Notary was assigned a job. 10 minutes before the appointment she texted to say she would be “a little late.” Two hours later she showed up. That is more than a little late. The Notary replied that she apologizes, but unfortunately some personal matters prevented her from showing up.

A Notary with low placement — didn’t provide scanbacks, only shipped back half the package and then threatened the clients with emails and threats because she didn’t get paid…. COMMENTARY — good God!

The error. A Notary made a small mistake and promised to fix it but didn’t after handling two refinances. Then she shipped the package to the wrong mortgage company. Then, she became unresponsive. The other Mortgage company was fast getting the documents back so all was not lost.

A notary rushed the borrowers through the signing and then admitted that he was double booked. Then the notary responded saying that he has no response for racist people. COMMENTARY – I’ve heard of playing the race card, but the Notarial race card? That’s new even for me.

A Notary forgot to scan a package and the docs got back after four days. The responses was, “Sorry, my dad got sick.”

One Notary committed fraud by forgina seller’s signature on a document. COMMENTARY – I should make a test question out of this one.

Q. Should you commit fraud by forging a seller’s signature on a document?
(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Hell no, that’s illegal

A Notary canceled a signing at the last minute. Her husband texted the company to tell them it was because the price was too low. COMMENTARY – you are not required by law to accept, but once you accept you can’t back out unless they change the terms on you (which happens.)

The Notary was to notarize Jane only on page 1. The notary notarized both Jane and Fred, and on the wrong page, not page 1 which nullified the documents. COMMENTARY – if you get weird instructions in writing, follow them. You can call to confirm the weird instructions, but it is in writing so no misundrestandings should happen.


December 14, 2020

Best positive reviews about our Notaries

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I wrote another few posts about bad reviews and excuses that Notaries made. Now here are some of the best recent good reviews!

Melissa is absolutely amazing and very professional. She saved my closing from falling apart. She picked up on the first ring and took a closing 2 hours before signing. I highly recommend her and will working with her every chance I can! Thank you again Melissa!

I met Laurel and my client in Las Vegas to sign some very important financial documents. She was most professional, on time, great communication and made me look good in front of my important client. I would highly recommend Laurel and will be utilizing her services again in the near future. Thank you very much Laurel. You are the best!

Barbara was courteous prompt and extremely knowledgeable on our settlement!! I had further questions a few weeks later and I called Barbara. She not only answered my questions but went above & beyond to find me the phone numbers I needed!

Christine was amazing! We needed some medical paperwork notarized for my father and she was able to provide witnesses and notarize documents within a couple of hours. She was kind, considerate, and compassionate about my father, yet efficient and professional. I would highly recommend.

Brian is a very kind person. Also easy and fast to work with. He wore his mask and gloves at all times he even let me put Lysol under his shoes before he came in the house. He is such an amazing notary very good to work with!

I just wanted to advocate for Elizabeth because she really shined when we needed a notary last minute, she gladly stepped in made time for us despite her full schedule. She was professional, very COVID conscious and her warm disposition makes her a pleasure to work with. We met our deadline despite our poor planning thanks to her and will be our first choice in the future, thanks again!

Barbara did an incredible job for me! I live in CA and my 91 year old aunt lives in FL. I called Barbara at 9pm her time and she drove an hour and a half each way the next morning to get a Power of Attorney notarized. Her follow-up was impeccable for a couple of additional calls. I highly recommend her as a professional, can-do person! Thank you, Barbara!

Elizabeth contacted me before our signing time and advised me that the documents had not yet been received. She assured me, however, that as soon as she got them she would be in route to my house. She arrived in a timely manner after getting the docs. I understood it wasn’t her fault she was running a few minutes behind. She looked and acted very professional, had a great smile, and was very nice. We got the documents signed in a matter of no time and she was on to her next signing. I recommend Elizabeth for all of your signing needs. Thanks again ma’am.


December 12, 2020

How do you get notary experience without first having a job?

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A blog reader comments that we should remember our first job in high school and how nobody would hire us because we didn’t have experience.

My commentary is:

How do you get notary experience without first having a job? And how do you get a job without first having experience? Which comes first, the dinosaur or the egg. BTW, my guru says the egg — I disagree with him about this and a host of other issues.

The answer is that many signing companies love to take advantage of… I mean, “use” newer signing agents. My first girlfriend liked me for several reasons, one of which was that I had no experience. Her last boyfriend had a little too much experience with several women at the same time. Some signing companies thrive on green Notaries. So, find the companies the love newbies and get some notches in your belt (or on your belt) with them.

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