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December 20, 2020

A Biden presidency could mean an end to freelance Notaries

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Based on this article

A Biden presidency could put all freelance Notaries out of business. They would be forced to be classified as employees and paid benefits and given a W2.

Companies that specialize outsourcing or farming out Notary jobs would not be able to hire freelancers since signings are their core competency. Perhaps cothat hire a notary once in a while could hire freelancers, but not signing companies. Title companies might still be able to hire.

Biden’s preference for a rule, would end the “misclassification” of workers as independent contractors and classify them as employees in many cases.

We have 5000 Notaries advertising with us. What does that mean for them? I don’t think it is worth a company’s time to pay their accountant the accounting time to figure out how much to pay people, and that would once again delay payment that is already typically delayed.

Could this mean the death of the Notary profession? My personal opinion is that Biden will not live very long and Kamala for one reason or the other won’t last. Someone else more moderate will take over his post. I have no idea who. This is a gut feeling. I’m not sure why judges allowed Trump to be cheated out of a fair election, but God will settle the score his way.

I had a premonition that from April 2021, I will be focusing exclusively on some China related business. I’m not sure what that is about. In the dream I bought a one way ticket to China. My health cannot handle that and I have too many responsibilities at home, so that doesn’t look possible, but I might devote 60% of my working time to some new business and might have to due to our leftist friend Joe from Scranton — the champion of the downtrodden worker — and soon to be the one who puts the downtrodden independent operator permanently out of business to be replaced by a W2 workers who is exploited much worse than Notaries are today.



  1. Thank you for not being intimidated to use your platform to express your opinion & knowledge. It seems Leftists do not comprehend the role politics/government play into businesses in America and Internationally. Maybe they are all brainwashed by media & their emotions.
    We all do not have to agree on the same things but it does not mean that we have to keep silent. Learn to respect the differences in opinions. After all, if you won 80 million votes legally, there would be no need to silence your opponent.

    Comment by Yolonda — February 19, 2021 @ 9:13 pm

  2. Yeah, I’m not hanging out here anymore if this is how it’s gonna be.

    Comment by Cynthia Todd — February 19, 2021 @ 10:53 pm

  3. Congress makes the laws so let your senators and congressmen know. This is a dumb idea. Why is the Federal Government even getting involved with STATE issues. Notaries are licensed and commissioned by the states not the federal government. States need to push back on this too.

    Comment by Daniel Kane — February 20, 2021 @ 12:18 am

  4. I agree Jeremy. Which is why I have been on the fence with over investing in starting this business. It saddens my heart to see what this nation has become. Biden sold out the nation to China and the globalist. He was assigned. No ones vote mattered. The grim reaper will reap. Whoa to our nations as they destroy our sacrifices to improve our lives. Penalizing us for making a choice to work. There is no such thing as equality vs equity, K. Harris and her agenda. The rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. There is no middle when small businesses are being destroyed in this plandemic across the globe. Wait for the effects of the “V” as it changes ones DNA.

    Comment by Vicki — February 21, 2021 @ 4:29 pm

  5. I totally agree

    Comment by Rebecca L Denny — February 22, 2021 @ 2:54 pm

  6. So many say to leave politics out of this discussion but when it comes to the President forcing me to become an employee that brings in the politics. This will mess up my part time work as a notary and the government needs to stay out of life and my life decisions.

    As for the fraud in the election it was obvious but now that the democrat’s are in charge it will all be covered up.

    Thank you for the Information.

    Comment by David — February 23, 2021 @ 11:02 pm

  7. Jeremy, bless you. Of course there was no cheating in the red or blue states, people. It was only in the swing states! Too many people have proof. But, people will believe what they want to and it seems there is NO changing minds in this environment.

    Comment by LINDA Sue BURT — March 15, 2021 @ 6:17 pm

  8. I don’t think you have to be Red or Blue to hate the idea that Notaries could be out of work through mis-guided good intentions. That is the danger of making blanket laws without understanding the nature of the work. As it is a State’s issue, there is motivation for voters to let their elected officials know that such legislation will not benefit the Independent Contractors that are notaries. California recently had a go at approving RON which didn’t get to the ballot. Those against the measure put enough attention on why in-person Notarization is the best way to go to let it come to that.

    Comment by Keaton Notary — October 22, 2021 @ 4:09 pm

  9. Let’s hope you’re right. I think Biden isn’t going to go the distance either. His policies have wreaked havoc on the United States of America into many ways to mention. Sadly this is yet just one more example of his inept meddling.

    Comment by Mark s Sias — October 22, 2021 @ 4:11 pm

  10. Plenty of cheating in all 50 states, but mostly the swing states. I say we audit every state. No one should have a problem with that if they won fair and square, right??? I have a feeling something big is coming — wish it would hurry!!! Our country can’t survive this complete and regime-wide ineptness much longer!

    Comment by Joni Schmidt — October 22, 2021 @ 5:06 pm

  11. States govern the commissioning of notaries, what they can charge, and how they are classified. Tenth Amendment, folks. I spent almost 20 years in worker’s compensation law. Mobile notaries are the classic independent contractors. We take the jobs we want and negotiate our own fees. We have multiple closing companies that retain us as needed. If we can’t take a specific job, it won’t necessarily cost us in future assignments. In some cases, we can set the time of the appointment with the borrowers.

    I do know of some mobile notaries who only take assignments from a single lender or closing company. They MIGHT be considered employees, but the rest of us, don’t worry.

    Comment by Beraru Elise — October 22, 2021 @ 5:31 pm

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