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February 7, 2017

Notary Wording

Notary Wording Varies from State to State
There is no official American Notary wording. Notary verbiage differs from state to state, and varies based on what type of Notary act you are having done. There are various common types of notarizations such as Acknowledged signatures, Jurats, Oaths and Affirmations. The vast majority of notarizations are Acknowledgments whose wording states that the signer appeared before the Notary, was positively identified, and signed the document.

Notary Certificates — what type of wording is included.
Your typical Acknowledgment or Jurat Certificate will include several sections with wording.

1. Venue
The venue states the state and county where the notarization is taking place. Please note that the Notary is not always commissioned in the county where the notarization is taking place. So, if you are in Orange county, but the Notary is from San Diego, please make sure they put the venue county based on where the notarization is taking place, and not where they live.

2. Boiler Plate Wording
The main body of the text could be worded in an infinite variety of ways, but normally state the date of the signing, name of the signer, the name of the Notary, the fact that the signer appeared before the Notary, the fact that the signer signed the document, and if an Oath was included (Jurats by definition have Oaths) then the fact that the signer swore before the Notary. The verbiage “subscribed and sworn to before me this (date)” is commonly used in many states especially in New York where the cabbies enjoy the swearing part more than any other part of the Notarization.

3. The Signature Section
The bottom of the notary wording or notary verbiage has room for the Notary’s seal which might mean their signature or their official notary stamp. In most states the Notary signs and stamps, or might even emboss with a non-inked embosser as a secondary form of stamp.

Types of Acknowledgments
Normally, when people want to be Notarized, they ask the Notary if they can notarize a Jurat for them. In actuality, most Notarizations are for Acknowlegments. Normally people can use an All Purpose Acknowledgment, but in Ohio, there is such thing as a Corporate Acknowledgment and Attorney in Fact Acknowledgment.

Where Can You Find Your State’s Wording?
If you visit our find a notary page, you can click on your state and find current notary wording for your state. Or Google your states notary wording. Example: “California Acknowledgment Wording.”

Sample California Jurat Verbiage

State of California
County of Lake

Subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me on this 5th day of January, 2017, by Jedadiah Goldminer, proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) who appeared before me.



Loose Certificates
Many documents have preprinted notary wording on them. However, it is legal to attach a loose certificate form using a staple. NNA is a great source for Notary certificate pads such as Acknowledgment Certificates, Jurat Certificates, and even Copy Certification by Document Custodian if you want to get fancy.

Filling out the Forms
It is common on Notary certificate forms to have sections where there is he/she/they or signature(s). You have to cross out the non-applicable word(s). If you are Notarizing a woman, cross out the he and the they and the (s). If you are notarizing a man and a woman in the same notary act, cross out the he and the she, but keep the (s). If you are notarizing a man who used to be a women — your guess is as good as mine — good luck, you’ll need it.

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October 1, 2012

3 Notaries walk into a bar

3 notaries walk in to a bar. The first thing that happens is that the bartender asks for ID.

Notary #1 says, “Wait a second… I’m a notary… I ID YOU… YOU don’t ID me.”

Then the bar tender says, “Listen buddy, if you want a drink, I need to know you are of age”.

Notary #1 said, “No problem, I can produce ID, but I can also swear under oath, and the other notary sitting next to me can take the oath for me.”

Notary #2 — Raise your right hand

Do you solemnly swear that you are above 21 years of age and of sound mind and body?

Notary #1 — Sound body I’m not so sure about, but my mind is pretty sharp, and I’m 63… at least last time I checked I was.

Notary #2 He’s 63… do you really need to ID him?
Bartender — thats what I said last time I saw a notary and he asked for ID. I said, I’m 63, I don’t need to be carded, now STAMP THIS FORM!! damn it!

Notary # 3 retorted — well, notary #1 didn’t need to be carded because he looks old. But, you Mr. bartender don’t look a day over 18 which is probably why the notary needed to card you!

Bartender — that has nothing to do with it… he carded me because I ordered an affidavit with a MIXED notarial wording: 2 parts acknowledgment with an oath and a touch of mint (no olives).

(1) 3 notaries walk into a bar & the bar tender asks for ID. But, the notary wants to ID the bartender!
(2) Do you solemnly swear that you are above 21 years of age and of sound mind and body?
(3) You don’t need to ID him because he looks old, but you look about 18 Mr. Bartender, so we should ID you!


February 14, 2012

Immigration documents for gay lovers.

Immigration documents for gay lovers 

I’m glad I got to publish this one on Valentine’s day! I have done many types of notary jobs, but this one is one I’ll remember for a long time.  In my career, I notarized documents for gay couples in West Hollywood many times.   It is a little different, but I got used to it. By the way, West Hollywood is a place where close to half the population is gay, and the other half is either Russian, or in the film business in one way or the other.  When you work as a notary public in Los Angeles, you see all areas and will see many movie sets, domestic partners, gang members, jails inmates, busy businesmen, people who speak languages other than English, and regular suburban folks too.
An affidavit of support for a non-relative – this job was different
I was to go to the San Fernando Valley to Encino to notarize documents for a middle-aged American man who looked like he was in his 50’s.  He was very nice and very gentle and lived in a very comfy house with a big living room. And there was another man there too, in his early twenties, Asian, also very nice, very lean, and very gentle too.  The document to be notarized was an affidavit of support.  What I learned, was that the older man was having a relationship with the younger man who was from Hong Kong, and the older man wanted to support him.  They had a very loving way of looking at each other. Love was in the air… I hope it lasts!!!
Checking Identification
I checked everyone’s ID at this notary job.  Since I’m a nosey person, I wanted to see how old everyone was, and that information is on every Driver’s license. I wanted to be polite, so I didn’t comment on how old…. or not old…. certain people at the signing were…. or weren’t.   I had everyone sign where they were supposed to sign.
The Oath and the paperwork
 Next, I had to have them raise their right hands and solemnly swear under oath that the contents of the document were true and correct and that they promised to abide by the terms of the document.  The response was, “I do!”, and they gave each other more loving stares. This was so romantic, like a movie!  I filled out my journal entry, had them sign the journal,  filled out the notarial wording, signed, and affixed my seal.  Done!  That was easy.  I collected my fee and was on my way.
Affidavits of domestic partnership
I’m not sure if this document is still used or not.  However, about a decade ago, I used to notarize many affidavits of domestic partnership for gay couples  in West Hollywood. It was one of those standard documents that you have done a thousand times. I think they need this type of document for saving on taxes or getting other benefits.  I am not clued in on this, so if someone wants to fill in the blanks with a comment on this blog, that would inform everyone.

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