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July 23, 2019

My office or yours — the notary bar scene

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I suggest against meeting Notaries in bars, and for simple reasons. Jeff once met a Notary at a bar, and the Notary took his interest the wrong way and asked, “My office or yours?” It’s easy for Notaries to get the wrong idea, especially if you meet them at the wrong place. That is why many people find Notaries using apps these days. You text them an offer, then they text you back hopefully within seconds and then you negotiate. My office or yours? That can affect the fee involved too.

But, if you meet a notary at their office, then they can’t ask, “My office or yours” since you are already at your office. Then, there are Notaries who like to wait for people at Starbucks. All I can say is, bring a good book, you’ll be reading it. Clients who go to Starbucks to get notarized typically keep the notary waiting around 25 to 45 minutes and you don’t get paid for that waiting time. If they pay in advanced by Paypal, you will at least get paid if they decide not to show up.

Another reason not to meet Notaries in bars is that they might do anything after they’ve had a few drinks. They might notarize an Affidavit without ID or spill tequila on your Warranty Deed after the Warranty has expired. So the moral of the story people is, if a Notary asks, “My office or yours,” You might consider shopping around for a more reliable sounding Notary, preferably not one whose prime was in the 70’s man!

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  1. I conduct signings at Starbucks and other public venues at least 10 percent of the time. All my signings are booked through a scheduling company or directly with title. I have only done one signing off a Yelp ad that I was asked to take by an associate. In all cases so far I have not ever been stood up and I am sometimes the one running ten minutes late. (I know that’s terrible form but road conditions happen). Public venue signings usually happen for several reasons, one is the signer doesn’t want to sign at work or home and another is it’s the most convenient way to get multiple signers together if they are traveling a distance. I sometimes can only accept a signing if the signers will meet me at a midpoint. It also helps to ask if a signer is working nearby because many people commute and it makes more sense to meet them in one place than both of you driving a distance to sign at home.

    Comment by Jasmin K — September 12, 2019 @ 1:08 pm

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