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March 19, 2018

Notary Marketing 102 — About You

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This article continues the discussion about notes sections in your 123notary profile. The below information is about the upper middle of your notes section:


2. About You
You should write what is unique about you after you finish your top section. Many Notaries do not know what to say about themselves. The point here is to write about what is different about you that stands out. If you are the same as other Notaries there might not be much to write about. Do you have unusual equipment? Do you work at a company with multiple Notaries? Do you have special training? Do you have a professional background that helps make you a better Notary such as being a Mortgage or Title worker? Some people have a police or military background that might help handling stressful situations or being more disciplined or orderly. If you are able to write a catchy phrase about your work that would be great too. Below is an itemization of what to write in the second paragraph:


Professional Background — Write about your work experience and what you used to do for a living before you were a Notary. People want to know who you are before they call you. Whether you were an acrobat, teacher, or Joe the cable guy, put that in your profile in this section. The most valuable types of experience are Mortgage and Escrow. Real Estate is business-like, but not as related as Realtors think. Being a Paralegal or Legal Assistant helps a little as well, but not as much as people think. A background in law enforcement or the military is actually very helpful as you know how to be disciplined and deal with tough situations.

What is Unique About You — Try to think about what is unique about how you do your work. Do you triple check your work? Do you arrive early and wait? Do you have all of the Fedex stations within 100 miles memorized? Do you bring crayons and dog treats to the signing? Do you love meeting new people? This type of information means a lot to people, and you should not omit it.

Avoid Adjectives — Do not tell the world you are adjective, adjective and adjective. Anyone can claim to be responsible, reliable and professional. This counts against you if you include it, as Title companies are tired of hearing it and think it is fake. The most unreliable Notaries claim to be reliable, so by claiming you are reliable, the message received is that you are full of it.


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