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January 19, 2012

Notary income in various areas

Notary income in various areas
How much do notaries make? 
Notaries typically do not do notary work full time.  Notaries usually work in an office doing some sort of office work, and have a notary commission just in case someone walks in who needs a notarization.  Sometimes the notarization might be related to their dealings with the company in question, and other times it is not. 
Mobile notary income varies a lot
The mobile notary profession used to be very fast from 2001-2006.  Since 2007, things have slowed down quite a bit.  There used to be many people who made a full time income as a notary public / loan signer.  Now that things are slower, there are less full time notaries.  But, what is their notary income working half time or full time?  I can guess that a serious part time notary might make $1000 to $2000 per month doing regular notary work on the side such as loan signings. But, a full time notary might have a notary income of $3000 to $5000 in this slow economy, when it used to be above 100K per year in the old days for the notaries who really knew what they were doing.
Notary income in New York?
If you live in Manhattan, you might be able to make a lot of money.  NYC has a lot of opportunities for mobile notaries because there are so many transactions going on, and so few mobile notaries.  You could take the subway or cab around town, and make a mint.  There is little competition, so the key is to get the word out that you are around
How do I become a mobile notary and make money?
Call us at 123notary at 888-838-1458. We train people how to enter this profession every day.  Please do not try to be full time until you have built up a loyal clientele over a few years, but as a side gig, this is the way to go!  We have loan signing courses, certification courses, and more!

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