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October 18, 2021

Something freaky happened today regarding my blog

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I was doing my work, doing some data entry on 123notary like I do daily. And I kept going through more and more lists and updating data. And then, I accidentally clicked on the wrong button and the page turned to my blog login. I didn’t even remember the password although I almost did. I have it encrypted in an email to myself in a particular file. And FURTHERMORE, I don’t even remember the URL to get to my blog login without having to look it up. It’s one of those long and complicated ones. How did I get to this page? Bizarre.

So, then I logged in and the first thing I did was read through the comments. My post about Carmen Towles got lots of comments. People really miss her — me too. The people liked my articles on Notary chips, notary vaccines. I’m not sure if this was commentary, jokes, or insights.

But, I was shocked because there was only one rude comment in months. Usually we are flooded with rudeness. Not sure what happened there. What happened? Where did all the rude jerks go? Actually my blood pressure will be better off without them and I can’t publish their comments in any case.

So, now I am publishing articles after a long hiatus where I was too busy to post. Glad to be back in the blog scene. But, how did I get to this page? Angels visit me regularly for healing work, so perhaps they wanted me to finally take care of my blog work. That would add up in my case. But, if you said that happened to you — I wouldn’t believe you!!!


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