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July 24, 2021

A response to my Biden post

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Many people commanded me to “stop writing about politics.” They really consider themselves to be my personal boss. However, my Biden article about turning mobile notaries into employees or putting them out of work altogether was my most popular article in the last year which proves my point. If people claim they HATE my article, that proves it got at least 3000 clicks while most of the rest of the stuff I wrote seems to get almost completely ignored.

One notary wrote in:
“U-O We have All-Caps-Yelling. I think the way the USA is headed is something to discuss as Notaries Public. Seems the ones who don’t want to discuss this are the ones who don’t want the Truth. It is Not about Politics It’s about a free capitalist society where we can earn a living w/o Gov control. YAY for you Jeremy.”

I spent my entire life not caring much if at all about domestic politics. The only reason I care now, is because the leftists have given themselves permission to butt into my personal life and make it miserable. I was not allowed to go to a restaurant for roughly an entire year, and now I still cannot sit at a bar. If you want to be “safe” then all the most power to you. But, you don’t have the right to tell me where I go and what I can do and then to bash me for talking about politics when I defend my rights.

This is not about politics, it is about basic civil rights which never used to be a political issue. All Americans used to value rights — but, something has changed recently and now Americans are anti-Freedom, anti-democracy, and only like the word democracy when it is used in some twisted way to support some bizarre leftist agenda.

If the politicians would let Notaries do what they like, and let people hire and fire according to their own contracts then I wouldn’t have anything to say about politics in this blog — other than jokes. But, this is no joke. It is real, and in California many have permanently left the state specifically because of this issue. Freelancers moved to Arizona not because they have any love for Arizona, but because they could get freelance work there and continue to make a living.

It is so interesting that the majority of those who comment are violently angry with me for supporting the idea of a free America. Maybe you should all get together and create a 2nd America where nobody has any freedom or ability to make a living — you’ll be very happy there I’m sure — until you come to your senses which might take a very long time.



  1. You are right about this, my friend! Stay strong! Keep standing up for America; the Land of the Free. God bless you.

    Comment by Char — October 11, 2021 @ 2:11 pm

  2. I totally agree with you 100%!!! I too am thankful you are looking out for us!!! Stay strong there’s more of us that support you than those who disagree!!!!

    Comment by Kendra Olson — October 11, 2021 @ 2:13 pm

  3. We used to live in a country where there was freedom of speech. Slowly, our freedom is being taken from us. I wonder, is it that we don’t notice or that we agree this acceptable?

    Whether anyone agrees with your comments, it is your right to speak. I commend you for saying what you think. Those who disagree with you have the same right. But telling you to STOP is just wrong.

    We fought a Revolution to get the freedoms we have. America the land of the Free. Is it still the land of the Free? Are we headed in a direction where we are going to be told what we can do? Where and how we can work? How much money we can have and how to spend it?

    Putting politics aside, you don’t need a Ph.D. in American History to understand that the Founding Fathers were building this country to give Americans freedom. Of course, it wasn’t perfect, mistakes were made along the way but we learned from each mistake, or it seemed we did. Until recently.

    We are living in a mess that is becoming a crisis of confidence. Lack of Confidence in our government, lack of confidence in our privacy, confidence in our ability to earn a living is becoming a daily worry for everyone.

    Jeremy, I commend you for standing up for us, the Notaries. For being the champion of our industry. Keep it up.

    Slowly, we will lose all that was fought for 248 years if we don’t stand up for it.

    Comment by Noreen — October 11, 2021 @ 2:41 pm

  4. I am so happy to see that people are coming out of the brainwashing that’s been going on for the past 2-5 years and seeing truth.They want to make it about politics and a political issue. I implore everyone to try and learn through research (before it gets canceled by big tech)another point of view. Reality proves that there are forces trying to change this Country and not for the better.

    They want to unionize us so that they can control us and we will be reliant on the government for many basic necessities. I am not radical by any means but I AM a reformed left leaning middle of the road. Please step out of the box and consider another point of view. If you can’t then that’s okay. I won’t judge you because I understand you’ve been convinced (brainwashed) and are incapable of doing that. Once someone is brainwashed, it’s difficult to reverse. I just prefer freedom. NOTHING COMES FOR FREE! THAT’S FACT.

    Comment by Cheryl — October 11, 2021 @ 2:56 pm

  5. I totally agree with you Jeremy! This still is the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, although the Left would have you think otherwise. Thank you for your courage. If more of us would stand up for our God-given rights, we would not be in this current political climate. This too shall pass.

    Comment by Karen Frisella — October 11, 2021 @ 3:37 pm

  6. Thanks for being OUR VOICE!!!!

    Comment by TONYA D SALES — October 11, 2021 @ 3:53 pm

  7. I completely agree with you. Our basic human rights are being stripped away and some people are to sensitive and blind to notice. Thank you for recognizing and speaking up.

    Comment by Brenda — October 11, 2021 @ 4:08 pm

  8. There is a silent majority out there who care about a “True” democracy, our Civil Rights, and believe in the US Constitution. If everyone would just read it, they would find it to be all inclusive of all people, to include those who want to live in our great nation. Those who are strong and speak up will encourage that silent majority to also speak up for what they believe in.

    it is very sad that conservatives who live in a liberal state are censored in so many ways. Many citizens, whether Liberals, Moderate Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, who speak up about the horrific things that are going on now in our nation, they get censored and cancelled for speaking their minds. The hyoocracy is mind boggling. Our state and national representatives have gone nuts! Common sense has been throuwn out the window!

    It is sad that many don’t share their thoughts because they are so fearful of losing their friends, their jobs, their status quo lives. So the question is: are they really friends if they won’t let you speak your mind? Do you want to work in an environment that doesn’t allow free thinking? Is your status quo life really that enriching? Time to rethink your life.

    Jeremy, I appreciate you for speaking up and for providing us some humor during these trying times. It doesn’t matter whether we believe the same way as you do. What matters is that you try to engage us in conversation and free thinking. God bless.

    Comment by Diana L. Bendickson — October 11, 2021 @ 4:18 pm

  9. OOPS Common sense has been THROWN out the window!

    Comment by Diana L. Bendickson — October 11, 2021 @ 4:21 pm

  10. I never post any comments or reviews, I always read all your articles. I just wanted to say that I support you and thank you for taking the time out to express yourself. We need people like you or OUR AMERICA really will become NOT the land of the free.

    Comment by Naz B — October 11, 2021 @ 4:30 pm

  11. I agree. I’m so tired of the left dictating how the citizens of our country should live their lives. I never thought we would become this kind of socialist country created by one group of people.

    Comment by Bernadette Jacoban — October 11, 2021 @ 4:55 pm

  12. Love it! Speak your mind!

    Comment by Annette Castillo — October 11, 2021 @ 7:26 pm

  13. Ditto ditto DITTO from me Jeremy. You Go Guy!!! You’re our Hero!

    Comment by Judy Lou Davis — October 11, 2021 @ 8:51 pm

  14. So true

    Comment by Gary Lackey — October 12, 2021 @ 12:01 am

  15. That’s the beauty of America and its the most often ignored. The right to free speech and the right to have an opinion. While I may not agree with you I do respect your right to your belief/opinion. That is what is lacking in great quantities now days. The ability to agree to disagree. What happened to finding common ground and moving forward? We are all in this together. Now days it seems like if I don’t agree with something I’m no longer an American…

    Comment by Earnest Ramadan — October 13, 2021 @ 3:28 pm

  16. I agree-we live in a free society-speak what is on your mind-not everyone will agree—I am a mother and I can tell you that many times my daughters and I don’t agree-and that has just made our relationship stronger–because we respect-each others opinion!!

    Comment by Elva Valdez — October 18, 2021 @ 5:30 pm

  17. BRAVO to All previous comments!!

    Comment by Betty — October 23, 2021 @ 4:00 pm

  18. I read most of your post, but this by far is my favorite. This is real. And it most certainly is about basic rights that every person deserves. One of those most basic rights is to provide a life for yourself and your family. Seems pretty basic. You would think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who opposes this, but in today’s world, who knows? My own story is that I have had to move twice since the start of covid just to be able to make a living. My first move was from NYC to Pennsylvania. My second, happening right now, is to FL. I hope this will be my last move necessary just to be able to work. Thank you for your bravery in speaking out.

    Comment by Dawn McCloud — October 25, 2021 @ 5:11 pm

  19. We as American’s have the FREEDOM to have our own businesses and be enterprising. Since when does the government have the right to tell me I have to be hired by a Company? People better focus on the right to make their own decisions and not be controlled by the government. This is not why it was formed. I love what I do and I enjoy meeting people from all over the country. We are strong. All the rights the current Administration has taken away, strand strong people. Biden does not run this country, if only it was that easy.

    Comment by Sherry Tizono — October 28, 2021 @ 4:16 am

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