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July 20, 2021

Is it better to be in a bad hood, or a good hood that has sex offenders?

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Somebody wrote a very interesting comment on a blog post a few days ago. She said she would prefer to be in a bad neighborhood than in a good area with sex offenders.

But, I think her comment makes no sense. Sex offenders could be anywhere and tend to be anywhere. The question is, under what circumstance would they do something to you?

If you were on the bus, would they start molesting you? I’ve heard stories. If you are walking down the street, would they start following you or making comments? If you are in a bathroom, would you be safe?

The fact is that I don’t know where sex offenders normally do their offending. I know that date rape is common. I think sex offenders tend to do their magic when they already have you behind closed doors.

So, if you are doing notary work in a good neighborhood, the only thing you have to worry about is the signers being sex offenders, and perhaps getting into an accident.

If you were in a bad neighborhood, you would also have to worry about the signers being sex offenders, getting into an accident, and being killed by the local gangs or crack addicts. I think there is more that can go wrong in a bad area.

Being in a good neighborhood does not increase the chance of being confronted with a sex offender. On the other hand, it doesn’t decrease that chance either. There is no way to know if you are around sex offenders because they don’t walk around with a sign on them telling the world that they are sex offenders. But, if we lived in an ideal world, perhaps they would — or better yet, there wouldn’t be any sex offenders in an ideal world unless you are a 60 year old woman whose husband ignores you and you dream day and night about encountering a sex offender. It happens, but only in jokes written by Eastern European females.


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