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July 2, 2021

The Messiah

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My current guru says that the Messiah will be a public figure by 2034. He will be born in Israel, and hopefully speak English. Will he be Jesus? Not sure. But, he will be similar to Jesus, although he will likely be a different soul and have a different name. But, the basic spiritual message will be similar.

But, there is more. The spiritual grace that will be pervasive in the atmosphere will be the biggest blessing you can ask for. Such a wonderful atmosphere for prayer, meditation and contemplation.

The world will have to go through a big upheaval in the meantime though. I am expecting millions to die, asteroids, political upheaval (too late, we already have that, riots (already had that, but predicted it many years ago.), starvation (just as long as I have Thai food I’m good.) and more. I think the stock market will make it though. World War Three is also on the table. Let’s hope that doesn’t affect us that badly. It might be more in the Middle East, Europe and India. But, we’ll see.

Some rabbis say that we won’t be using money when the Messiah comes. I think we will still have money, because it is necessary, but we might see and use money in a very much more spiritual way. Many rabbis are saying that the situation in the world will be so desperate that people will be screaming for a Messiah to come. I am at this point already. I have lost faith in our government, country, citizens, immigrants, etc. Nobody can save me but God, and he allowed my outdoor gym to get shut down, so I am not completely satisfied with him either. Maybe I should write him an email.

On a brighter note, the future Messiah that Jews call, “Meshiach Ben David” (Messiah, son of David) will be a spiritual leader for all believers regardless of faith. He’ll lead you even if you don’t like Israeli food, halva, or shirazi salad — I know… hard to imagine anyone from Israel accepting someone who doesn’t like hummos or sahoog (a yeminite chutney), but it’s true!

He might need to get notarized, so get your RON (remote online notary) commission right away. You can notarize him when he is in Tel Aviv with that.

So, try to keep healthy so you can meet this guy in about fourteen years or see him on television. On a parting note, I wonder if he will let me have his email address. Hmm. askthemessiah@gmail.com


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  1. We spoke and I’m signed up with ur site. It’s weird. I felt a connection (Bar Mitzvah, not religious but references to Rabbis caught my eye. and after randomly deciding to read this post it is very intriguing. So much of what you say is true. I was taught in undergrad ( U of Miami) and Law School ( U of Georgia) Democracies fail because people eventually elect those in power that will give them whatever they want.

    I don’t know about your site that much , but I appreciate your Honesty.

    Almost EVERYTHING You’re saying is True and People are afraid to say it.

    Thank You.



    Comment by Myles Kane — October 7, 2021 @ 6:11 am

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