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January 29, 2021

A healthcare house of cards revealed by Covid-19

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Americans are all afraid of Covid-19 and the reported deaths are about 8x as high as India per capita. All day long this is what we hear and talk about. But, why don’t we just live and get on with things? It is because we live in a house of cards in many ways.

Many Americans live in poor health and depend on pharmaceuticals to keep them healthy. This is an artificial way of maintaining your existence and it is not God given. The average person over 65 in American is on at least five different medications at the same time and the ambulatory elderly fill 9-13 prescriptions per year. These numbers are several years old, and it is hard to know what they really mean. But, these drugs are not good for your liver and are not natural.

By contrast in Japan, people walk a lot, drink a lot of green tea, have lots of vegetables, fish, rice and other healthy foods. They are lean, healthy and live into their eighties. They are hardly dying at all from Covid and they didn’t shut anything down because of their constitution.

So, the bottom line is that we are afraid of Covid not because Covid is dangerous, but because many of us are on thin ice to begin with at least healthwise.

Most Americans have very limited savings. If you shut them down or deny them income for even a short amount of time, they could go broke right away. This would cause a chain reaction and put landlords in a precarious position. If we saved more like the Chinese do, we would not be in such a vulnerable situation.

My personal emotional state is not so great in general. But, others are in even worse shape. The shutdowns and negative atmosphere causes people to indulge in more drinking, drugs, child abuse, and other negative behaviors. Suicides are way up, and society doesn’t seem to care. If we were in better emotional shape before Covid-19, it would be easier to get through this.

The political situation has been bad in America for several years. People don’t respect the constitution, honesty, or even fair elections. When you throw a pandemic into the situation, it can get a lot worse.

For those of us who can’t reason properly, and then you throw in a fake pandemic, people think unrealistic thoughts. They believe that only mad scientists can save them with some dangerous sounding vaccine. The same people who invented the virus are probably involved with the cure, just like some B rated science fiction movie. But, why are people so dumb in real life? Haven’t we seen all of this nonsense in movies already? Can’t we spot the bad guys from 8000 miles away? Can’t we sense fake Covid death numbers and see right away that there is no definition for how the numbers are computed? If you are dumb as rocks, and most people are, you will be fooled by the fake news and no amount of reason can save you. In a sense, mentally you live in a house of cards.

If you are vulnerable in any of these ways, you could completely fall apart during Covid-19. This disease scenario tests us, and finds our weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself. But, honestly, I am used to the nonsense now, and I have gotten used to adjusting my lifestyle. I just reverted to my shutdown lifestyle. I have places I go for juice, to eat, to walk, and for fun. The first shutdown was murder for me, but the 2nd was easy. I already had my habits in place. For other people it is not so easy. Bar owners going broke. Drug addicts overdosing. People committing suicide. Idiots about to take a vaccine that has God knows what in it. I fear for our community.


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