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January 23, 2021

Is the current societal situation depressing you?

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My previous guru says that we are all the masters of our mood. My current guru claims that your environment is more powerful than you are to control how you feel and your general consciousness. This philosophy dictates that we should choose our environment(s) and choose them cautiously. However, My environment where I live is generally good. But, with the Covid-19 situation and the demonic vibe in the atmosphere, my mood was effected.

I became more depressed, and despondent. I saw no hope in the future. I saw no hope in humanity. I am writing this in December 2020, and the vibe in the air is clearing up. There is not as much evil.

The angels told my psychic that in April 2021, the evil would be mostly gone and that there was a huge battle happening in heaven between the forces of good and evil. Down on earth, there was also a battle between those that value the constitution, America, freedom, and those who want to ruin that and ruin us. So, the war manifests itself in multiple realms — even perhaps in the underworld (wherever that is… think downwards.)

The forces of evil gave a lot of encouragement to the rioters, and governors who trample on our civil rights. These forces also make us feel depressed, and cause some to commit suicide or act more antagonistically than normal.

I’m trying to do the best I can under this situation. I do spiritual exercises to clarify the outer environment. I also leave Los Angeles to tap into more healthy atmospheres. Arizona and New Mexico had a better spiritual atmosphere. The irony is that the air is clean in Los Angeles because few people are driving, so the physical atmosphere is not bad here.

Not sure how you guys are doing, but I’m just scraping by on an emotional level.


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