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April 18, 2021

Ooops! Errors that Notaries make that courses don’t cover

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Here are a few dumb mistakes Notaries make that courses might not address.

1. Missing signatures, dates or initials.

2. Sending the package back to the wrong Mortgage company.

3. Forgetting to send the package and finding it in your trunk three days after the fact only to find out that the borrower lost their lock as a result.

4. Forgetting to confirm the appointment and finding nobody home when you get to the destination.

5. Not making sure all signing parties are there only to find out that the wife is at work an hour away.

6. Not printing out the whole package.

7. Not having the correct printing or downloading software downloaded.

8. Telling the signer you will be there in 10 minutes and then showing up two hours later with some lame excuse

9. Answering all questions with a snow job trying to cover up the fact that you are new and know almost nothing. This just makes you look annoying in addition to being new. At least you could be a straight forward new person with dignity.

10. Not reading the directions sheet (if there is one) at the top of the package. You could get fired for that.

Common mistakes the borrowers make include letting their cat or dog scratch you or bite you. when they put their dog on the other side of a closed door, have you ever noticed that door always seems to open several minutes later only to create a scene? Some borrowers also read forever and didn’t go over the critical facts with their lenders. Other borrowers don’t have a table to sign on — and that is a serious issue.



  1. #4 if you make multiple attempts trying to confirm the appointment and aren’t successful that’s not the Notary’s fault. What I don’t agree with is being told to “arrive at the home anyway”, “go to the signing if the borrowers aren’t home”. That’s not safe in this climate and then if you go they don’t offer to compensate you for printing or travel.

    Comment by Candace B Boyd — May 4, 2021 @ 4:20 pm

  2. Love it

    Comment by Paula Dixon — May 25, 2021 @ 4:06 am

  3. You know, somebody here chewed my out for lying when I posted that I spent 3-4 hours of prep/execution per signing.
    I do this in my home office, where I can wear comfortable clothes and listen to my favorite music.
    For newbies, here is how I do it.
    1) create a file on the computer for each job, i.e., Smith, 02-01-22, 9AM, and save the work order, the map (figuring mileage for yearly taxes) a Notepad file with name, date, lender or title/signing company, agreed upon fee, work order#, and list of notarized documents and where they are in the package (for example: Mortgage (15 pages)–35-49/108)
    2) I keep a Notary Journal, and I save time at the signing prepping IT ahead of time, as well, one signature/notarization
    3) print out and go through page by page with the PDF to be sure it ALL printed correctly
    4) prep all notarized documents with: date of signing, “Name and Notary Public”, commission expiration date, other pertitant information. The document is legally meaningless withOUT signatures and stamp
    4) move forward US Patriot Act/Signer’s ID pages, RTC. I save the spots in the package with different colors of letter sized piece colored printer paper
    5) when you print the shipping label, WRITE ON IT: Name of signer, date of signing, city, state, such as: Smith, 02-01-22, Urbana, IL
    6) prep the shipping labels and shipping package Ahead of time. They are free. You only have to have a stack of them at the ready, and I keep a supply of strapping tape when I cannot find the self stick envelopes
    7) READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AGAIN, before you leave for an appointment. Sometimes you can miss something that you catch then.
    AT THE SIGNING TABLE, I double/triple check the Signer’s signatures/dates. In the driveway, or other, after the signing, I check MY work for omissions.
    I keep in contact with the signer. Lately, most signers prefer that you text them to confirm, and if you need to contact them with more information while they are working they appreciate that you DIDN’T call them and interrupt.
    Everybody wants you be on time, but leave EARLY and drive like you have all of the time in the world. TOO MANY drivers want to pass you and then suddenly turn. God saved me from a recent accident. I left the house early and realized that I had forgotten my office keys, so I had to go back. There was a bad wreck at an intersection of a country road, and I realized that would have been ME if I hadn’t turned around.
    You can’t find ANY new afforadable car right now, and I don’t know of any NSA’s who make enough $ to afford one. Just FYI.
    One more thing, don’t do sudden U turns if you have to turn around. There are plenty of shopping centers and even somebody’s driveway on a country road to use. In the case of the above mentioned there is a church with a nice asphalt parking area I have used before.

    Comment by Betty — January 28, 2022 @ 5:44 pm

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