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April 4, 2021

Hiring blog writers for 123notary and how it rarely works

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Bloggers contact me daily with generic sounding emails about how they could help me with “content creation.” They always use the cutting edge industry terms for social media, but fail to realize that they know nothing about cutting edge topics that catch the attention of Notaries.

When these people submit sample articles to us, those articles have nothing that would be interesting or relevant to Notaries who read our materials.

On a brighter note, my comedy writer Andy knows how to come up with ideas that the people like. Ken Edelstein has now retired. I’m not sure if he will be writing any more for us, but he at least has a good track record of catching the attention of Notaries with riveting posts.

I was referred to a lady named Natalie who had excellent creative talent and a great personality. She came up with two posts. But, she got sidetracked by silly things like having a career and became too busy to do anything for me.

So, it seems futile at best to try to find new writers. I’m sure they are out there, but is it worth my time to try people out unless they show evidence of being very tuned into what I need?


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