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December 24, 2020

A Job to Lose Money

Filed under: Ken Edelstein — admin @ 12:44 pm

As notaries we often do poorly on assignments that we accept without getting the full specifications prior to quoting s fee. Sometimes things are slow and we accept a job that is just barely worth doing. Especially when factoring in expenses and putting a reasonable valuation to our time. But, this job was different; it was structured for me to actually lose money.

Hi Ken, old pal; I need all of your expertise for this job. Hmmm, the name was unfamiliar as was the company “whatever document services”. My BS antenna goes up. I just knew that this one would be going nowhere. When strangers start with “old pal” it never works out.

The processing of this edoc will be a bit unusual. That was an understatement. What we need you to do is to print and deliver a set of documents but you do not need to notarize them. However, we require you to sign a form that you did deliver the documents. I’m starting to think they want me as a process server; often a punch on the nose is incurred. But, that was not the end of the assignment. After you deliver the documents we need you to “arrange” for a notary to go to the same location to do the notarizations. After that, pick them up and ship to us. For this assignment we are willing to pay fifty dollars. It was to be about 30 pages and in midtown Manhattan where parking is always illegal / expensive. After the documents have been notarized you can return them to us using the prepaid airbill which we will supply. Let me see if I understand you. You want me to print, deliver, sign a process server form, arrange for a notary to visit, pick up the notarized documents and ship them to you, right?

Exactly, I just knew you were the right person for the job; and you don’t have to notarize a thing! Well, I can print and deliver; that would not be a problem. I would charge you double what you are offering and would be unable to sign any form or arrange a notary or return to pickup and ship. It sounds to me that you want a process server. Why did you ask me if I was a notary when the tasks you describe don’t require me to notarize?

Well, some notaries resent being “called” process servers; so we just describe the work. Also, notaries are familiar with printing letter and legal paper. Don’t worry about the little form that you sign – it is truthful – you did deliver the documents to the right person; notaries always check ID. And, there is a spot on the form for you to record what ID you were presented; that makes what you do documented and “legal”.

Do you pay my fee in advance, or do I have to pay the notary that I find, (must be same day); out of my own pocket? And, you are probably aware that a rush notary would probably charge over what you are offering. All that we can pay you is $50, we suggest you find a 20$ notary so you can keep “most” of what we pay to you. Thoughts of profanity, but resisted; it was not easy!

Well, the way I see it the job is: printing, delivering, a hostile or violent reception, frantic calls to find a cheepo notary, return trip to pick up (was it notarized properly), a trip to drop off – and lastly a few weeks wait while you inspect the documents and possibly send me a check during the next solar eclipse. Thank you but NO, please put me on your “do not call” list. Good Bye.


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