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August 27, 2020

Coronavirus: the fear factor and spiritual perspectives

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The media has done a huge snow job on us. All we talk about and all we think about is Covid19. We treat it like the worst threat to mankind. If you look at the age related stats on Worldometer you will find that only those in very bad health die from this disease in large numbers.

Actually, a child is 15x as likely to die from the flu, but do you shut down schools for a semester for the flu? Perhaps a day or two at most. In the summer, hundreds die per week from swimming pool deaths, but do we create mass hyseria over that?

I was once afraid of flying. I got so paranoid. My father comforted me by telling me that I am more in danger of getting in an accident on the way to the airport than dying in a air crash. He told me it was very safe. Humans are afraid of the unknown and what we have been told to fear. We need to be afraid of what is actually dangerous like a crashed economy and living under fascism for the rest of our lives. Or perhaps we will all die of starvation once the economy tanks.

But, what about vaccines? People think that a vaccine is their savior, and that all their problems will go away. God created this disease to punish the wicked and if you create a cure for Covid19, then he will create another disease to kill those who he wishes to wipe out. But, once again, we look only to the physical for solutions to this disease which is spiritual in nature. Why not spiritual vaccines.

Spiritual vaccines.
According to Jewish sources, malicious use of speech, inappropriate sexual behavior, violence, and other sins cause plagues. In my opinion, not believing in God and a general disregard for your fellow man is the spiritual root of the shutdown in many states. My idea of a good vaccine is to pray three times a day, and be decent to others, as well as you can. God protects those who have faith and devotion better than some scam vaccine made by money grubbing fascists and big-pharma.

Mental vaccine
If you enjoy a healthy happy lifestyle, your thoughts will be more healthy and you will be less susceptible to illness. Even under lock down, you can still enjoy nature to some degree. Think happy thoughts and realize that the media brainwashed you into being a fear-monger. Abandon fear, have faith, and focus on being happy in any situation.

Physical vaccine
Eating cabbage and other cruciferous veggies are excellent for your colon which is the foundation of your immune system. And yes, your good bacteria are what keeps your immunity strong — scientific fact – look it up. Cabbage has lots of C (good for immunity), you can cook it in garlic and red pepper (also good for immunity) and have other fermented foods which are good for your good bacteria. If your body is healthy, then these diseases cannot do that much damage as you will have an army of killer white blood cells who will attack invaders.

Stop believing everything you hear. Research your facts about who this disease actually kills and how many are immune in your area. Base fear on reality and not on what your irrational friends and media providers tell you to be afraid about. I am afraid of civil war and starvation. That is what I see as a real possibility. I hope to God I am wrong.



  1. “God created this disease to punish the wicked.” I typically enjoy reading your posts, however, this particular statement leaves me angry enough to post a comment. My friend’s mother just died from Covid after getting a hip replacement and going to rehad where she contracted this disease. My friend is certainly not wicked and his mother is absolutely not wicked so I find this statement very offensive and your opinion that God wished to “wipe her out”

    Comment by Ramona — December 10, 2020 @ 2:27 pm

  2. Good article, we must keep our eyes on our Creator His Word says our help comes from the Lord maker of Heaven and earth. So He’s our ultimate Help. ❤

    Comment by Jackie Brown — December 10, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

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