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May 23, 2020

Which signing companies are good to work for?

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If you are a new signing agent and want to learn who to work for, or more important who NOT to work for, there are various forums out there with information.

Notary Rotary has the most information about signing companies and ratings for signing companies with one to five stars as the rating system.

123notary has a list of signing companies with reviews that are positive, negative and neutral and then links to forum posts with commentary about those particular companies.

If you work for new companies, it is imperative that you check them out one by one BEFORE committing to a job otherwise you will get ripped off. Extending credit to people who don’t pay is a losing proposition.

Title companies are a little harder to check up on as there are so many of them and their volume of work tends to be low enough that there is little published material on more than a few dozen of them. The other problem is they are branches of bigger companies and some branches are more reputable than others.

So, basically do your homework and good luck!


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