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March 19, 2020

How will the Covid-19 virus affect the Notary profession?

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As of March 8 2020 I am very bothered and obsessed with the spread of this very contagious and dangerous disease. My concern has turned to paranoia not just of the disease, but fear of the panic that is growing nationwide. People are not traveling as much. Additionally, many people are considering working from home. Concerns about touching elevator buttons and surfaces in public places are rising.

The disease has interrupted global trade with China being worst hit. China seems to be recovering from this epidemic, but it seems that they cannot fully recover. Here’s why: If China gets rid of every case of this disease, they would have to quarantine the rest of the world from coming to China to keep case-free. The problem with that, is that their international trade would have a huge damper on it as a result.

To combat this disease, China had to shut down massive portions of their country for weeks. If the disease continues to spread in the USA, and there is not much preventing it from doing so, America might have to shut down major cities as well. If that happens, then an economic slowdown will occur in the USA. If economic slowdowns in other countries happen, that will also affect the US economy.

Additionally, if China gets rid of the virus, but the virus comes back to China, they could have outbreaks all over again and have to do more quarantines which would devastate their economy.

The bottom line here is that it seems inevitable that there will be a US and global economic slowdown. This leads to decreased interest rates which are already in effect, and that leads to more homeowner refinances. More refinances for private individuals leads to more jobs for Notaries and more money for 123notary. After two slow years, I am happy that we can benefit from the misery of others. I would prefer to benefit from the happiness of others though, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. After all, Trump brought happiness, at least to the gun and pick up truck people who go to church every Sunday. The economy got better, and 123notary’s income went through the floor. We tend to benefit more during bad times and did better under Obamacare. Happiness just doesn’t cut it around here. I really don’t understand how the world works, but Notaries will probably prosper in 2020 as long as they dare leave the house.

As for me, I am stocking up on canned corn if I can find any. Stay happy!


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