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November 16, 2019

How google helps notaries

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Does Google help Notaries? Yes, and in all types of ways.

Google helps to list Notary sites and Notary directories on the search results. However, your placement can really vary and in my opinion, placement doesn’t always make sense. For Notary, 123notary shows up poorly, but for state and city notary terms we show up normally in the first page or sometimes the second page. How odd.

Google also offers adwords pay per click which is another way you can get clicks, and with geo-targetting you can get local clicks which might be very valuable to you.

Google local offers a way that Notaries can get advertising and be found from local clients. Signing companies might not use that option so much but individuals seeking notarization will use Google local and some Notaries get a lot of business for general notary work.

Google can also help you find Notary information. If you want to look up technical terms, concepts, documents, signing companies, or any other Notary related information, they will help.

Gmail is the most popular email for Notaries and I use it myself.

Google maps are the best quality maps for strategizing your journey to a particular venue. You can even see what the building looks like that you are going to go to before you get there.

Google weather can help you know if it will be snowing when you get where you are going.

In short, Google is a valuable source of information for all of us and we would be hard pressed (like apple cider) if they didn’t exist.

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  1. I Always map where I am going. Many of my signings are rural and I can, at least, find a tiny town, even if the address cannot be found by Google Maps, then ask for more specific directions from the signer. Murphy’s Law: If the address is hard to find, the signer will tell you that finding them is easy.

    Comment by betty — January 10, 2020 @ 6:15 pm

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