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October 28, 2019

Notaries are supposed to be ethical, but how do you test for that?

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One Notary commented on my blog that there needs to be an ethics test for Notaries, but how do you do that?

How about a multiple choice test.

If a customer offers to bribe you to backdate, should you:
1. Accept the money
2. Report the guy to the government
3. Just say no (and say it politely)

In real life when you are under pressure you might do all types of things. But, what about a secret test. What if people would come to get notarized and ask you to do illegal or unethical things. If you complied, you would get in trouble. What if those people secretly worked for the government? I believe in undercover testing of character. Because we all claim to be upstanding citizens, but most people are a bunch of liars. So, let’s catch people in the act.

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  1. 3. Just say no (and say it politely) They can look around for another Notary who isn’t ethical. Our former tax guy/Notary Public would notarize ANTYHING FOR ANYBODY, but he passed away last year. BEWARE of local calls for POA’s!! Oftentimes it is family who has a parent near death who is not cognizant of what he/she is signing. I had a POA recently, not like this, where the uncle was lucid, just had very poor health and couldn’t really walk. you can determine this with small talk. I was very comfortable witnessing this POA with his niece, who had flown in out of state to do this.

    Comment by betty — November 15, 2019 @ 8:16 pm

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